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Memory Lane: Congressman “Cold Cash” Jefferson

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Hey! Remember this guy? Congressman William “Cold Cash” Jefferson, Democrat, Louisiana. They called him “cold cash” because federal agents found $90,000 in marked bills in his freezer (http://articles.latimes.com/2009/aug/06/nation/na-jefferson6).

The investigation started in 2005 and they caught him with the cash in 2006–whereupon he was promptly re-elected to Congress. In 2009 he was sentenced to prison for bribery and money laundering. And in 2017 they let him out because the Supreme Court “raised the prosecutorial bar” in cases involving official corruption–a very bad idea, in retrospect.

How much money do you have squirreled away in your freezer?

No one comes home from Capitol Hill poor.


When Is It Schlub History Month?

Every cherished minority has its own month with which to annoy the rest of us (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_commemorative_months ). In fact, the most cherished minority of them all, sexual anarchists, have three months all their own. June is “LBGT Pride Month”–pride?–October is LGBTQ “History” Month, and November is “Transgender Awareness Month.” That’s a quarter of the year devoted to some 1.5% of the population.

But how about a month devoted to the appreciation of the poor benighted schlubs who have to sit there and take it on the chin for all twelve months of the year, and who don’t even know any better than to go along, almost lifelessly, with anything and everything Our Glorious Leaders and their pet minorities can throw at them? How about a Schlub History Month?

What? Schlubs don’t have any history? But of course they do! Just because it’s incredibly boring history that teaches no moral lesson whatsoever doesn’t mean it isn’t history.

Schlubs of the world, rise up! You have nothing to lose but your schlubness.

Ordrinary Peple Shuld Shutup!

Ha, ha, that big dop went out somware so i got his blogg.

Im sick and tyred of al that Donnold Tromp bisness and al those ordrinary dum peple mouthin offf aginst thair leeders, they so stopid and thay dont know nothing who do thay think thay are??

Thay got al angree abuot how leeders runnin the countrie and thay got no rihgjt to be mad! Epsecialy wehn thay mouthin offf aginst Hillery and John Kery and most of al our Glurious Pressdent O’Bomma, waht nerve!

Do yiu wanta know whye these here leeders is so smart, its becose thay got us Interllecturals to tel them whats smart!!! Thay is Smart becose thay lissen to The Inteligencia, which is us hear at Collidge and the Unavarsity. Them ordrinery dum peple whye dont thay jist Shut Up and do What their Told?? Thay shuldnt even be aloud to Vote anyhow, epsecialy the ones Who got Wihte Prifflidge thay shuld not vote.

Wehn Hillery is Electred Pressidint i hop she puts Tromp in jale and al them dum peple who Voted for him it ouhgjt to  be Aginst The Law to vote aginst her becose that is onely Sexism.

if yiu wanta be even Half smart yuo must lissen to interllecturals and do watt we tel yiu.

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