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Only 500 Comments to Go!

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G’Day! Byron the Quokka here–and we’ve only got 500 comments left to go to reach 60,000,

And here I am, standing in front of a couple of lovely bicycles which people have just left there, beats me why. The winner of the contest will get an autographed copy of Lee’s new book, His Mercy Endureth Forever… instead of a nice bicycle. But no one listens to me.

But the poor divvil has enough on his plate today without me bothering him about bicycles.

Just Missed!

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Thanks to a an Easter Sunday eruption of enthusiasm, this April set a new record for views of this blog in a month–11,817.

But oooh! Look how close we came to our first-ever month with 12,000 views. Missed it by only 183 views–one more day would’ve done it easily. But you don’t get one more in April.

Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for His Mercy Endureth Forever to be printed: seems to be taking a strangely long time. But then an awful lot of business has slowed down, thanks to the Chinese Communist Wuhan Death Virus From China.

Hint: What better time to catch up on your reading? And you can order my books from right here! Just go to the home page and click “Books.” You can order them either from amazon.com or from the publisher. (Sorry, but there’s no one here but me to do the commercials.)

Back to Work

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I’m still kind of tired, but at least I managed to crank out my Newswithviews column today–along with another fruitless quest for rubbing alcohol, drop off the laundry, and stock up on Marshmallow Peeps as long as I was at the store. Extra trip to the supermarket, too. I think I know why I feel tired.

I’m beginning to wonder why it’s taking so long to get His Mercy Endureth Forever printed. (Note to Watchman: I haven’t forgotten that I owe you a copy.) I hope the printer’s not locked down.

My wife and some of my friends are getting worried that maybe President Trump won’t get re-elected, heaven forbid. Good: worry away. Be afraid of what’ll happen if the voters go mad and hand the country over to Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer. If that doesn’t scare you–well, it should. But let the worry, let the fear, motivate us. Do your bit to save America from those who would destroy it by turning into God knows what. If each of us can win over just one more vote for Trump, that’s something. I’m worried enough to work hard, even when it tires me.

One more post. Let’s see if I can turn out one more post today.

Waiting for the ‘Hi’ Sign

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I would love to start writing another book, but the weather’s been against me–rain every other day, cold, high winds. Can’t sit outside and write.

But even with good weather, I’m still waiting for whatever the Lord will give me to start a new book. Sometimes it’s a scene: like Gurun in the rowboat in the storm (The Glass Bridge), or King Ryons watching his city catch fire (The Thunder King). Or it might be a title (His Mercy Endureth Forever)–a title is a great start.

A new character? A couple of newbies were introduced in The Wind from Heaven, and now they’ll need a lot of scope to play their parts. Mustn’t overdo it.

The thing is, I just don’t know what He’ll give me to get started. It’s always a surprise. All I know is that I have to wait.

Incidentally, His Mercy Endureth Forever is being printed as we speak, so that should be available very soon. I know, I keep saying that.

This is like waiting for Christmas when you don’t know the date because it’s different every year. No way around it. But I’ll let you know when I finally get the go-ahead.

A Thousand Comments to Go!

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G’day! Byron the Quokka here–and I only just noticed we have 59,000 comments!

The goal is 60,000. That’s a big milestone, and whoever posts Comment No. 60,000 will win an autographed copy of Bell Mountain No. 12, His Mercy Endureth Forever.

So there are just a thousand comments to go, in this comment contest that I’m supposed to be running. How long will it take to get there? I keep telling Lee it’d happen a lot faster if he offered a different kind of prize–I mean, is a boat that bad an idea?

We could offer a scholarship to Quokka University, if we gave out any degrees and if we knew how much it ought to cost to go there. Meanwhile, a boat’s a great idea. But I only work here, I don’t get to decide.

Quokka U.: We Need Some Buildings

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G’day, everybody! Byron the Quokka here, with a progress report on Quokka University. We know you’ve been wondering about it!

So far we’ve got a Latin motto–Ipso loquitur mannimota!–and a bunch of deans, a pick-up sticks team, a big cardboard box for a cafeteria, and we’re still working on a mascot and an official college song. But let’s face it–any college, anywhere, has just got to have some buildings!

Afar hut made of sticks of wood in the south desert of Djibouti ...

Behold! Our first official college building! Crikey Hall! Loosely based on a classic design by that famous architect, Frank Lloyd Fuzzybutt, Crikey Hall will be ideal for lectures, graduation ceremonies, and concerts. We’ve already sent out invitations to a lot of celebrities to be guest lecturers–you won’t have heard of most of them unless you’re a marsupial, but we did ask Tarzan and I really hope he comes here so I can get his autograph.

