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By Request, ‘I Surrender All’

All right, Christmas is over, let’s get back to everyday hymns and worship songs. We’re taking requests every day.

Requested by Erlene: this is I Surrender All (All to Jesus), performed by Casting Crowns.

The Baby is out of the manger and working in the world.

Bonus Hymn: ‘I Surrender All’

I hope you don’t mind an extra hymn this morning. This one’s special to Erlene, who’s been humming it today: I Surrender All, sung by Don Moen. But of course it’s for all of us together.

‘ I Surrender All’

Thanks to Erlene for suggesting this worship song to start the day–I Surrender All, sung by Brian Littrell.

The message may seem counter-intuitive, maybe even a little bit crazy, in an age of me-first self-esteem. But we can’t possibly give to Jesus as much as He gives to us: He gives us our very selves, and we are never more truly us than when we know that we belong to Him.

As Steve Brown says, you think about that!

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