By Request, ‘I Surrender All’

Requested by Erlene (See? I’m doing the requests): I Surrender All, sung by Carroll Roberson.

I’d like to take this opportunity to invite you call to a cyber-party tomorrow at our place. A Godzilla movie will be provided. Okay, “cyber” means “imaginary.” But we can still enjoy it together.

By Request, ‘I Surrender All’

Believing as I do that a good laugh is a gift from God, I posted another chapter of Oy, Rodney. I hope it brought a chuckle somewhere.

But we’re also doing hymn requests, and we have one from Erlene–I Surrender All, sung by Carroll Roberson.

We’re open for hymn requests all day, folks. Every day.

By Request, ‘I Surrender All’

We’re so glad to have Erlene with us again, and happy to post this hymn she’s requested–I Surrender All, by Carroll Roberson.

Plenty of room in the hymn shop today, folks… and it’s raining outside, so come on in.

‘I Surrender All’ (Joshua & Jeremy)

No hymn requests today–was it something I said?–so I’ve chosen this one to share with you: I Surrender All, performed by Joshua and Jeremy Swanson. I would like to say “sung by,” but it’s always hard to get these guys to sing.

By Request, ‘I Surrender All’

Ah, we have hymn requests today! First up, requested by Erlene: I Surrender All, by Carroll Roberson.

Hey, everybody, the hymn shop’s open all day! If you’ve got a hymn you’d like to share, this is the place for it.

By Request, ‘I Surrender All’

We have a hymn request from Erlene (if I receive them at night, I hold them over to the morning)–I Surrender All, by Carroll Roberson.

The ol’ hymn shop’s open for business, everybody.

By Request, ‘I Surrender All’

We have a hymn request from Erlene–I Surrender All, by Carroll Roberson.

(It’s hot, hot, hot here today! Makes the bright flowers in this video all the more appealing.)

By Request, ‘I Surrender All’

It was nice to get a hymn request, after all–I Surrender All, by Carroll Roberson, requested by Erlene.

Does anybody have any hymns for tomorrow?

By Request, ‘I Surrender All’

I’ve really got to get back to bed. Cleared the snow off my car, we ought and brought supplies, and now my head is wobbling. But first this–

Requested by Erlene, I Surrender All, sung by Carroll Roberson.

By Request, ‘I Surrender All’

How about a bonus hymn? Requested by Erlene, I Surrender All–a classic hymn from 1896, sung by Carroll Roberson.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is the light of the world.