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‘Common Core Teaches Only “Science” is True’ (2015)

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“Yes, master… Science is always true…”

Walk into any public school or college classroom where they teach, “There is no truth, there’s only your truth and my truth,” and watch what happens if you let it out that your truth is that marriage consists only of a man and a woman. Rig for collision!


We like to think that Common Core is mostly dead; but, as Miracle Max once said, mostly dead means a little bit alive. For the most part, all they did was change the terminology and rewrite some pieces of it.

All this culture-killing poison comes oozing out of what we call “education.”

And if we don’t stop it, it will stop us.

Choose Your Favorite Embryo–and Dump the Rest

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Moral imbecility is a growth industry. Too bad you can’t buy stock.

A Stanford University law prof who doubles as a bioethics wallah predicts that within 20 to 40 years, sex will no longer be necessary for reproduction and that parents will be able to choose one or two embryos out of, say, 80: “Dozens of choices for which of your embryos should be placed in your womb to become your child” (https://www.yahoo.com/news/ethicist-foresees-choosing-baby-dozens-embryos-050710538.html).

What about the ones who aren’t chosen? Oh, well…

The idea seems to be to create a whole passel of embryos and pick the one you want. Predicts the prof, “The majority of babies who have good health coverage will be conceived this way.” His book is called The End of Sex and the Future of Human Reproduction.

No more sex? Oh, you’ll still be able to indulge in fornication. Indeed, says the prof, this technique would enable “same-sex couples” to have babies. Like, what more could anybody want?

Someday I fear a book will be written, While Christianity Slept. God grant I’m wrong.


‘Plead With the Lord to Save Us’ (2014)

This is the kind of thing Planned Parenthood gets up to every year, with our money–half a billion dollars, bestowed on it by Congress every year.


Why is is that no matter whom we elect, they can’t stop throwing our money at Planned Parenthood? Anyone would think we voters were the masochists.

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