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Dear Firefox: Shut Up!

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Firefox has taken it upon itself to preach the pap of Far Left Crazy, and I must say I resent it. Every time I want to search for something on line, the action passes through a Firefox page which offers informative trendy mostly stupid articles. Usually it’s some kind of Climbit Change hysteria, but yesterday they hit a new low. And of course whoever runs this show for Firefox, they assume that all their users are as depraved and wacked-out as they are. You will never see a conservative item on the Firefox search page. They’re gonna lead us out of the wilderness… and into the loony bin.

Yesterday they were celebrating some 37-year-old man’s delusional “transition” into “a woman.” (Sorry, the quotation marks are strictly necessary.) I guess because it’s “Pride Month,” when you show pride in things you ought to be ashamed of. Anyway, this yop seems to have decided he’s really a “woman” after repeated readings and viewings–why do I assume he can read?–of The Hand-made’s Tail, which he took real serious-like.

Why must we be nagged and browbeaten with this ****? Why are people pushing it? Hello? Hello out there? Anybody? Uh, you do know this is wrong, don’t you–this ridiculous idea that a man can “become a woman”? I mean, you can’t all be that crazy, right? You do know that none of this is true–right?

And yet if I lived in Britain, home of the Magna Carta, I’d be on my way to jail for writing this. Not only is it wrong: it’s required. You tow the party line on this stuff, bro, or you can kiss yourself goodbye.

How did this happen? Why have we surrendered to it? Currently in the West, sodomy is virtually sacred. Woe unto anyone who questions it!

This was accomplished in less than a single human lifetime by a micro-minority who worked at it tirelessly, fanatically. Now they hold the bullhorn; now they dictate to normal people, now they set the rules.

Why did we let it happen?

Probably because we only wanted to live in peace, go about the peaceable business of our lives without boiling our brains in politics. Probably because decent people always get taken advantage of.

This stuff really has to stop.

‘Those Who Can’t Do…?’ (2012)

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Does this look like success to you?

This commercial used to be on the radio a lot. It was for a parenting system devised by some shrink who’d made a total shambles of her own venture into child-rearing.


Like, this is on a par with the Hillary Clinton Charm School. Why would you ever want child-raising tips from somebody whose own kid says he hates her and slams the door in her face? Did you ever do that to your mother?

Boy, is our culture in trouble…

‘Where Do the Nutty Professors Come From?’ (2016)

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Do you ever wonder why it seems that colleges and looniversities are staffed by kooks and wackos–and then realize that’s because they’re staffed by kooks and wackos? How are they able to find so many nuts?


I have been told by a most authoritative source: they seek them out. That’s right–they want highly disturbed individuals to do the teaching. Why? With that I can’t help you.

It really has gotten to the point that the colleges and looniversities constitute a threat to the survival of our republic. They must be defunded. Now.

‘Planet Fitness: an Integrity-Free Zone’ (2015)

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Some Planet Fitness “women”

If you missed this the first time around, it bears re-posting: the rich and riotous display of hypocrisy put on by Planet Fitness.


Nobody, but nobody, is more “judgmental” that those Far Left Crazies who demand that we be “non-judgmental.” Just like the way they out-hate any “haters” ever born.

For the record, and because truth matters: we don’t have to judge a lot of these things because God has already judged them and condemned them, and made His judgment known to us.

Have you noticed that everything that libs are for is bad?

My Newswithviews Column, May 30 (‘Making Humanity Redundant’)

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Ain’t gonna work no more, no more, ain’t gonna work no more…

So The Real Smart People tell the Brits they need to adopt a nine-hour work week–to Save The Planet, don’t you know–and that leaves us wondering: what are they going to do with the 31 hours they just chopped off their work week?

Making Humanity Redundant

I guessed “write neo-Shakespearian tragedies,” but I was probably wrong. Anyway, I needn’t have bothered–the answer was staring us right in the face all along.

You know hi-tech has the answer!

Busted! For Cultural Appropriation

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Some 150 people in Medicine Hat, Alberta–including 22 members of a high school orchestra–were arrested last night on charges of cultural appropriation, under a new “protocol” adopted by the Justin Trudeau regime.

