Do We Want to be Treated as Toddlers?

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I looked out the window this morning and there’s my next-door neighbor, just her and her dog, sitting outside at her picnic table… with the mask on. In case King COVID busts down her fence and grabs her.

Can it possibly be true that significant numbers of Americans want to go back to face masks, lockdowns, and “mandate” after mandate–anything, anything, we’ll obey, we’ll be good little sheeple… if only the government takes care of us!

Oh, who needs “freedom”? It’s overrated! Real freedom is loving Big Brother and doing what he tells you. Real freedom is finally understanding you’re nothing but an overgrown toddler in desperate need of supervision.

And it’s even worse in other countries! In New South Wales, Australia, they’re telling people they have to stop talking to teach other until the government says it’s OK. And every Democrat in America is pounding the table for “vaccine passports” which you’ll have to produce every time you want to go anywhere or do anything. “May ve see your papers, Meinherr?” And we’re back in East Germany, 1961. It sure as hell ain’t America.

How long before they start the Hunger Games?

Lord, hear our prayers! We are sinners, but we are also your people, who put our trust in Jesus Christ the King. For the glory of your great name’s sake, deliver us out of the hands of wicked and ungodly persons, avenge their crimes against us, and overthrow their wicked and ungodly schemes–that the world might see the power of your hand; that the world might know that you are God. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Australia ‘Health’ Honcho: ‘No Talking!’

Dr Kerry Chant 'strongly' recommends mask wearing in this critical phase -  2GB

You there–quiet! No talking in line! No talking at home! Shut up!

(Thanks to Phoebe for the nooze tip)

We have every right to be sick and tired of lockdowns in America; but by comparison to what they’re doing in Australia, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Australia is pursuing the goal of “zero COVID,” which may well be impossible. They lift their lockdowns and then slam them back down if anyone gets sick.

And now they want people to… stop talking! ( ‘Cause talking, of course, might spread COVID germs.

Sez Kerry Chant, chief health officer for New South Wales, “Now is the time for minimizing your interactions with others.” No talking! You there–did I catch you talking? Did I catch you interacting with whatsisname in the red baseball cap? DAMN YOU, I SAID “SILENCE!!!”

They’re going to destroy our lives in order to save them. Does anybody really want to live this way? Like, you can go on living as long as you stop doing all those things that constitute living.

You can be sure Ms. Chant is having the time of her life, though. Count on it. Crushin’ the plebs–it doesn’t get any better than that.

Back to the Playpen

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Humanists have always promised us Utopia, to be brought about by “using technology wisely” (like we ever did that!)–a world free of war, poverty, disease, etc., etc., all brought to you by Science and Government, their two great gods.

They have already proposed, and in some places actually enacted, various schemes designed to trap us in a perfect world.

The round-the-clock spying that constitutes China’s “social credit system.”

More and more lockdowns, to protect us from germs. We can have our freedom back as soon as there are no more germs.

The UK proposes to track everybody’s grocery purchases and “reward” those who make “healthier” choices. The announced objective is to “change behavior.”

Once upon a time in Canada, someone with the Ontario “Human Rights” Commission suggested that the government should decide whom your friends are–’cause if they leave it up to you, your circle of friends won’t be “diverse” enough.

And lots and lots and lots of new taxes. Michael Bloomberg says taxes are a great way to change people’s behavior.

Wow. It’s like being three years old again. You aren’t responsible for anything! Who but Science and Government should make all your decisions? ‘Cause they always get it right, don’t they?

And this time they promise there won’t be any of that nasty stuff like gulags, firing squads, and concentration camps unless you really need them, like the Uighurs in China apparently do.

Did I mention forced vaccines?

They have no king but Caesar–which is to say, themselves.

We have no king but Jesus Christ.

And it’s war. No shooting yet, but it’s war. Winner take all.

Abolishing Adulthood

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Wasn’t the National Health supposed to make everybody… healthy?

Well, obviously letting people be responsible for their own well-being just isn’t working–not in Britain, at least: certainly not in Britain.

The “Conservative” (?) prime minister, Boris Johnson, wants his government to start up a kind of “social credit” system, a la Red China, in which the government would track your grocery purchases and “reward” you for “healthier” choices by handing out discounts and… oh, God… “loyalty points” (

‘Cause if they don’t, they’ve got this obesity epidemic that somehow the National Health system has proved powerless to stop. So of course the answer has to be more government. More, more, more!

If this is what a Conservative government does, what would a left-wing British government do? Force everyone to eat Soylent Green?

Inspired by the humanist lust to play God (I initially typed that as “inspidered”: maybe should’ve left it that way), the UK government seems hell-bent on abolishing adulthood and turning Britain into a nation of perpetual toddlers.

If I close my eyes and count to three real loud, and click my heels together… will I wake up?