‘Doubling Down on Global Warming’ (2013)

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Big Government can take us here!

It’s been almost ten years since I wrote this, but the only thing that’s changed is the label on a package full of nothing. Nobody says “global warming” anymore. Now it’s “Climate Change.” But it’s still nothing but scare-mongering to grow the government.

Doubling Down on Global Warming

Yeah, yeah, guys–come 2047, or whatever year you’re going with today, we’re all as good as dead. And all because we stupidly tried to hold on to our freedom! When everybody knows the only government that can save us is absolute government, free from any and all restrictions.

Here’s to a new world inhabited by wandering transgender vegans living a 12th-century lifestyle and dying off at the age of fifteen.

The Humanist Burqa

UK Face Masks: This Is Why Britain's Attitude Is Changing Fast

The face mask Mandate–mandates are so much more fun than legislation, aren’t they?–has been lifted, here in New Jersey; but when I went grocery-shopping this morning, I saw most of the people in the store still wearing them. And by now we all know there are lots of folks out there saying they’ll never stop wearing them.

Do they enjoy it that much? No. Tinhorn tyrants and a shoddy and dishonest nooze media have scared them silly. And they’re still scared.

Women in radical Muslim nations are compelled to cover themselves so thoroughly that you can only see their eyes. Their garment is called a burqa.

The face masks adopted by the Western world are the humanist version of the burqa. “Give us absolute power over every aspect of your lives, obey us without asking questions… and we’ll make sure you never get sick!”

There’s no longer any actual need for the face masks–if there ever was one–the CDC says we don’t need them anymore (until the next Big Germ crops up)… and yet people are still wearing them, even outdoors.

We passed a school on the way to the store. A bunch of kids were sitting outside on the grass, engaged in some activity or other. All of them were maskless–except one.

What was the point of this little boy continuing to wear the mask, when no one else was wearing one? I think it was because his parents are still scared. Too much TV, too much Dr. Fauci. And maybe a bit of left-wing virtue signalling.

They have truly done a number on us; and it remains to be seen what, if anything, we’ve learned from it.