‘”Hate America High” Rescinds Flag Ban’

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This is the kind of thing we’ve allowed for way too long in our country. We let it happen way too often, and now we’re paying for it. And now we have to put a stop to it–while we still have a country left to save.

‘Hate-America High’ Rescinds Flag Ban

Hello! Yoo-hoo! All you people out there who want the kiddies back in school. Are you missing what’s happening on center state? This is public education, sunshine! They “teach” your kids to hate America and despise your values.

In South Carolina, of all places–just imagine what they do in a place like Portland, Oregon–a high school principal takes it upon himself to ban the American flag from his school’s football games. He should have been instantly fired and then forced to leave town, never to return.

Public education in America is the costliest (in more ways than one!) failure in all of human history. It has to go!

‘Another Thing We Can Do’ (2013)

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You want these to teach your children because _______. Fill in the blank and win a genuine dunce cap!

A lot of us have been preaching this for years, until we’re blue in the face.

Christians! For the love of God, get your children out of public school!

Another Thing We Can Do…

But parents think they’re “not qualified.”

When I was in elementary school, I couldn’t learn how to add a column of figures: just couldn’t do it. Until my father sat down with me and, in 20 minutes or so, taught me how to do it–succeeding where the qualified experts had failed.

That was a long time ago. Today there are many solid alternatives to public education, all of them better than a public school.

The only purpose of an education system owned and run by leftists is to turn out more leftists.

My Newswithviews Column, Jan. 2 (‘Teacher Unions vs. Teachers’)

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You would think teacher unions would defend classroom teachers against legislative measures that would make their jobs impossible. But you’d be wrong.

Teacher Unions vs. Teachers

That’s because Job One for the teacher unions is to crank out a whole generation of ignorant leftists. There is no Job Two.

The continued viability of the Democrat Party depends on “public education.”

Kill off public education, and the Far Left Crazy dies.

My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 1 (‘Deliver Us from Teachers’ Unions)

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A whole crowd of commies–and they’re all “teaching” in our so-called schools

Since I wrote this, I’ve learned that yet another teachers’ union, this one called “Redfored” (and they do mean “red,” as in communist), has sent a delegation to Venezuela to pay homage to its colossal failures. But the, er, “teachers” from Chicago got there first.

Deliver Us from Teachers’ Unions

Really–we must be totally out of our minds, to allow these commie wackos to “teach” our children. Do we have a national death wish or something? I sometimes think we do.