Public School Outrage: ‘Don’t Notify the Parents’

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The superintendent of schools in Harrisonburg, VA, can’t understand what all the fuss is about. Why the heck are those people suing his school district? Heck, we’re only following the model gender ID inclusion policy drawn up by the Dept. of Education last year before the Democrats got blown out of office.

The schools are supposed to ask the kiddies what pronouns they want everybody to use, and what names–that is, the names and pronouns they’ve chosen for themselves–and then the schools will enforce that.

The part people don’t like is, oh, just a little thing.

School officials and teachers are not permitted to notify parents if a child decides to adopt a gender delusion.

In the words of the lawsuit (Alliance Defense Fund representing parents and objecting teachers), the district “compels the staff to mislead and deceive parents.”

It’s expected the arguments in the lawsuit will revolve around what exactly constitutes a “religious belief” protected by the First Amendment. We must ask: Why quibble about that? You already know where these educators’ heads are at. Why would you ever trust them with your children?

The one and only argument the “educators” will understand–and maybe I’m being overly charitable here–would be the removal of tens of millions of children from the public schools. People, public education is broken and will not be fixed! Not by teachers’ unions, not by teachers’ colleges, not by school boards, not by anyone who has anything to do with it.