Birds of a Feather (Barf Alert)

Churchill: Christie and Cuomo will teach us ... civility?!

(I almost used an expression that rhymes with “birds.”)

As if to purposely drive home the point that our ruling class big shots have much more in common with each other than with their hapless constituents, two of America’s most notable gubernatorial failures had a cordial lunch together the other day: Chris Christie (R-NJ) and Andrew Cuomo (D-NY).

Once upon a time Christie looked like he was shaping into another great political hope for the GOP–until photographers caught him hugging Obama. We then realized he didn’t mean a word he’d ever said to us. And I hardly need to remind you how Cuomo was forced to resign because he’d landed in a mess of sexual harassment scandals–although it does seem he’s gotten away with stuffing COVID patients into nursing homes and causing a few thousand easily avoidable deaths. Oops. I just reminded you anyway, didn’t I?

Our landlord stopped by, and he and I had a good cuss-out of Biden and his crew of amateurs, dopes, and twaddlers. Shootin’ for gas at seven bucks a gallon are we, Joe? Who ever thought it possible for one unbelievably incompetent president to do so much damage in so little time?

The jerks who are running our country need to be replaced. Before they finish us off.

I Knew a Politician Who Went to Jail

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[Editor’s Note: Names have been changed to protect the Editor.}

Big-name Democrats–Hillary Clinton, for instance–don’t go to jail. The last time I recall that happening was in the 1970s.

But when Chris Christie was the U.S. Attorney in New Jersey, he packed a lot of corrupt small fry off to the Big House.

I knew a man in Somewhereville, NJ, Democrat chairman, member of the governing body. As a reporter, I had frequent occasion to speak with him. Even was at his house a few times.

Quite a few years after I left my job, I happened to glance at my mother’s daily paper (she lived in another county), and whose picture should I see on the front page, doing the perp walk down the courthouse steps, but Mr. X from Somewhereville. Christie had successfully prosecuted him for extortion.

Thing is, by then, Mr. X was well into his 80s. Kind of old to be doing extortion. But I guess certain habits die hard.

My wife had always been convinced that Mr. X was a wrong ‘un, and was kind of afraid of him. Didn’t want me getting on his bad side and winding up face-down in the landfill. When she saw that picture in the paper, she let me know she’d told me so. “See? See? Toldja!”

I confess I thought Mr. X was an okay guy, and I didn’t take my wife’s misgivings to heart. Maybe I should’ve. I mean, it’s a rather shocking thing when somebody you know gets packed off to prison for extortion. Makes you wonder about certain other people whom you thought you knew.

And a few years after that, I learned that another Somewhereville politician whom I used to know, but who got run out of town when all the little guys ganged up on him, finished his career… in jail. Fraud. Failure to pay taxes. That would be a lot of taxes. And various schemes that were very far from being honest.

Yes, you do wonder. Who else did I use to know, who wound up in the can? And how lucky was I that I never got popped for stumbling over something that certain persons wouldn’t have wanted me to see?

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Are These People Quite All There?

This Tele-Tubbie wannabe is now our secretary of state.

Secretary of State John Kerry, who made his political bones calling American soldiers bloodthirsty barbarians and then ran for president as a war hero, having won three Purple Hearts without spending as much as fifteen minutes in the infirmary, recently told graduating students at Northeastern University to prepare themselves to live in “a borderless world” ( ).

Let’s see, now… no borders… that means no countries, right? And if there are no countries anymore, well, that would imply a world government–one great big universal country.

Are these globalist morons capable of rational thought?

So, if you can’t do a certain job, but then you make it ten, twenty, or a hundred times bigger than it is already, does that mean you will then be able to do it?


Can men like Kerry, or men like anyone else for that matter, even govern a single city wisely, efficiently, economically, and justly? Well, what city would that be, then? Detroit? New York? London? Camden? Tokyo?

They’ve just begun to peel the lid off the current government of New York City, and the stink of corruption is already rising to high heaven. So, no, they don’t know how to govern a city.

How about a state, then? Well, look at the job they’re doing on California. And when now-Governor Chris Christie was a federal prosecutor in New Jersey, he packed off to jail at least a hundred of our state and city officials, all on charges of corruption. So they can’t manage a state, either.

How about a country? Are they any good at governing a country? If you can answer “yes” to that, there’s something wrong with you.

Dissolving national borders and trying to govern the whole flaming world as one big country–does anyone in his right mind think that will ever work? I mean, look at some of these countries! If you think the U.S.A. or the United Kingdom, among the world’s least awful countries, are governed badly, take a gander at Mexico, Liberia, or Syria.

The dynamics of history never change. There’s always some overly powerful and aggressive psycho who thinks he ought to rule the whole shebang. The only difference nowadays is that instead of a single kook, like Hitler or Napoleon or Alexander the Great, we’ve got a whole gaggle of globalist kooks, like Kerry, who think they and their friends are fit to do the job.

The kingship of the earth is reserved for Jesus Christ, and no other.

What Other Country is Your Home State a Part Of?

Can you tell which of the items below is a real news story and which is just a satire?

A. Gov. Chris Christie called his state “the other India” and said “You’re all welcome” to come from India to New Jersey, legally or illegally, the more the merrier…

B. Gov. Jerry Brown called his state “the other Mexico” and said “You’re all welcome” to come from Mexico to California, legally or illegally, the more the merrier…

If you couldn’t decide which story was true, who can blame you? As it happens, the news story is Item B ( ).

Now nobody, not even Gov. Moonbeam, can be stupid enough to believe that California’s economy can absorb an unlimited number of low- or no-income, non-English-speaking Mexican illegals without crashing into a brick wall of impossibility. Therefor, in order to say what he said, he either has to be delusional or up to no good. Flip a coin.

Is Minnesota soon to be “the other Somalia”? And pity the state that gets to be “the other Palestine.”

Is your state’s governor insane?

Not that there’s anything you can do about it! Ask any Californian.