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‘Rent-a-Gay to the Rescue’ (2015)

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It’s tiresome to be called a Nazi, Hater, Biggit, White Supremacist, etc., every time you voice a conservative opinion. It’s getting to look like you’ll have to choose between preserving your integrity and preserving your sanity.

If you’re in that bind, you need Rent-a-Gay!


It’s wonderful the way your troubles with the PC crowd melt away if you can trot out a “gay friend.”

The fact that this doesn’t work should not deter you. A lot of the things that we pay for, don’t work.

As Rutgers Rots

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Rutgers, New Jersey’s state university–I went there! I’ve got a degree from that place–continues its decay as an educational institution, now offering a three-credit course in “Practicing Social Justice” (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=11702).

Why has public money been spent to set up a Women’s and Gender Studies Department? What earthly good is that? It’s just like leaving a pile of rotting meat on the sidewalk to attract flies.

So the Women’s and Gender Studies Dept. will be offering this stupid course as part of its stupid degree program. The course will focus on “resistance strategies” and “nonviolent confrontational organizing.” It’s remarkable, how quickly “nonviolent” confrontations can turn violent.  The only thing that keeps these idiots out of the hospital is that normal people aren’t as nasty as they are.

Also available in the Women’s & Gender Shinola degree program is a course in “Marxist Literary Theory.” Can you imagine anything more useless?

The time has come to cut off all public funding to wastes of time and space like Rutgers University. It’s obscene and insulting, to be spending hard-earned tax dollars on inane, silly, and self-destructive nonsense like this.

‘Student Nitwits Want Mandatory Attendance at “Social Justice Event”‘ (2016)

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Don’t you love the way the “pro-choice” crowd keeps on demanding the power to make all your choices for you? But they’re liberals, so when they say something, it means the opposite of what it’s supposed to be: like, when libs say “justice,” they really mean injustice, and when they say “smart,” it’s for something stupid.

So here they are–at a looniversity, of course–enhancing everybody’s “choice” by demanding attendance at a “social justice event” be made mandatory.


It really is an embarrassment to be living in this age.


‘Little Kiddies’ “Racism” Up 33% in Britain, Government Says’ (2016)

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“You dirty racist, you!”

Always bear in mind our recently-discovered principle: If liberals say something is a problem, it isn’t a problem. Like, for instance, rampant “racism” among Britain’s six and seven-year-old schoolchildren.


Of course, when you call everything “racism,” then you just naturally wind up with a lot of “racists.” And then, forsooth, the government must act! For which they’ll need more money and more power, so fork it over.

No one can go very far wrong by taking as a given the untruthfulness of anything said by a leftid.

Along Came a Spider

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How scary is it, really?

Suppose you pass by a house and you hear a child screaming and a grown man yelling, repeatedly, “Why don’t you die?” Naturally, you call the cops. And naturally they come, hoping they’re on time to prevent a murder.

Such was a recent incident in Perth, Australia. Only it wasn’t a murder. The man in the house was yelling at a spider he was trying to kill, and the child was freaked out by the scene. There was nothing for the police to do. (https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/jan/02/australian-man-screaming-at-spider-why-dont-you-die-triggers-full-police-response)

Hello? Hello? Anybody home up there–up in the old cranium?

All right, Australia has some pretty nasty spiders, and apparently this guy had an uncontrollable fear of them. Somehow he wasn’t able to dispatch the spider right away: sounds like he was too scared to see straight, and probably kept missing when he went to clobber the spider. I’m pretty sure I would’ve screamed, when I was three years old, if I saw my father carry on like that. But of course he wouldn’t have–not for all the tea in China.

Ah, the nooze…

Do you ever get the impression that there are all these little cracks in our culture, spreading out in all directions–like when a sheet of thin ice on a frozen pond is just about to give way under you? You’ve only just noticed, and you also notice that you’re two or three steps farther from the shore than you want to be, just now.

It’s only a man panicking over a spider. No big deal.

Or so we hope.

‘”Star Wars” Pastor Doesn’t Want His Church to be “Too Christian”‘ (2016)

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One of those things I never worry about is Christmas-time church services being too Christian. But in case it worries you, there’s a pastor in Germany who has a solution to the problem.


Tailoring your church services around a popular movie series looks like a sure-fire way to pump up church attendance. If you get bored with Star Wars, you can start on the Harry Potter movies, or Rocky, or Jurassic Park–any old franchise will do.

I can’t remember which apostle it was who first worried about Christianity being too Christ-centered, but I’m sure this pastor in Germany could tell you.

‘School Makes 3-Year-Olds Sign Pledge Not to Use “Transphobic” Language’ (2015)

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Wait’ll he’s 25 and finds out what he “signed” when he was three years old…

I’m surprised this fad has not yet swept through America’s public schools. Maybe our “educators” simply missed it.

As usual, Britain, the Mother Country, leads the way to idiotic madness–making toddlers sign–sign? did he say “sign”? Yeah, ‘fraid so–pledges not to use “transphobic language”, like, ever.


Of course it’s more than just madness. It’s distilled evil.

And if we don’t put a stop to it, God will.

‘Man Marries Tree (Not a Satire, Folks)’ (2016)

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I think if I were ever told that So-and-so is “an actor and activist,” I would try very hard not to be introduced to him. But here’s a pinhead who insists on introducing himself to the world.


Has anybody noticed that the people who are doing the most to spread nature worship are the same ones who are paving over everything? They talk a game of Gaia while they’re putting up another strip mall. And they never saw a McMansion that they didn’t like.

Marrying trees won’t stop them.

But electing really angry and aggressive conservatives to every level of government… might. At least they couldn’t do worse.

‘Review This? You Gotta Be Kiddin” (2016)

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The books that publicists invite me to review! But they’ll have to go a long, long way to match this one for taking on the appearance of a satire. I mean, really–someone actually wrote this thing on purpose?


A sardonic little devil sitting on my shoulder whispers into my ear, “Hey, Lee, you missed a great opportunity here! Is it too late to go back and get a copy of this classic?”

Good grief.

‘Ninny Break: No, This Is not a Dinosaur’ (2016)

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It’s still not a dinosaur.

Really, how dumb do they think they are, that they can tell us a fish is a dinosaur and get away with it?


The Internet is in many ways a boon to civilization, but it does have its flaws. One of its flaws is a complete absence of quality control.

Not that I can think if anyone whom I’d want to be the quality controller!

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