Now They Want to Take Your Cats and Dogs (2017)

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It was only four years ago that, um, “scientists” at UCLA wanted to take away your cats and dogs Because Global Warming.

New Global Warming Threat! Your Pet

Well, nothing has come of that–yet!–but it does serve to illustrate the limitless vistas of tyranny that dance round and round in leftists’ heads like visions of sugar plums. They eat other people’s freedom. They lust for it.

See, dogs and cats eat meat [shocked gasps from the peanut gallery]. So you gotta have only vegan pets. I have nothing against herbivorous animals, but I can’t see a cow or a sheep thriving in my apartment

Liberals are a menace to human life and sanity.

We really do need to find a way to get them out of our government and our other institutions.

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  1. Of all the folly, this climbit chains thing, at its core, reduces to being anti-life. For the record, I believe that the climate changes, but I see this as a long-term process and most likely an after-effect of the Flood. Without belaboring the point, a lot of energy was involved in the Flood and it left the world with warm seas and cooler land masses.

    Eventually, the shock of it caused an Ice Age and, as illogical as it seems, the Ice Age required a lot of energy in order to occur. A microcosm of that would be the warmer currents to the east of Greenland causing greater snowfall on that land mass. Snow and ice reflect sunlight, so once they exist, they are slower to absorb heat, plus there is an 80 calorie/gram latent heat plateau between water in its frozen state and water in its liquid state. In simple terms, ice caps can absorb a lot of heat. But slowly, the earth is reverting to the mean.

    I don’t believe that the earth was some sort of rain forest before the Flood, but it may have had a somewhat less severe climate. Unless someone has experienced truly cold winters firsthand, it’s almost impossible to believe how harsh weather can be. Likewise, desert life can be difficult and too hot is every bit as unpleasant as too cold, but overall, the earth is pretty friendly to life. I live at the 40th parallel for many years and weather there was delightful.

    Genesis 8 assures us that heat and cold, planting and harvest will continue as long as the earth exists. God has this in hand and we are not on our way to becoming another Venus, or another Mars. We don’t have to exterminate life, in order to keep the earth habitable.

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