We still need classrooms, offices for the professors, and dorms for those students who don’t like to sleep outside in the tall grass. We don’t worry much about professors because we aren’t going to offer any courses. As for a mascot, we’re still stuck between a really big stick insect named Otho (who’ll do it for free) and Jimbo the Quokka in his Halloween costume, a cactus. It’s so hard to decide!

Meanwhile, it’s back to work on the comment contest. We’re shooting for 60,000, we have about a thousand left to go, and the winner gets an autographed copy of Lee’s new book, His Mercy Endureth Forever–unless I can get him to spring for a bicycle.

Late Again!

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Here’s Byron the Quokka copping a few Z’s in the middle of nowhere. Wish I could! Anyway, he wants to remind you that we’ve got a comment contest going, our target is 60,000 comments, we’ve got 58,812, so that leaves 1,118 to go before some lucky commenter wins an autographed copy of His Mercy Endureth Forever (Bell Mountain No. 12).

Meanwhile, I’m over an hour behind schedule. Mysteriously, my car started yesterday morning so I could drive it to the garage instead of waiting for a tow. It turns out I need a new starter motor–another $400 up the spout.

We succeeded in our grocery shopping today, but it took twice as long because we had to go to three different stores and I’m the only one who can go inside. I’ve got a lot of blogging left to do and will have to hustle to get it done.

So let’s get started.

Coming Soon! ‘His Mercy Endureth Forever’


It’s official! Chalcedon has announced the any-day-now publication of Book No. 12 of my Bell Mountain series, His Mercy Endureth Forever.


It’s moving in good company–two reprints of theological works by R.J. Rushdoony: Salvation and Godly Rule (1983) and his monumental Institutes of Biblical Law, Vol. 1. I know how long and hard Susan worked, editing and indexing the latter. It’s quite an amazing book, consistently applicable to current events today.

“His Mercy Endureth Forever” is the anthem sung by King Ryons’ formerly Heathen army, now servants of God, sung in a dozen languages at once wherever the army’s on the march.

Can Ellayne and Jack safely escort First Prester Orth all the way back to Obann City, in time for him to call its people to repentance? Can they avoid the barbarian horde invading from the south? To say nothing of oversized hyenas! All this, and so much more–the adventure continues.

Shout-out to “Watchman”–I’ll mail your autographed copy of the book as soon as I receive my author’s copies. You won it in our last comment contest; and someone else (probably) will win it in our current comment contest.

As long as we’re all under quarantine, we might as well read. If you’re looking for three worthwhile books–well, you’ve found them!

I’ll let you all know when they’re released for sale.

Keep Those Comments Coming!

Where Do Quokkas Live? - Animal Hype

G’day, earthlings! Byron the Quokka here, with another one of those nice bicycles that somebody obviously doesn’t want or they wouldn’t’ve left it just standing here. It’d make a dandy prize for a comment contest winner!

We’re shooting for 60,000 comments, and as of now, we’ve got 58,421, which leaves 1,579 to go. We’re also waiting for Bell Mountain No. 12, His Mercy Endureth Forever, to be published, which really should be any day now. Lee wants to hand out an autographed copy to the winner. I still say the prize should be a bicycle.

Meanwhile, here on Rottnest Island, we’re working hard to make Quokka University a reality. We weren’t going to have any courses at our college, but there are a lot of us who want to study Violet Crepuscular’s epic romance, Oy, Rodney. (I say “Fap!” to that.) But the main thing we’re into just now is trying to choose a mascot. A lot of animals don’t want to be mascots of a college run by other animals–makes ’em feel, I don’t know: put-upon, I guess. I’d like it to be a centaur–half-horse, half-quokka.

We’re open to suggestions, if anybody wants to make any.

Back to Work!


Just in case the world doesn’t end anytime soon, I’ve got to get back to work today.

Update: Bell Mountain No. 12, His Mercy Endureth Forever, is about ready to be published–any day, now. (Note to Watchman: I haven’t forgotten! I’ll send you your copy of the book as soon as I get mine.) Editing has begun on No. 13, The Wind from Heaven. And as for No. 14–well, it isn’t written yet, I don’t have a title… but the Lord has provided me with an insight that I think will drive the book, once I start writing it.

Meanwhile, I’ve got to write this week’s Newswithviews column. Note to WhiteRabbit: I’ve decided to follow your suggestion. Patty thought it was a great idea.

And here’s an idea that just hit me–completely unrelated to anything else that’s going on here: True friendship is doing something you don’t like for someone whom you like.

I was going to cover the Democrat debate today, but never mind. I can’t think of anyone who really wants me to.

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