‘Why Humanism Leads to Statism’

An Urgent Message from Mark Rushdoony

(Good stuff at the Chalcedon website this week; I’m happy to share it with you.)

Mark Rushdoony has hit the bullseye with this one. Humanism always leads to statism.


Humanists get rid of God, leaving the state–that is, themselves–as the highest possible authority. I know it’s hard to account for what happens next without a concept of Original Sin–but as Christians we have that concept, so we can understand humanism’s inevitable drift into tyranny. The alternative, with every fat-head parading around as his own god, can only be anarchy; but they can’t keep that going for any length of time.

Mark puts it in a nutshell: “The problem is too much power.”

Build the state down, not up!

Our liberties depend on it.


‘Norway: Gov’t Agency Abducts Christian Children’ (2015)

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St. Olaf, patron saint of Norway

Here’s a horrible little story from five years ago.

We think our “educators” are arrogant bullies, and so they are; but the ones in Norway are even worse.

Norway: Gov’t Agency Abducts Christian Children

Nowhere do the, ahem, authorities bother to define the crime of “radical Christianity.” They’re lucky St. Olaf’s not alive to teach them the error of their ways.

But this is the devourer that is secular statism. Only submission can keep you out of prison–and even that might not work, if they feel like making an example of you.