A Sad Day for Quokka U.

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G’day! Byron the Quokka here, with distressing news from Quokka University.

Before we could open our doors to our first class, we’ve had to fire the chairman of our Philosophy Dept., who was also going to teach all the philosophy courses.

We began to have doubts about him a few weeks ago when he started confronting quokkas and asking questions that we couldn’t answer. Like these.

“What did Thutmosis III say when he ran out of potato chips?”

“What is the difference between here and there?” (That one always made him laugh maniacally.)

“How do you tell which ants in the anti-hill are racists?”

So that’s that for Professor Humphrey Dumfries. He has since sent us this post card.

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You are probably thinking he has been committed to a hospital. In fact, he was almost instantly hired by Rutgers University in America, to head their Philosophy Dept. They only make him wear the straitjacket so he won’t harm anybody during his lectures.

As for us, we suddenly find ourselves without a Philosophy Dept. There is a cuscus who might agree to chair it, if she can overcome her shyness.

July’s a Disaster

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G’day–or not. Byron the Quokka here, and it’s official: here at this blog, July’s a disaster.

Daily viewership is down by 120 views a day. Ouch! But that’s only the blog. If you think we’re having a picnic at Quokka University, think again!

We have lost our most celebrated special guest lecturer before the semester even starts. Professor Aristotle Bottle, “the one-man philosophy course,” the Living Legend of Smartness, world-renowned author of Wet Wood Burns the Best–holy cow, we’re not gonna have him! He has been hospitalized after attempting to prove that an open manhole cover does not necessarily imply the existence of a manhole. Broke his coccyx going down.

Well, I’m glad we haven’t charged any money for his lectures, and I’m glad we didn’t pay him up front. But how do you replace a superstar like that?

We’re open to suggestions!

Rushdoony on ‘Invisible Rulers’

See the source image

When R.J. Rushdoony wrote this essay, thirty years ago or so, the Western intellectual mind (pardon the oxymoron) had not yet degenerated to “your truth, my truth, no truth.” But as he so often did, he saw exactly where it was heading and could tell you exactly where it came from.


There’s a lot of meat to this essay, but stick with it–because it tells us how we got here and points us back to God.

Postmodern poop that rests on such philosophical gems as “I is reality” has no future.