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Warning! Christmas Music Ahead

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Byron the Quokka here, folks–and it’s time to get serious. That’s why I’m trying to look serious in this picture.

As much as we’re enjoying our Second Annual Christmas Carol Contest, and as much as we want all of you to enjoy it, too, we haven’t forgotten that a Scientist has warned the world that too much Christmas music can make you crazy. Crikey! We don’t want our readers bouncin’ off the walls and yellin’ “I am a captain in the Queen’s Nay-vee!”

Well, we think you can avoid going crazy if you only listen to these carols one or two or three at a time, and then stop and either take a cold shower or run around the block reciting some of the Canterbury Tales.

Or you could just ignore the whole business and listen to as many carols as you please! That’s what I always wind up doing.

I’m Byron the Quokka, and I approve this message!

‘O Holy Night’ (A Capella)

Jessicafischerqueen posted this on my chess page. “There’s something unexpected about it,” she says–O Holy Night by MattNickleMusic.

Gee, only six days to Christmas! If you haven’t entered the carol contest yet–well, now’s a good time to jump in!

Byron the Quokka: ‘Carols, Anyone’?

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G’day, everybody! Byron the Quokka here: and her in the picture is my kid sister, Fleejy, napping on the grass. I was hoping it’d inspire you to ask for more carols for our Second Annual Christmas Carol Contest.

Yipes! Only nine days left till Christmas! There must be a lot of great carols we haven’t got to yet. And the leader in the contest has 44 views on the day it was posted. I’m not allowed to tell you who that is.

Well, I stand ready to handle your hymn requests today. There must be quite a few of you who’ve never asked for one. I understand shyness, really I do. It makes the world go round. But it don’t pep up the carol contest.


Byron’s Contest Report

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G’day! Byron the Quokka here, with a progress report on our second annual Christmas Carol Contest.

A new leading carol has emerged, racking up 44 views the other day–44, by gum! But as a wise Tasmanian devil once said, “Where there’s 44, there must be more.” For the time being, those 44 views have set a record. But records are made to be broken!

The winner will get an autographed copy of Lee’s new Bell Mountain book, His Mercy Endureth Forever. It hasn’t been published yet, but everything’s ready and it should be coming out soon.

Keep those Christmas hymn requests coming!

By Request, ‘Wise Men Follow Him’

Requested by Erlene, Wise Men Follow Him, by Carroll Roberson. We seem to be on the subject of the Wise Men today. Well, why not? But Matthew does say they found the baby Jesus and His family in “the house”–they weren’t in the manger anymore, by then.

Byron says… Image result for images of quokka

We have a new leader in our Christmas carol contest–40 views! That’ll be tough to beat, but we’re here to let you try.

Byron’s Contest Update


G’day! Byron the Quokka here–and our Second Annual Christmas Carol Contest seems to be slowing down. So here’s my idea to pep it up!

The prize will be an autographed copy of Bell Mountain No. 12, His Mercy Endureth Forever. And if you want to find out if Ellayne and Dulayl get eaten by the giant hyena, you’re gonna need this book! It hasn’t been published yet, but it’s all ready to go and it should be coming out early next year.

The winner will be whoever requests the Christmas carol that gets the most views on the day it’s posted. So far the leader has 22 views. Do I hear 25? Thirty? And one thing we don’t have to worry about is running out of Christmas carols!

Here on Rottnest Island, we have no hyenas of any kind, not even little ones. All the quokkas agree that’s a good thing. And this is Byron, signing off…

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How’s the Carol Contest Going?

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G’day! Byron the Quokka here. We don’t get any snow on Rottnest Island: that picture’s me on our family vacation to New Jersey. Only chance I ever got to use my skis.

Anyhow, I’m here to report on the progress of our Second Annual Christmas Carol Contest. And the carol that got 24 views on Dec. 1 is still in the lead. No, I’m not going to tell you what it was, or who posted it. It’s sort of a blind taste test. I love those! Did you ever see the one where they’ve got people taste-testing cat food? Fantastic!

So let’s keep those carols coming, folks. I told Lee I could make this a tremendously successful contest and I won’t want to wind up looking like a doo-dah. It would be very bad for my prestige!

By Request, ‘Go Tell It on the Mountain’

Requested by TheWhiteRabbit–Go Tell It on the Mountain, sung by Sarah McLachlan.

It’s early days in our second annual Christmas Carol Contest, and so far the leading carol got 24 views on the day it was posted. Remember, you can enter as often as you like.


This old Burgundian carol, Pat-a-Pan, is one of my favorites; and I especially like this unusual performance of it by the Zamar Student Choir at Harrisburg Baptist Church in the Northern Mississippi Choir Festival.

Did I mention that you can enter the Christmas Carol Contest as often as you like? It sort of dried up yesterday. I’ll have to have a word with Byron.

By Request, ‘The Holly and the Ivy’

Phoebe asked for this one, The Holly and the Ivy, by the Robert Shaw Chorale. This was supposed to have lyrics, but I can’t find any. I think the little girl in the picture must have put them away somewhere, trying to be helpful.

Our Christmas Carol Contest continues!

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