‘It’s Getting Weirder and Weirder’ (2018)

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In 2018 scientists discovered that, on the whole, IQs have been steadily dropping since 1975. Honk if that surprises you.

It’s Getting Weirder And Weirder

Remember #MeToo? That was big medicine in 2018–but that was before prominent male liberals started being mown down in myriads by sexual harrassment charges. So our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. made #MeToo go stand in the corner of oblivion with the 5-cent pack of baseball cards.

Well, the hyper-neo-puritanism seems to be gone, but “Celebrate Perversion” is being pushed at us harder than ever.

How far down to they want to push our collective IQ?

The abyss is the limit.

‘Another Red-Hot Sex Book for Me not to Review’ (2015)

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I don’t know what publicists must think of me. They’re always inviting me to review books that might give you a disease if you handled them. Here’s one from three years ago.


I bring it up again because its formula seems to foreshadow the #MeToo movement, delivering a weird mixed message of unbridled sexual acting-out with the most severe consequences if anyone complains. Talk about a divided heart!

Pornography has been with us for thousands of years, but it doesn’t come in a plain brown wrapper anymore.

It’s Getting Weirder and Weirder

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Okay, time for our dumpster-dive into the nooze.

Swept up in the #MeToo hoopla, Netflix has issued a set of Rules to its employees, governing interpersonal behavior–because, after all, all behavior must be governed. Left to their own devices, people will just–well, don’t leave them to their own devices. Keep the leash on tight.

Leading off the list of Rules is an admonition not to look at anybody for more than 5 seconds (https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2018/06/15/pc-madness-netflix-bans-employees-from-looking-at-anyone-for-more-than-5-seconds/). It must make for some rather strained conversations. Also, you can’t ask for a co-worker’s phone number, and there are no “lingering hugs” allowed.

According to Netflix, telling people what to do will “empower” them.

Leftism is getting very, very weird.

On one hand, the Sexual Revolution is still going full-throttle, you’re supposed to “have sex” as many times as physically possible, otherwise you’re a suspicious character, and if you’ve got a perversion, everybody else had better “celebrate” it or else.

But on the other hand, you’ve got this brand-new #MeToo hyper-puritanism, in which you’re not even allowed to look at anyone else beyond a count of five. Maybe they’ll figure out a way to Hook Up without looking at the other party, let alone learning his or her name or phone number. What do you want to bet that’s where they’re headed?

P.S.>> For some more than usually eloquent critiques of the current cultural scene, visit my “Playground Player chessforum” at http://www.chessgames.com and read the posts by our highly-esteemed colleague, “jessicafischerqueen.” Man! Is she comin’ at them with the jawbone of an ass, or what? Pardon me while I stand up and cheer!

Feminist Theology Babble, Pure Babble

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Ben Shapiro thinks he has discovered “the single most illiterate piece ever written on the Biblical story of Adam and Eve,” (https://www.dailywire.com/news/26947/female-rabbi-publishes-single-stupidest-piece-ben-shapiro) and we must admit it would be hard to beat. “Its central thesis is that God somehow sexually harassed Eve, and that Eve is ‘the first case of #MeToo’.”

Quick, the barf bag!

How could there be any “too” when she was the first and only woman in the world?

This pure crapola has been written by some “female rabbi” who is soon to have a book out on “Walking the Way of the Divine Feminine.” As Shapiro himself admits, “Words fail.”

It’s hard enough to imagine this person as any kind of rabbi, but equally hard to imagine her congregation. She calls God “this man-made figurehead of the patriarchy  [editor’s note: Oh, do please shut up!]…He is a fiction.” Really, what kind of congregation would sit through bilge like that? Had they nothing to throw at her?

She concludes, “Eve, our blessed mother, is saying ‘#MeToo’,” hashtag and all. With the hashtag, no less. Do any of you wonder why I say “#MeToo” is going to burn itself out?

Ben, Ben, faithful Orthodox Jewish brother, we feel your pain. We Christians are lumbered with the same profoundly grotesque feminist theology as are some hopefully small corners of Judaism. See my series of articles about paganism and goddess worship in the churches.

Blasphemy is a sin, and a serious sin at that. Being conformed to the inane and fleeting fashions of this world comes at a price: and there’s gonna be some howling and gnashing of teeth when it’s time to pay.