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We’ll Be Here Christmas Day

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First, a word about our Christmas Carol Contest.

With four days left to go, Magnificat leads with 27 views the day it was posted. Days of Elijah has 28, but it’s hard for me to stretch that into a Christmas carol.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Patty and I will be here Christmas Day, no Garden State Parkway this year, and I hope some of you drop in, in a manner of speaking: we appreciate your company.

Between you and me, I think this poor fallen world needs this Christmas as badly as it’s ever needed any Christmas. Pray God the Father endows this Christmas of 2018 with great power to draw our hearts to Jesus Christ, our rightful Lord and only Savior. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

By Request, ‘How Great Our Joy’

Joshua asked for this one: How Great Our Joy, by Steve Green.

I was going to update the Christmas Carol Contest here, but something tells me I’d better do it in a separate post.

By Request, ‘O Come, O Come, Emmanuel’

Requested by Erlene: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel is a Latin hymn from way back in the 12th century.

If you’re wondering what good it does to post hymns, think about this comment I found on the Youtube page: “I’m an atheist. After listening to this I realize how it feels like to believe in him.”

Give God the glory for that.

An Australian Christmas Carol

Special from our chess buddy from Down Under, “Optimal Play”–The Three Drovers, performed by the Sydney Philharmonic Motet Choir. And “drover” is Australian for “cowboy.”

I wonder how surprised he’ll be if he wins the carol contest.

By Request, ‘Angels We Have Heard on High’

I’ve tried to program this wonderful hymn to be posted tomorrow, while we’re out scrambling around to buy a Christmas tree and Christmas dinner before we get the torrential rains that are in the forecast for the next day.

Requested by Phoebe, the Christendom College Choir with Angels We Have Heard on High. I think you’ll be glad if you turn up the volume!

Oops. If I’ve done this right, “tomorrow” is “today.”

By Request, ‘Ding-Dong Merrily on High’

Ah! More Christmas hymn requests!

This from Joshua: Ding-Dong Merrily on High, sung by the King’s College Choir at Cambridge.

O Holy Night still leads the Christmas Carol Contest with 25 views on the day it was posted.

By Request, ‘Magnificat’

“The White Rabbit” requested this hymn, and today’s his birthday–so may it bring you barrels of joy, Dave! Magnificat by Keith and Kristyn Getty–of course it’s in the Christmas Carol Contest: the “Magnificat” starts off the Gospel of Luke, we don’t get the actual birth of Christ until Chapter 2; and you can’t have a second chapter unless you’ve had a Chapter 1.

‘Away in a Manger’ (English Melody)

Look at that–no Christmas hymn requests today, no carol contest entries. Guess I’d better provide one myself.

This is the English melody that goes with Away in a Manger, sung here by the King’s College Choir at Cambridge. Same hymn, different tune. Just as beautiful either way.

It’s a little late to start posting entries now, but tomorrow is another day.

Proclaim the joy of Christmas–and its truth.

By Request, ‘Joy to the World’

Jeremy requested Joy to the World by A Capella, but I couldn’t find it. But I did stumble upon this guy “Acapeldridge,” who uses modern technology to–well, he sings in perfect harmony with himself. And it sounds great!

Lyrics by Isaac Watts, 1719–and still growing strong, 299 years later.

By a Double Request, ‘It Came Upon a Midnight Clear’

The nooze is already knocking at my door this morning, with all the vileness of the fallen world. But first we have this–praise God, first we have this, the Good News–It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, sung by St. Peter’s Choir. Independently and simultaneously requested by SlimJim and Erlene (how did they do that?)

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