Trump he Is Distended Fromb WerWolfs!!

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Whell! We hadded a spacial lexture “to day” in Nothing Studdies al “abote” Donold Trump and wye he “is” so Eevle and “that is” becose he Is Distended fromb Werwolfs in Germyny!!! So he Can “be” Impeeched foar being a Werwolf!!!!!

He is distended fromb Peeter Strump but than thay chainged thare Name to Trump and eminated fromb Germyny so thay woodnt Get cawt!!! We heered al abote “it” in the Lexture! and thare “was” a Moovy abuot it tooo but i diddnt sea it!

Jist like alll “the” Othher Werwolfs in his fambly Donold Trump hoose name “is” reely Strump he gose Out “at” Nite and terns Intwo a Wolf so that he “can” Proul the Streats of Whashingtin and eate poor peples’ Baybes!!! No boddy knows! how menny innacint peple “he” has eeted so Far but the Lexterer she sayed it gots to be At Leest 3 hunderd 3,00!!!!!! He has got this hear spacial Bellt he putts on that terns himb “into” A Wolf!!! and wen he taikes It Offf agen he terns “Back” into a Racist!!!

He is aslo maiking a Lot of Peple be tooo fat but “that” is anether Stoary!!

Wen al this hear News it “comes out”” thare whil Be a Clammer for himb to get impeeched and then hee shood auhght to Be Extracuted!!!!! It “is” Un-Consatoocionel for the Pressadint “to” “be” “a” Werwolf!!!!!!!!!!

And then Pressadint Obamma he can come “back” And be Pressadint agan for Evver!!!!!!


The Werewolf of… Hull?

Don’t you mean Werewolf of London, starring Henry Hull?

Nope. We mean a werewolf known as Old Stinker, who may be sneaking around and even into the city of Hull in Yorkshire, England–at least according to the British news media ( ).

The werewolf is being sought by “paranormal experts.” I would like to know how you become a paranormal expert. If you or I went schlepping around wooded lots and abandoned factories and a cop asked us what we were doing, and we said, “Trying to catch the werewolf,” I fear it would go but ill with us.

Anyhow, it says here that people in Hull are actually afraid that Old Stinker is getting tired of lurking in the countryside and may have ventured into some of the less salubrious parts of the city.

They don’t fear God, but they’re afraid of werewolves.

If the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, what is the fear of werewolves?