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‘New York Values?’ (2016)

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I don’t much like that word, “values.” It leads into stupid discussions like the one Ted Cruz started in 2016.


I mean, come on–what are “values”? The word takes us another step away from good vs. evil, right vs. wrong. After all, everybody has his own “values.” You don’t have to wait long before the term becomes meaningless.

You won’t find “New York values” in the Bible–or anybody else’s “values,” either. We are to seek what God values.

“Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord? or who shall stand in his holy place? He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart: who hath not lifted his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully” (Ps. 24:3-4).

God doesn’t care what your “values” are.

I am Confused (About This Election)

I suppose in the end it will be obvious: vote for whoever the Republicans nominate, or else get Hillary and kiss America goodbye. Unless she gets indicted first.

I think we have been here before.

First I was for Cruz, then for Trump, and now it’s I dunno. There’s something about the Cruz campaign that makes me uneasy. As for Trump, how is that anything but a crap shoot?

I was for Cruz because I thought he was a real conservative, if there is such a thing anywhere in our political class. I was for Trump because I passionately detest the Republican Party leadership and want to see it kicked down the stairs. But in the meantime, the partisans of both Cruz and Trump are tearing down each other’s candidate so badly that it may not be possible to repair the damage in time to keep Mrs. Bloody Awful out of the White House.

I have a soft spot for Ben Carson, but, gee–now he wants to do away with the Electoral College, the only thing that keeps the country from being ruled forever by a couple of Democrat machines in large, incredibly corrupt cities in a handful of states. Anyhow, he’s not running anymore.

O Lord my God, if you’re thinking of intervening in America’s national life just about now, I think it’d be a very good time for you to do so.

Politics at Its Worst

Yesterday on my car radio I heard a clip from a Hillary Clinton speech:

“Those Republicans are going to do everything they can possibly do to keep you from voting, if you’re poor, if you’re black, if you’re Latino…” (Or words to precisely that effect: I’m going by memory.)

Hmm, which Republican candidate is in charge of suppressing the Latino vote–Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio? And of course Ben Carson is on hand to chase blacks away from the polling place.

This rhetoric is worse than ridiculous, worse than shameful.

It is a sin.

“Lemme see here… If I can raise up animosity where none need exist, if I can make groups of citizens fear other groups, and set people at each other’s throats who otherwise would be at peace… If I can make people fearful of things that are not, in fact, happening, and not going to happen… And then hold myself up to them as the only leader who can protect them from this imaginary conspiracy to deprive them of their right to vote… Oh, yeah, I can gain by this!”

Our Lord said, Blessed are the peacemakers.

What about those who purposely destroy the peace, for their own personal, political advantage? Who cause some to hate others without a cause?

Politics can be a pretty loathsome business; but once again, Hillary Clinton has shown that she is the lowest of the low.

We as a nation need our heads examined, allowing low characters like this to lord it over us. We really must be some kind of stupid.


New York Values?

New Yorkers are always startled and amazed to discover that the rest of the country doesn’t seem to like them very much.

They’re in an uproar because Ted Cruz said Donald Trump had “New York values,” alien to the people of the other 49 states. Well, I dunno–how much worse can they be than California values?

Let us stipulate that it was a stupid thing to say–but what did Senator Cruz mean by it? He’s not a stupid man, so he must have meant something. He also doesn’t have all that much experience in politics–but what did he mean? What are New York values?

I live in New Jersey, so I have to be kind of careful about casting stones.

Meaning no disrespect to the people of New York City–I presume Cruz was focused on the city, not the state–would it be unfair to say that New York values liberal politics, a parade for every identity voting group, obtrusive artsy-fartsyness, and an unshakeable conviction that their city is the real capitol of America and everybody else is merely peasants? It is, after all, the city that gives us Al Sharpton, Michael Bloomberg, Warren Wilhelm Jr. dba Mayor Bill DeBlasio (a Sandinista wannabe–how ridiculous is that?), and, saints preserve us, The New York Times. That’s a lot to have to answer for.

But what are Massachusetts values? Don’t ask! Seattle values? How about Chicago values?

The values that matter come from God’s word, and may be found in any city. Even in San Francisco. You can find Biblical “values”–y’know, I really don’t much care for that word–in New York, but you can’t find New York values in the Bible.


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