James Madison U. ‘Pauses’ Critical Race Theory Training

They call it “a college education.”

You’d almost think we were living in a science fiction movie, in which alien invaders take over our education system (if that’s what you want to call it), dividing students into Good Guys and Bad Guys on the basis of their skin color and demanding that they remake the United States into a hell-hole of racial animosity.

But that’s just what they tried to do at James Madison University, Virginia.

And now they’re “pausing” it because somebody leaked a training video and the public hit the ceiling over it, and hard questions are being asked in the state legislature (https://www.thecollegefix.com/james-madison-u-announces-pause-on-staff-training-that-labels-christian-males-oppressors/).

The leaked video showed charts which divided students into “Privileged” and “Oppressed” categories, based mostly on race. Oh–and all white males are “oppressors.”

Students were being forced to watch this drivel. Now it’s “paused”… because the school got caught.

Why do we allow this? Families pay a fortune for their children’s college education–and this is what they get? Hypocritical race theory! Shoved down their throats by the biggest racists in the world.

Public education, Hollywood, our Free & Independent Nooze Media, Big Tech–these America-hating mutants have taken over all our institutions.

It has to stop. They’re wrecking our country and it has to stop.

Meanwhile, James Madison is spinning in his grave. But don’t worry, Mr. President. Eventually they’ll decide you were a racist, your Constitution sucks, and they’ll rename the school after Fidel Castro.

35 More Things You Can’t Say at Collidge

Image result for students gagged with duct tape

At James Madison University, named for the author of the First Amendment–you could just die laughing, couldn’t you?–student advisers have been given a guidebook listing 35 things you’re not allowed to say anymore, for fear of creating a collidge environment that is something less than “safe and inclusive,” whatever the hell that means ( http://www.thecollegefix.com/post/29307/ ). I say “hell” because a lot of this PC crapola seems tailor-made for Satan’s realm.

Among the forbidden phrases are “I never owned slaves”–yeah, there’s some evil white person trying to get a pass just because he was born 150 years after slavery was abolished: but we’re on to him!–and “We’re all part of the human race.” *Sigh* But remember, collidge students must be at all times free from ever hearing or seeing anything that might upset them.

This is another thing we don’t want anymore.

Fact: America has way too many colleges and universities, way too many jerks and chowderheads teaching in them, way too much money flowing into them, and way too many persons attending them and “learning” totally useless subjects and worse than useless habits of thought.