‘London Imposes “Knife Control”‘ (2018)

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What’s next–fork control?

Although it’s virtually impossible to acquire a gun lawfully there, in 2018 the murder rate in London exceeded the murder rate in New York City. So naturally the Government came down for “knife control.” Gee, I hope it was bipartisan!

London Imposes ‘Knife Control’

Today our pseudo Solons up on Capitol Hill are trying to find some ways to nullify our Constitutional right to bear arms. And for some reason, suddenly mass shootings are way up–or should I say they appear to be way up? I mean, really, how do you decide who’s more dishonest, politicians or noozies?

I think in Britain it’s against the law to carry a potato peeler. So why haven’t they achieved the earthly paradise yet? What else has to be banned, to get there?

Nooze Media: Creating a Mood

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As Mika Whatsername once said, speaking for her fellow noozies, “Telling people what to think is our job!”

Visiting YouTube yesterday, I was struck by the extraordinarily high number of videos featuring assorted shootings–all over America. Like this weekend America turned into a war zone.

My wife was not taken in. “Shootings happen all the time,” she said. True: neither criminals nor homicidal lunatics bother to obey gun laws. And we have almost 400 million people living here. “Most of the time the nooze doesn’t bother to report them.” Yes: we already know dozens of people are shot in Chicago every weekend. “They’re reporting them now because they want to create a public demand for gun control.”

Hit the nail right on the head! That’s exactly what they’re doing. America disarmed is halfway on its way to becoming the next Australia…which is only a hop, skip, and a jump to becoming Venezuela. A populace disarmed (except for criminals and wackos) is a tyrant’s hot lunch.

The nooze media is weird. Hundreds of nooze outlets all doing the same story at the same time–and from the same point of view. Even the same words! It really does behave like something from the bad old days of the Soviet Union. Well, the USSR is gone, but the Democrat Party’s still here; and that’s practically the same thing.

“‘Sanctuary Cites’–Lawmakers’ Lawlessness” (2017)

Yesterday’s pro-Second Amendment rally at Richmond, Virginia

Democrats started declaring “sanctuary cities” where federal immigration law will not be enforced.

‘Sanctuary Cities’–Lawmakers’ Lawlessness

Now they’re chewing the rug because some 100 counties and cities in Virginia have declared themselves “sanctuaries” from whatever new, draconian “gun control” laws the state’s new Democrat legislature might pass.

They don’t like it when it’s done against their laws!

Call me old-fashioned, but I see a difference between an inalienable right, the right to bear arms, specifically guaranteed by the Constitution, and some kind of pseudo “right” to come here illegally and get free stuff, not even suggested in the Constitution.

As chief executive and chief law enforcement officer of the country, the president must protect all citizens’ Constitutional rights. And enforce our immigration laws.

Erasing our country’s borders is criminally insane. Disarming law-abiding citizens is merely criminal.



A Patriotic Cuban-American

You want some passion–passion for liberty; passion for America? Manuel Martinez, formerly of Cuba, has it. And here he delivers a warning to us all, as he opposes the state of Oregon’s latest gun control bill.

The purpose of the bill is “to disarm the American people–period!” And “what you’re selling,” he says, is Marxism. And subjugation.

He’s seen it before, in Cuba. “I was there,” he said, when Fidel Castro enslaved a free people. “You want to tell me I’m wrong?”

No one dared try.

Woman Murdered in London–with Crossbow

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The victim

This really is a sad story.  In the East London suburb of Ilford, a woman, eight months pregnant by her second husband, is innocently washing dishes while her crazy first husband sneaks into the backyard toolshed with a–a crossbow! And with it he shoots her dead (https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/7746015/man-appears-in-court-accused-of-shooting-heavily-pregnant-ex-wife-dead-with-a-crossbow/). They’re now trying to save the baby.

London, where having a gun for self-defense is against the law, recently overtook New York City in the murder rate sweepstakes. A lot of people getting stabbed, these days: they’re seriously pondering knife control.

Are they gonna need crossbow control, too?

Here is what humanists and other leftids simply refuse to understand. The will to murder comes not from the outside, but from within. Gun control, knife control, yatta-yatta–when it comes to murder, where there’s a will, there’s a way. If they can’t shoot you, they’ll stab you, and if they can’t stab you, there’s strangulation, poison, the old blunt instrument a la “Mrs. Peacock in the Conservatory with the Lead Pipe”… or a crossbow.

The problem is not insufficient government, improperly written laws, or Science that just hasn’t found The Answer yet (but surely will, someday soon). The problem is sin; and the only solution is personal regeneration through belief in Jesus Christ. 

They can pass laws till they’re blue in the face; but as long as they demand a culture that rejects salvation, there will be no salvation available. Only more murders.



How to Protect Your Town from Homicidal Maniacs

Back in the 1950s, Chuck Connors in The Rifleman showed us how it’s done. Try counting the shots he gets off in 20 seconds–and that’s not even a semi-automatic rifle.

I forget the name of the town The Rifleman lived in; but something tells me MS-13 wouldn’t flourish there. It looks like it would be a very bad idea to go there to make trouble.

Something also tells me that if you brought this show back on the air, liberals would howl and normal people would just flat-out love it.

3 Mass Shootings Gun Laws Didn’t Stop

Has anybody noticed the total abject failure of gun control laws, especially in the past few news cycles? Three examples spring to mind.

*The high-profile “Planned Parenthood shooting” in Colorado

*The mass shooting at San Bernardino, California, at a facility for disabled adults

*In New Orleans, a shooting at a playground left 17 children wounded. That no one was killed outright was not the shooter’s fault.

So who did these shootings?

Colorado: A kook who lived alone in a shack in the woods, and once identified himself as a woman. He looks kind of like the Unabomber, if you remember him.

California: A Muslim and his Muslim wife, and a third shooter who has not yet been identified.

New Orleans: Gangs, of course. The first suspect arrested and charged is a 32-year-old career criminal whose rap sheet includes any number of violent crimes. ( http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2015/11/29/new-orleans-park-shooting-suspect-held/76547580/ ) I have linked to a USA Today article because for some reason which I’m sure you can’t possibly imagine, most of the nooze media haven’t been talking about this one.

What do we learn from these shootings?

Lunatics do not obey gun control laws.

Muslims who wish to kill the infidel do not obey gun laws.

Career criminals do not obey gun laws. In fact, they don’t obey laws, period.

History lesson: The purpose of the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights, the right to bear arms, is to protect the American people from their government, should it ever have tyrannical designs.

Oh, well, we know that will never happen, don’t we?

Gun laws only disarm the peaceable and law-abiding. The killers among us ignore them.

Right, Chicago?