Trigger Warnings Galore!

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Academics at Cambridge, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the English-speaking world, are beginning to have second thoughts about attaching “trigger warnings” to every cotton-pickin’ thing–especially to William Shakespeare’s plays (

See, the idea is to help students avoid hearing or reading anything that they might possibly find to be at all distressing. Not knowing what traumatic experiences any one of thousands of students might have had way back, while in his/her/xer cradle, and wishing at all costs to spare them any reminders of such unhappy times, they pretty much have to trigger-warning everything.

True, Shakespeare’s plays do feature every kind of mayhem you can think of, great heaping portions of it; but if it’s going to bother you that much, why study Shakespeare at all?

But it’s not just The Bard. Would you believe it? Even law lectures, about crime, are trigger-warninged so that law students don’t ever have to hear about some of the things that criminals actually do.

One might agree, at no cost to his self-respect, that Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus, featuring rape, murder, mutilation, and cannibalism, is hardly suitable for a dinner theater program. But we are talking about students who grew up playing Zombie Apocalypse all day and watching ‘Game of Thrones’ all night. They might find Titus Andronicus too tame for them.

But then they get to collidge and run around like chickens with their heads cut off because they’ve been taught that they are precious little snowflakes who will melt upon exposure to even the slightest heat. It’s really quite a transformation. I wonder how they do it.

Higher education: making the whole world dumber by the day.

When It Feels So Good to be Offended

Just in case you were thinking it’s only American colleges and universities that have been built up into fortresses for the defense of idiocy, here’s a howler from one of the most ancient and respected universities of them all–Cambridge, in England.

One of the Cambridge University colleges was all set to have a costume party, with a theme of Around the World in 80 Days, when whining petulant ninnies forced its cancellation–on the grounds that dressing up in costumes of other lands is “cultural appropriation” and therefor “racist” ( ).

Sorry, kiddies, no costume party. If you get dressed up in a sari or something, you will traumatize some poor fragile nitwit, violating his or her safe space and committing microaggression by doing something he or she doesn’t like.

I defy you to propose any activity that won’t be called “racist” on any college campus anywhere in the Western world.

I mean, who even cares whether some college students have a costume party? What kind of life is this, obsessing over trivial things that a normal person wouldn’t even notice, just because it feels so good to be offended?

And there, I think, we’ve solved a mystery.

These people get off on being offended. Having discarded the true and living God, and stumbled into self-worship, they now demand to be shown fear and deference that they have never shown to God Himself.

If they had to go a day without being offended, their heads would probably explode.