By Request, ‘I Surrender All’

And a hymn request from Erlene has come in–I Surrender All, performed by Lifeway Worship. I’d never heard this one before. Well, we’re not going to run out of hymns, are we?

By Request, ‘I Surrender All’

Erlene asked for this one, I Surrender All. I hope you like this rendition by the Newsboys.

“All to Jesus I surrender”–there has never been a better strategy for staying sane. The very name of Jesus Christ is wholesome to us.

By Request, ‘I Surrender All’

Requested by Erlene–I Surrender All, by the Newsboys. This song has a great message, well worth remembering: “God doesn’t love us for who we are. He only loves us because of who He is.” What a world of fear that takes away!

P.S.–Will anyone mind if I short of duck the nooze today? There’ll plenty enough of it for us tomorrow, I dare say.

By Request, ‘I Surrender All’

Requested by Erlene, I Surrender All. I chose this rendition by the Newsboys; I hope you like it.

If it seems like the same few readers make all the hymn requests–well, it’s open to everybody, all day.

By Request, ‘I Surrender All’

All right, Christmas is over, let’s get back to everyday hymns and worship songs. We’re taking requests every day.

Requested by Erlene: this is I Surrender All (All to Jesus), performed by Casting Crowns.

The Baby is out of the manger and working in the world.

Bonus Hymn: ‘I Surrender All’

I hope you don’t mind an extra hymn this morning. This one’s special to Erlene, who’s been humming it today: I Surrender All, sung by Don Moen. But of course it’s for all of us together.

‘ I Surrender All’

Thanks to Erlene for suggesting this worship song to start the day–I Surrender All, sung by Brian Littrell.

The message may seem counter-intuitive, maybe even a little bit crazy, in an age of me-first self-esteem. But we can’t possibly give to Jesus as much as He gives to us: He gives us our very selves, and we are never more truly us than when we know that we belong to Him.

As Steve Brown says, you think about that!