‘Now It’s Sandwiches Causing Global Warming’ (2018)

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Hooray for the University of Manchester! They found a whole new thing to fret about


Now It’s Sandwiches Causing Global Warming

The misanthropes in charge of pillaging the public and wasting our money would like to take away our sandwiches, too. Well, we know they want us peasants to live on bugs and weeds.

Let’s see what they live on, if our leaders ever do their duty by us and defund the universites.

Defund the colleges, not the police.

Now It’s Sandwiches Causing Global Warming

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Sigh. Now it’s our sandwiches causing Global Warming. We’re doomed!

According to the University of Manchester–you can always count on universities for stuff like this–the creation and consumption of sandwiches is equivalent to the “carbon emissions of 8.6 million cars in Britain alone” (https://newatlas.com/sandwiches-global-warming/53128/).

Oh, when, oh, when will we have a world government to control and forbid our self-destructive lust for sandwiches!

Meanwhile, a lot of us are freezing our kiesters off this winter–but hey, it’s Global Warming that causes cold weather, right? I mean, Al Gore says so, so it must be true.

And doesn’t breathing contribute to Global Warming, too? Like, can’t we do something about that? Like not breathe anymore?