He Joined a Search Party to Find Himself

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“Gee, the guy they’re searchin’ for has got the same name as me!”

Muslims aren’t supposed to drink alcoholic beverages, but apparently in rural Turkey, getting sloshed is no big deal.

As reported in the India Times, a 50-year-old man went out boozing with his friends and, once he was fully potted, reeled and stumbled into the nearby woods. Eventually his family noticed he was missing, and a search party was formed (https://www.indiatimes.com/trending/wtf/drunk-man-reported-missing-joins-search-party-to-find-himself-550505.html).

For a while there, they could find no trace of him. So they started calling out his name, in hopes that he would hear.

He did.

“Who are we looking for?” one of the searchers asked. “That guy they’re calling–it’s me! I’m here.”

Yup. He’d joined the search party that was looking for him. Public-spirited sort of fellow! Here in America, you go to college to find yourself. But Whatsisname’s way is a lot cheaper and much more fun.

‘Excuse Me–Is This Your Brain?’

They’re still trying to find the owners of nine brains that turned up loose on the sidewalk of a village in upstate New York some years ago.

Excuse Me–Is This Your Brain?

“If only we had a college or a university nearby, it’d be easy to track down nine people with missing brains,” said police chief Agnes Morehead. “They’re always losing their brains–and half the time they never miss ’em.”

The fact that the brains are somewhat undersized “points to higher education,” said the chief. “After all, it’s not like they had any use for ’em.”

If you have any information which might re-unite one of the brains with its owner, contact the Squalid Village Police Dept.

‘You Can’t Make Up This Stuff’ (2016)

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Maybe the judge never saw a war movie?

How stupid can stupid be?

Don’t ask! You might get blown up.

You Can’t Make Up This Stuff

How many times do you reckon a hand grenade has gone off inside a courtroom? And how many witnesses, do you suppose, would answer the question “How does it work?” by pulling the pin?

If snails were this stupid, they’d crawl backwards.