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‘Thy Word is a Lamp unto My Feet’

I just love this worship song, loved it ever since the first time I heard it, years ago on the radio–Thy Word is a Lamp unto My Feet, by Amy Grant. Caught myself whistling it again last night, just before bedtime.

I’m sure a lot of you have treasuries of favorite hymns inside your heads. Take one out and pass it around! You know we love to take hymn requests.

Bonus Hymn, ‘Thy Word Is a Lamp Unto My Feet’

This hymn came to me just now, just before supper, and I’m going with it: Thy Word Is a Lamp Unto My Feet, by Amy Grant, inspired by Psalm 119.

Thank you all for your prayers for my sister.

‘Thy Word Is a Lamp unto My Feet’

When I don’t have a hymn request to fulfill, I just go with whatever first pops into my head in the morning: from Psalm 119, Thy Word Is a Lamp unto My Feet. Can’t explain why, but I found the artwork in this version particularly moving. Especially that last image, of the lighted path.

Light our path, O Lord our God.

God’s Word is a Lighthouse

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.  –Psalm 119

This hymn, Oh, Sinner Man–a Caribbean spiritual, here transplanted to northern British waters–is a warning. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Repent now, and take Christ’s hand, stretched out for our salvation.

Take a moment to think about this video. Why are there so many lighthouses?

Because they’re needed! These waters are very, very dangerous–tricky currents, barely submerged rocks with sharp teeth, and cold enough to kill you in minutes if you fall in.

God’s Word is a lighthouse. It will keep us from the rocks, it will safely guide our course and bring us home, if we humble ourselves to follow it.

Encore, ‘Thy Word Is a Lamp Unto My Feet’

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.   –Psalm 119:105

Speaking for myself, today I need that lamp, today I need that light. God grant it to all of us who call upon His name!

This is Amy Grant with Thy Word Is a Lamp Unto My Feet, and I hope you don’t mind my posting it again.

Spiritual Nourishment: ‘Thy Word Is a Lamp Unto My Feet’

I happened to listen to Amy Grant’s introduction to this worship song, and it struck me that being a Christian performing artist–a Christian artist, mind you, using one’s art to deliver God’s message–carries with it a burden that cannot be shouldered lightly. People are going to tell you their troubles. And you’re going to wind up praying silently, “O Lord, what can I say? What can I tell this person? And what if I say the wrong thing?”

Thy Word Is a Lamp Unto My Feet, taken from Psalm 119, is one of my very favorite worship songs, here performed by Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith. Now it’ll be with me all day–and I don’t mind at all.

See you when I get back from the nursing home.

‘Thy Word is a Lamp unto My Feet’

Today’s a grey and dreary day, so let’s juice it up with a song of praise.

Generally I much prefer old hymns to new Christian music. But those old hymns were new once, weren’t they? Thy Word is a Lamp unto My Feet is taken from Psalm 119–that’s the big huge long one in the middle of your Bible–and here performed very nicely by Amy Grant.

And anyhow, it ain’t as new as it once was–and I’ve loved it since I first heard it some years ago.

Bonus Hymn, ‘Thy Word is a Lamp unto My Feet’

This is an evil age, and we who are God’s people need to sing louder! Not that He can’t hear us, no–we need to hear God’s praise.

So here, borrowed from Psalm 119, is Thy Word is a Lamp unto My Feet–kind of newfangled, but very good, nevertheless.

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