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Instant Fake News–Just Add Video

Danny Rahim in Primeval: New World (2012)

In search of mere undemanding relaxation, last night Patty and I watched “Breakthrough,” Episode No. 9 of Primeval New World.

It was very sinister.

Here’s the premise. A dinosaur comes through a glitch in space-time and winds up in Vancouver. The team in charge of containing these incidents doesn’t want a large-scale panic, but this time they may be too late: people at a skateboard park have already caught a glimpse of the Triceratops.

You wouldn’t believe how easily Our Heroes, with the aid of computers, turned this real incident into an amusing hoax quickly unmasked. They convinced the whole city that something that had really happened had been only make-believe. No cause for alarm. Voila! A real thing is made unreal.

And I got to thinking, “I wonder how many times this has already been done to us in real life! How hard would it be to manipulate the nooze so it becomes a fairy tale?” We already know the nooze media tell lies; they’ve been caught doing it times without number. Then there are our “scientists”, and politicians. Lies and more lies.

This is what happens to a civilization that cuts itself off from God.

He will eventually correct the error.


Some Mindless Entertainment

See the source image

With my brain pretty much stuck in neutral, Patty suggested I take a day of rest and watch some dinosaurs. Why not? I’m always up for dinosaurs.

Primeval New World is a Canadian sequel to the British series, Primeval. It very badly needs Ben Miller, but he wasn’t available. Oh, well–it still has really cool prehistoric animals. They inspire me. And take my mind off the schiff-festival that’s today’s nooze.

Now, this show really is mindless entertainment. There are these weird magnetic thingies that allow dinosaurs to wander into our world from theirs, and when they get here they’re always hungry because apparently they try to kill and eat anything that moves… etc., etc. And they’re opposed by a little group of hot sexy good-looking young heroes and heroines who have no personalities. The dinosaurs are more realistic than the people. I’m not sure whether the dinos in this “Primeval” are Tim Haines’ creations–but they could be.

Well, I wasn’t looking for King Lear, was I? Mindless I wanted, mindless I got–and I’m all the better for it. Give me a Baluchitherium, or even a Uintatherium, and those jagged brain waves go away.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll be functional.

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