“Beethoven was German,” explained Elliot Mess, captain of the city police Bias Response Team, “and that makes his music German. Those people we arrested, they weren’t Germans. None of them. That makes them guilty of cultural appropriation. The fact that it was only a high school band concert is immaterial.”

“I didn’t know it was against the new law for us to play Beethoven’s music!” said 16-year-old violinist Liu Chia-Hui. “I love Beethoven! We all love Beethoven! His music belongs to all the world!”

“Wait’ll he tries to sell that line in sensitivity training,” said Mess. “He’ll wish his father never met his mother.

“Cultural appropriation is a form of hate. If you are not German, listening to German music, or performing it, is an act of anti-German aggression. It’s taking something that does not belong to you. That little smart-aleck Liu should’ve stuck to playing Chinese music–and on Chinese musical instruments only!”

Music teacher and band conductor Deirdre O’Connor, also arrested, “is in for a really hard time,” Mess said. “We’re not going to go easy on the ringleader!”

“We won’t stop,” he added, “until all of Canada is 100 percent hate-free! And there’ll be no more cultural appropriation.”

How to Rile Your Weatherman

Fox 45 weatherman Jamie Simpson, in Dayton, Ohio, got fed up with his viewing audience when they complained about a special tornado report interrupting a broadcast of “The Bachelorette.”

Dayton is tornado country and they’d been having a lot of them: “This is a dangerous situation, okay?” Simpson said. Yeah, man, but, like, y’know, you interrupted the program!

The tornado warning had only just begun when Bachelorette viewers began to hit the social media with their gripes. The weatherman could hardly believe it.

I am not persuaded that there’s any such word as bachelorette in the English language; and if there is, there shouldn’t be.

Anyway, Bachelorette fans wanted the network to stop the tornado warnings and go back to the show. Sort of like people in Pompeii complaining about the lictors interrupting a gladiatorial swordfight to warn them that Mt. Vesuvius was erupting. And getting booed for it.

No quokkas were involved in the incident in Dayton.

New Sex Bots to be ‘Indistinguishable from Humans’

Sex robots powered by 5G will be 'indistinguishable from humans' 

Really, now, look at the picture. If you can’t distinguish that from a human, you don’t need a sex therapist–you need an optician.

Sex robots powered by 5G will be ‘indistinguishable from humans’ 

Ah, the nooze! And you wonder why some of us want “long ago” back?

This is supposed to be “the beginning of a synthetic sexual revolution.”

If I spent all day at it, I don’t think I could think of anything we need less.

Some TV Shows That Didn’t Make It

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If you think the programs they show on TV are bad, you should see the ones they don’t show. Here are three examples, compiled by Byron the Quokka.

Ringworm! Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dame Judith Anderson as a pair of Ponca City cops who track down people with skin afflictions. Reviewers complained it only made them feel itchy.

Is Anybody There? was a sitcom about invisible people whose voices can’t be heard. Mostly it was footage of empty rooms, which reviewers described as “intolerably boring.” Signing up and paying actors who are never seen or heard turned out to be an unwise use of studio funds. Executive Producer Tommy Plotz was put to death.

Jimmy Fraud Investigates. A local cable TV reporter, reputedly the most credulous reporter in the world, investigates “the unexplained” in his home town–e.g., sightings of a woolly mammoth in the Stop & Shop parking lot. Most of the “cases” turned out to be clumsy hoaxes perpetrated by not very bright teenagers. The others were of no interest to anyone.

On second thought, are these really so much worse than what we’ve got? You decide!

Down with Leaf Blowers!

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Okay! It’s a beautiful, mild, sunny spring day. And that means it’s time for… LEAF BLOWERS!!!

Yes, shatter the peace of your neighborhood, drown out the bird song, blow rodent feces all over the place! Braaaaap! Whommmmp! What? There’s someone trying to think? Well, lemme at him! Braaaaap! Whommmmmp!

And we’ve also got fat guys on riding mowers “landscaping” yards the size of postage stamps, and guys with really noisy air compressors so they can power-wash their driveways.

Are we in Mordor?

There really must be something wrong with us.

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