So We Should All Cheat?

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Boss Tweed had nothing on this bunch today.

Someone–I forget whom, I read a lot–has said Donald Trump is making a serious mistake in pitching his candidacy to the voters instead of setting up his own operations for ballot harvesting and ballot curing. As long as Democrats cheat and Republicans don’t, the commentator said, the GOP will never win another national election.

I hadn’t even heard of “ballot curing” until just a few days ago. It’s not allowed in 26 of 50 states. (They give you a few days to “cure” or correct minor defects on your ballot, such as mismatched signatures… like suddenly you had a totally different handwriting.)

So we have to cheat to beat the cheaters? Well, obviously we can’t just sit there and let Democrats devour the country and destroy it. If we can’t stop the cheating, then what’s there to do but out-cheat the cheaters?

But boy, oh, boy–where does that leave us? Now there’s not even a hope of an honest or fair election. The Roman Republic reached this point and wound up with the Caesars. The legislature was broken. Their elections were street fights. Every cheap little political thug wanted to be the big boss.

I can’t say the commentator was wrong; but if he wasn’t, then that’s a really fine state of affairs, isn’t it? Shame on us for letting it go that far. But we were busy living our ordinary lives while the reprobates in power plotted to get more by any means, fair or foul. Mostly foul.

Stand up for us, O God: and give us what we need to stand up for you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

They’ll Cheat Again in November

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Rep. Claudia Tenney

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip]

You know I hate to do nooze on the weekend; but if I hold this item off till Monday, I’ll forget it.

Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) has now spent about a year warning the American people that the Democrat Party will again employ massive cheating to win this year’s mid-term elections. For example this, from 2021, .

In March of 2021 “President” Joe Biden issued an executive order to allow agencies of the federal government to… well, to play on the Democrats’ side in elections! To the tune of $1 billion in ballot-harvesting schemes. Housing and Urban Development, the Small Business Administration, and other agencies will be playing “Get out the vote!” in November. But only votes for Democrats. Real and not-so-real. All paid for with tax dollars. Everybody’s tax dollars.

Well, how else are they going to survive? Name a Democrat policy since 2020 that hasn’t been an unmitigated disaster. Can’t do it, can you? That’s because there’s no such thing. So they have to cheat or else get wiped out and lose control of both houses of Congress.

If they win this time, we’re finished.

Yay, Texas! (Gotta Start Somewhere)

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Election integrity is now the law in Texas. Democrats tried every dirty trick they knew to stop it–including fleeing the state so that there wouldn’t be a quorum in the legislature–but Gov. Abbot has signed the bill into law (

True, it’s only one state. But we have to start somewhere! It won’t be enough to punish those responsible for what was done to us in 2020. We have to make sure it can’t happen again.

The Texas law “makes it easier to vote but harder to cheat,” proponents say. Most tellingly, it prohibits the infamous practice of “ballot harvesting” and makes it a felony punishable by prison time. “Ballot harvesting” is when some Democrat yo-yo shows up at election headquarters with a box of “ballots” he supposedly collected from real voters.

We don’t expect to see reforms in places like California, New York, New Jersey, et all–the Blue State SSRs. But we have to start somewhere. Hooray for Texas for being first!

Dems Come Unhinged over Supreme Court’s ‘Attack on Democracy’

San Luis residents accused of "ballot harvesting" - KYMA

Since the Supreme Court recently upheld Arizona’s voting reforms–to wit, banning ballot harvesting and voting outside one’s home district–Democrats have been on the warpath (

“Ballot harvesting” is the practice of collecting or “harvesting” big bunches of ballots from people who may or may not have actually filled them out themselves; and of course being able to vote outside your home district means you can cheat by voting in several districts on Election Day.

Doddering Dolt and the rest of the Dems in D.C. have called upon Congress to override the Supreme Court’s 6-3 decision by rewriting the Voting Rights Act. They have called the reforms “an attack on democracy.”

Uh, okay–so what is “democracy”? If you’re talking about a system of government notoriously prone to self-destruct in fits of hysteria, I’d say that system of government needs to be attacked. Our country’s founders knew that: that’s why they gave us a republic, not a “democracy.”

Is it ballot harvesting? Showing up at the polls with a fistful of ballots that anyone or no one might’ve signed. That’s what Democrats want to protect.

Every measure taken or proposed to safeguard the integrity of our elections, Democrats oppose.

Hey, it’s them or us. And the sooner we all realize that, the better.

A Voat For Socile Jutstus!!!

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