Yes, They Think We’re Idiots

NATIONAL VIDEO GAMES DAY - September 12, 2023 - National Today

Gotta seduce the plebs with video games–they have such childish minds!

I’ve become convinced that we, the human race, are “governed”–lorded over–by wicked and ungodly persons who despise us and seek only to increase their own personal power and wealth at humanity’s expense. And that the sheer enormity of their crimes is their best protection.

They think we’re morons.

They are desperate to sell us Climate Crisis/Climate Change, because it gives them a ready-made excuse for anything they want to do.

And now they think they can win us over–“raise awareness” of “climate issues,” as they put it–with… video games (

Is this insulting, or what? “They just fall asleep, or their minds wander, if we lecture them about this stuff. They’re stupid. They’re the plebs. But if we package it as a video game, they’ll be eating the poison right out of our hands!”

Oh… They say the video games will also “promote European history, identity, heritage, values [LOL], and diversity [?!] through immersive experiences.”

What “values”? I’m afraid to ask.

And for “diversity” read “coerced uniformity of thought, speech, and behavior.”

Where is our Moses who will speak God’s word to Pharaoh: “Let my people go”?

Oh, God! COVID Vaccine Commercials

We don’t have television, so we didn’t see any of the COVID vaccine propaganda pieces that flooded the airwaves. I only became aware of them today.

Is this the Soviet Union revisited, Red China relocated, or a dystopian movie like The Running Man remastered? Are they targeting children with their, er, “messages”–or do they think adults today are every bit as gullible as children? Can’t blame “education” if they aren’t!

God help us, there must be hundreds of these horrible little ads! Many with catchy little jingles. Like they used to play at the drive-in, between features, to get you to buy popcorn.

I’m beginning to think the age we’re living in now is the most woefully corrupt in human history. If only we could find our way out of it…

You Can’t Say ‘Chinese Virus’ in San Antonio

Town Council Meetings Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures from ...

Not terribly pertinent–but who can’t use a laugh, these days?

People are dumb or trusting enough to elect you to their city council, and you think they’ve volunteered to play house with you as the all-wise, all-powerful father and them as the not-always-so-nice little kiddies who need a firm hand at all times.

The city council of San Antonio, Texas, unanimously (a vote of 11-0) passed a resolution condemning “COVID-19 hate speech” (, because–it seems–if people know it came from Red China, they’ll go out and commit hate crimes.

Does that mean I have to stop calling it the Chinese Communist Wuhan People’s Liberation Death Virus From China?

Also verboten in San Antonio is any “spread of misinformation regarding COVID-19.” Hmm… Dr. Fauci used to say you couldn’t catch it from other people. He was wrong. But how do you tell the difference between “spreading misinformation” and simply being wrong?

Well, it’s only a resolution so far, not a law, so probably Herod’s men can’t drag you out of your car and toss you into jail. Yet. Maybe it depends on how angry Big Daddy gets. “You kids really bug me sometimes!”

Dude! When do we get our rights back? When do we get to be adults again? When do you mayors and councils and governors stop being our parents?

Cheesed-off minds want to know.