Libs Demand Christians ‘Apologize’ for Gospel

First Things First

Mother Teresa… “Christian supremacy”?

Well, they’re running wild out there. No question about that.

Inspired by the Red Pope’s latest apology tour, complete with pagan “smudging ceremony,” statist secular liberals world-wide are demanding that Christians “apologize” for preaching the gospel and sending out missionaries to make converts (

Maybe the Church should also apologize for setting up hospitals and orphanages, stopping human sacrifice, campaigning for women’s rights in countries where there had never been any such thing as women’s rights… and giving hope to the hopeless, comfort to the poor and needy, feeding the hungry–

Why did they do those things?

Because those things are Christianity in action.

There’s no one so anti-human as a humanist.

Yeah, let’s all wail and gnash our teeth because the Aztecs’ bloodthirsty paganism is no more. And they’ve stopped burning widows alive in India. Christians stopped the slave trade, too.  But libs in the US (at least at Harvard), Canada, and Australia say it was all just “Christian supremacy” and shame on us!

Our Lord Jesus Christ told us that would happen. But He commanded us to do good even if the world hates us for it. Which apparently it does.

Moses asked, “Who is on the Lord’s side?”

We’re finding out, aren’t we?

Pope Apologizes for Converting Pagans to Christianity

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Oh, come on now! It’s just a little smudging ceremony, “smoke and prayers” to Mother Earth. Besides, Pachamama said he could do it.

And there is no truth at all to reports that Pope Francis I “accidentally” apologized for the missionary work that converted many native Americans to Christianity.

“Look, he was into the smudging ceremony and he got a little carried away, okay?” said a person who was not there and really shouldn’t be used as a source. “It’s–well, kind of intoxicating to go around apologizin’ for things done by other people a long time ago. Once you start, it’s hard to stop!”

According to our unreliable sources, the Pope burst into tears when he described the “depredations of the missionaries” and denounced them for “intersectional socio-penultimacy” against “nice harmless folk religions.” “You don’t have to go to church anymore!” he may have added.

[Editor’s Note: This is, of course, a satire. It contains only two facts. 1) The Pope did allow an image of “indigenous goddess” Pachamama to be brought into the Vatican and set up on an altar. 2) He has taken part in a “smudging ceremony” with Native Americans in Canada. And perhaps we should add 3) He does “apologize” for things that other people did. But all leftids enjoy doing that.]