Eccentric Pets & Other Critters

Actually, the most eccentric characters in this video are the humans who let a bear into their house. It seems very unwise.

But there’s also the dog who feeds bunnies (and a piglet, and a duck) instead of eating them, and a grey goose who feeds his friends–a whole bunch of fish. These are glimpses into the renewal of Creation: when God says, “Behold, I make all things new.”

The Great Stone Cat

If ignoring people ever got recognized as a martial art, this cat would have a black belt.

Poor puppy! He wants to play and can’t get the slightest response from the cat. It might as well be a statue of a cat. In fact, we happen to have a stone cat in our living room, and I think our real cats have been taking lessons from it.

Odd Little Pets: Grey Tree Frogs

Permit me to indulge myself. I had some of these grey tree frogs once, and I just loved ’em! They tame fast, and mine used to perch on my finger like parakeets and eat out of my other hand.

Yes, I know the ones you see in the video are green. They can turn green or grey at will. They’re very good at changing color.

They have a sweet song, too. Well, I thought it was sweet. My housemates threatened to poison me if I didn’t release the frogs back into the wild. I had to comply.

I hope they liked me as much as I liked them. The frogs, not the housemates.

Sanity Break: Pets Taking Baths

Dogs, cats, monkeys, even a hedgehog–they’re all enjoying bath time. Who would’ve thought it?

The only pet I ever had that seemed to like getting a bath was my iguana. He got lost in our family’s drop-down ceiling once, and when he finally found his way back out, he was black instead of green. As I was away on an out-of-state job interview, my sister bathed him–complete with brush, in places. And he was totally a good boy about it.

Priceless! Pets vs. Toys

If some of these don’t make you laugh, better see if you can still fog a mirror!

I especially like the young iguana who really, truly, deeply doesn’t take to the stuffed toy iguana. The cat here is an innocent bystander.