‘Libs and “The Unjust Lottery of Life”‘ (2015)

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This image of life as an unjust, capricious lottery has always struck a chord with liberals. If there’s no God, as they reckon, then the position is vacant and they’re the ones with the best right to fill it!

Libs and ‘The Unjust Lottery of Life’

It’s not about imposing order and “fairness” on a chaotic world of total randomness. It’s about seizing and amassing power over others.

“Ye shall be as gods,” said Satan.

He has never had a reason to change his sales pitch.

‘A Glimpse into the Heart of Godlessness’ (2014)

Please don’t bother to say to me, “Well, what do you expect, watching movies?” We are all old enough to know that movies were never quite this bad.


‘Smart Toys’ Spy on Your Kids

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Anytime anyone tries to hornswoggle you with a product or a service or a public policy which he describes as “smart,” turn around and walk the other way. ‘Cause what’s “smart” for them is gonna be bad for you! You know–like “smart growth” is going to destroy your town.

The FBI has warned consumers about “spy toys” or “smart toys” packed full of sensors, cameras, microphones, and GPS locators which can record children’s conversations, track their movements, and show their locations (https://www.thesun.co.uk/tech/4043182/fbi-issues-urgent-warning-over-spy-toys-which-put-privacy-and-safety-of-children-at-risk/). Click the Sun article for the names of toy companies that are selling these.

We are not told exactly who is watching, listening to, and tracking these children. The Sun dares to use the world “perverts”–which I’m sure is hat speach and like so un-inclusive…

We are also not told what kind of schlumpf buys something like this for his kids. So what was so bad about a plain old teddy bear?

Boy, does Godlessness bear strange and bitter fruit! All this crazy s*** springs from our self-imposed estrangement from Our Lord Jesus Christ, the only one who can save us from it.

None of it is really smart at all.



An All-New Perversion! Become Disabled on Purpose

First I had to give up being a satirist because our society satirizes itself and I just can’t keep up. Now I wonder if I’ll have to quite writing fantasy because the real stuff out there is so much weirder than anything I could invent.

So now we’ve got people who want to be blind, or deaf, or paralyzed, or wheelchair-bound, or an amputee, and alleged “philosophers” to argue their case and try to convince us all that having perfectly sound limbs lopped off is rational and praiseworthy ( http://www.wnd.com/2015/06/prof-doctors-should-amputate-healthy-limbs/ ), and okay, stop this ride right now, I want to get off…

This was being done at least ten years ago by intensely perverted individuals, aided by doctors without a shred of ethics.

But only now has the ideology caught up with the actual perversion.

Yes–now we’ve got wise-sounding sayings from interllecturals to back it up. See, the whole problem is, this person is a disabled person stuck in a healthy body, and he can never feel right [for feelings are totally everything, and from now on reality is to be defined by feelings] unless they’re in a disabled body… They’ve even thought up a whole new word for it, so it can be presented as a worthwhile cultural movement: trans-ableism. Not to be confused with “ableism,” which is a form of microaggression, which is, which is…

What a load of crap.

But this is the natural fruit of Godlessness–poison fruit from a poison tree. We will not accept the reality the Creator gave us. We do not accept the Creator. We create ourselves–literally chopping up our own bodies to do so–and we create our own reality. Which everybody else has got to “celebrate,” or else.

Hell gapes for such.

Because, you see, there’s only one more step down before there are no more rungs on the ladder and you fall into the bottomless pit–

What about  a dead person trapped in a live body?