I am Confused (About This Election)

I suppose in the end it will be obvious: vote for whoever the Republicans nominate, or else get Hillary and kiss America goodbye. Unless she gets indicted first.

I think we have been here before.

First I was for Cruz, then for Trump, and now it’s I dunno. There’s something about the Cruz campaign that makes me uneasy. As for Trump, how is that anything but a crap shoot?

I was for Cruz because I thought he was a real conservative, if there is such a thing anywhere in our political class. I was for Trump because I passionately detest the Republican Party leadership and want to see it kicked down the stairs. But in the meantime, the partisans of both Cruz and Trump are tearing down each other’s candidate so badly that it may not be possible to repair the damage in time to keep Mrs. Bloody Awful out of the White House.

I have a soft spot for Ben Carson, but, gee–now he wants to do away with the Electoral College, the only thing that keeps the country from being ruled forever by a couple of Democrat machines in large, incredibly corrupt cities in a handful of states. Anyhow, he’s not running anymore.

O Lord my God, if you’re thinking of intervening in America’s national life just about now, I think it’d be a very good time for you to do so.

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  1. Lee, I mostly share your thoughts on this situation, and it really is a confusing mess. It kind of feels like being entangled in a ball of yarn, or trying to find your way through a dead end maze. I am beginning to feel that I want to opt out altogether- stop the world, I want to get off.

  2. Amen and amen! There doesn’t seem to be a good choice – only a not-so-good alternative. And even though Trump says mostly all the right things, and even though he reminds us that he is self-funding, he didn’t become a billionaire by not hobnobbing with many of the elites, banksters and globalists who are running the show. Sometimes he sounds very Hitlerian to me, and not truly a conservative or republican. However, Cruz really does lie and is tied in to Wall Street and the Banksters and his wife is somehow connected to the Council On Foreign Relations (that’s troubling), and we all know how disastrous Hil-liar-y would be. Crooked doesn’t begin to cover a description of her. What an utter mess. I suppose you could say we’ve been traveling toward this fork in the road for some time and deserve what we get.

    Whatever happens, God is in control, which is the only comfort we can take in all this mess.

    I still think is rather funny that in these end times we have a ‘Trump’ running for office.

    1. Thank you, Erlene. Never let it be said that Our Father doesn’t have a sense of humor.

  3. Politics is a dirty business and there are no perfect candidates. Having said that I’m a Cruz guy. I’ve been on the fence about voting for Trump if he becomes the nominee. But he said a couple of things today that pushed me over the edge. He said he wanted to change the Republican platform on abortion to make exceptions for rape, incest, and the life of the mother, that transgenders should be allowed to use the bathroom of their choice, and he was for raising taxes on the rich. That’s it for me. I can’t vote for someone who holds those liberal positions.

    1. I fear that once again we’re going to be forced to choose between a thoroughly vile Democrat and a mostly-vile Republican.

    2. I just checked–yeah, Trump has joined the rest of the ruling class in kow-towing to perverts. So I have to go back to Cruz.

  4. My Christadelphian friend, who is black, simply does not vote at all, believing only in “the coming kingdom”

    1. Christadelphian = “Brethren in Christ”
      This is a small sect which rejects the doctrine of the Trinity.

      As for not voting at all–well, that’s how this republic winds up with the leaders it has now.

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