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A Good Question!

Townhall columnist Frank Turek today asked a damned good question: “Can Bruce Springsteen Refuse to Play at a Gay Wedding?” ( http://townhall.com/columnists/frankturek/2016/04/22/can-bruce-springsteen-refuse-to-play-a-gay-wedding-n2152212 )

Springsteen, whom I’ve always thought of as an ass, has cancelled a concert in North Carolina to show his support for “transgender freedom fighters”–now you see why I consider him an ass–and their “right” to use the opposite sex’s bathrooms.

In other words, Springsteen is refusing to provide his services to the state of North Carolina because he has a moral objection to North Carolina’s behavior.

So how come, then, a Christian photographer has to provide her services to a homosexual parody of a wedding, or else have her livelihood destroyed by the state? Would anyone dream of forcing Springsteen to play in North Carolina, or else? What’s the difference? Why can he withhold service, but a Christian can’t?

Ooh, ooh, I know!

It’s because only minorities have rights–right? And the smaller the minority, the bigger its rights!

You can always discriminate against ordinary people! The despised majority, who pay the country’s bills and create its wealth. Feel like going Christian-hunting? Well, well, it’s open season on the Christians, every day!

See, they can’t Impose Their Ideas on anyone. Especially on a minority.

But any minority–atheists, transgenders, homosexuals, you name it–can always impose its ideas upon the whole society.

That’s why Springsteen, an ass, can do what no Christian photographer, baker, or caterer can do–and not only do it, but be hailed as a hero and a sage and an all-around swell guy for his support of the transgender movement. The fact that his action will be applauded by every fat-head in America, and criticized by virtually no one, I’m sure never crossed his mind.

When Is It Schlub History Month?

Every cherished minority has its own month with which to annoy the rest of us (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_commemorative_months ). In fact, the most cherished minority of them all, sexual anarchists, have three months all their own. June is “LBGT Pride Month”–pride?–October is LGBTQ “History” Month, and November is “Transgender Awareness Month.” That’s a quarter of the year devoted to some 1.5% of the population.

But how about a month devoted to the appreciation of the poor benighted schlubs who have to sit there and take it on the chin for all twelve months of the year, and who don’t even know any better than to go along, almost lifelessly, with anything and everything Our Glorious Leaders and their pet minorities can throw at them? How about a Schlub History Month?

What? Schlubs don’t have any history? But of course they do! Just because it’s incredibly boring history that teaches no moral lesson whatsoever doesn’t mean it isn’t history.

Schlubs of the world, rise up! You have nothing to lose but your schlubness.

‘White Privilege Tax’: Are Liberals Retarded?

So just for a joke, mind you, just kidding, Mike Dice went out to ask people to sign a petition supporting a 1% “white privilege tax” on white people for being white.

Watch how eagerly they sign! True, a very few refused to sign. One thought it was an “awful” idea, the other was sure it was a joke. (Both of those individuals are black, by the way.) But everybody else? Wow! All they had to hear was the usual ca-ca about how the money will be “redistributed” to them, and they were all aboard. Never mind if the persons belonging to assorted Cherished Minorities were standing there in several hundred dollars’ worth of trendy clothes and were only slightly less white than talcum powder. They are “oppressed!” They must be paid!

Of course, as a black man trapped in a white man’s body, I would hope that I would never, never have to pay such a tax, if it ever came to be. I wonder what angle rich liberals would use to get out of paying. But then prominent liberals never pay their taxes anyway.

This time, folks, it was a joke.

Next time, God help us, it might not be.

Check out the video. http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2015/07/hysterical_liberals_sign_petition_promoting_white_privilege_tax_on_white_people.html

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