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Peter Wehner and Paul Ryan: Beware of the Big-Government Tipping Point - WSJ

Humanists have always promised us Utopia, to be brought about by “using technology wisely” (like we ever did that!)–a world free of war, poverty, disease, etc., etc., all brought to you by Science and Government, their two great gods.

They have already proposed, and in some places actually enacted, various schemes designed to trap us in a perfect world.

The round-the-clock spying that constitutes China’s “social credit system.”

More and more lockdowns, to protect us from germs. We can have our freedom back as soon as there are no more germs.

The UK proposes to track everybody’s grocery purchases and “reward” those who make “healthier” choices. The announced objective is to “change behavior.”

Once upon a time in Canada, someone with the Ontario “Human Rights” Commission suggested that the government should decide whom your friends are–’cause if they leave it up to you, your circle of friends won’t be “diverse” enough.

And lots and lots and lots of new taxes. Michael Bloomberg says taxes are a great way to change people’s behavior.

Wow. It’s like being three years old again. You aren’t responsible for anything! Who but Science and Government should make all your decisions? ‘Cause they always get it right, don’t they?

And this time they promise there won’t be any of that nasty stuff like gulags, firing squads, and concentration camps unless you really need them, like the Uighurs in China apparently do.

Did I mention forced vaccines?

They have no king but Caesar–which is to say, themselves.

We have no king but Jesus Christ.

And it’s war. No shooting yet, but it’s war. Winner take all.

‘When Fools Play God’ (2016)


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With The Smartest People In The World in charge, nothing bad should ever happen.

And yet it does! How can that be?

When Fools Play God

I might have some tolerance for utopianism, if anyone in history ever succeeded in creating a utopia. Usually all you get are prison camps and lots of dead bodies. All for our own good, of course.

Yes, Civilization Can Collapse

Trojan War: Is the Myth of the Fall of Troy Actually True ...

We know that individual civilizations can and do go down for the count, never to return. Been to Babylon lately? Carthage?

But the Bible tells us that on two occasions, God overthrew all of civilization. First in the Great Flood; next, when He saved us from the first global government by confounding our language while we were building the Tower of Babel.

We also have a historical example of a whole bunch of civilizations going down at once. Not the whole world, but a goodly chunk of it.

The Year Civilization Collapsed

We watched this lecture again the other night: 1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed. All of the civilizations in the Middle East and around the Eastern Mediterranean: they all fell pretty much at once.

What could they have done? They couldn’t avoid the droughts, the bad growing seasons, or the earthquakes. They couldn’t stop the barbarian invasions. All those stresses, all at once, finished off the whole lot of them. Egypt survived, just barely. Assyria and Babylonia took centuries to recover. The others–pffft!

But we do things to our contemporary, just-about global civilization, that seem purposely designed to bring it crashing down. The transgender movement. Uncontrolled government spending. Tyranny. Unlike earthquakes, these calamities are avoidable. But there are people who do not want to avoid them: because they want to build a whole new civilization on the ruins. With themselves ruling it. And there are others, richer and more influential than crazy revolutionaries, who just want to rule the world, period. Squash it all together into one and call it globalism. They want to undo what happened at Babel; they think they can make it work, this time.

God’s hand is on the tiller of history and He, not they, will decide how it all turns out. “I shake the earth,” He has said, “so that those things which cannot be shaken will remain.”

We’re getting some of that shaking right now, and it’s time we changed our ways. Stop doing stupid lunatic things that threaten the survival of our civilization. Stop with the false prophets, already!

God does not need The Smartest People In The World to save the human race. He has already done that through His Son, Jesus Christ. History since the Resurrection has been a progress toward the Kingdom of God–a progress punctuated by plenty of shakings by which God gets rid of things that ought to be gotten rid of. Like the Third Reich, the Soviet Union. His respect for our free will makes for slow progress; but God lives independently of time. We don’t.

If we want to keep our civilization going, we really do have to take better care of it.


‘Yes, the Culture Really Does Matter’ (2015)

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The consumption of “entertainment” is a form of passive self-education. A lot of people don’t understand that. That’s why our culture’s such a shambles.

Yes, the Culture Really Does Matter

I don’t know which item on the menu is the most poisonous. The never-to-be-kept promise of impossibly radical autonomy? The utopian blatherings of Far Left Crazy politicians? The offer of unlimited sexual activity?

“Conservatives” who aren’t interested in conserving the culture will wind up conserving nothing.

We’ve already lost so much.