King Rehoboam–and the Democrats

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Sometimes unrelated things fit so perfectly together, you can’t help thinking there’s a purpose to it.

This week’s elections were a thorough shellacking of the Democrats and an emphatic rejection of their whole Far Left Crazy program–ruptured borders, high energy prices, inflation, fomenting racial fear and hatred, insane government spending, and “mandate” after mandate: by and large, America hates what they’re selling. 

But how did they respond? Well, they doubled down on it, didn’t they? “We’ll show you deplorables!” They’re going to go right ahead, as far and as fast as they can.

At the same time, my daily Bible reading brought me to 1 Kings, Chapter 12–the story of Rehoboam, son of Solomon.

King Solomon’s famous building program wore out the people of Israel; and when he died and Rehoboam took his place, the people pleaded with the new king to ease up on them.

Rehoboam’s older advisers counseled him to listen to the people, cut their taxes, give them some breathing space–and then the people would be happy to serve him as their king. But the young men in his court advised him to threaten and coerce the people–“My father scourged you with whips, but I will scourge you with scorpions” (v. 15). And that was the end of the kingdom founded by David and Solomon. Ten of the twelve tribes revolted from Rehoboam and never came back. Indeed, when Rehoboam sent out his tax collecter, the people stoned the man to death (v. 18).

To anyone in government the message should be clear: you can only exasperate the people for so long before they turn against you–and only brute force will keep them down. You can govern without the consent of the governed, but it’ll be ugly.

And to those of us who follow history, there is another lesson that’s quite clear–the big shots almost never listen to the people. They always have to be pulled off their thrones before they even notice that their people are angry with them.

Rehoboam will not listen. He will not change his policy. Don’t waste time pleading with him. Just take away his power.


Wow! Truck Driver Beats NJ Senate President!

Meet Ed Durr, the candidate who might knock Steve Sweeney out of the Senate

Edward Durr, winner of an astounding upset victory

A man with very little political experience, who had never held a public office, a truck driver who spent $153–yes, one hundred and fifty-three dollars–on his whole campaign, has defeated the president of the New Jersey State Senate (


Edward Durr, who spent $66 on Dunkin Donuts for his staff and $86 for cards and flyers, defeated Sen. Steve Sweeney, who’d been in office since 2002. Four years ago, Sweeney was re-elected in what some observers called “the most expensive legislative race in American history.”

Dare we say anyone can beat a Democrat who forgets to cheat? Or do the Republicans need to run more truck drivers?

Durr ran against high taxes (New Jersey’s famous for that) and high-handed COVID restrictions imposed by politicians who were insulated from the hardships that they imposed on others.

Our ruling class must be replaced before it ruins the country. May Durr’s election be a token of things to come.

So I Voted…

Midterms 2018: Voters face malfunctioning machines and long lines at polls  across country on Election Day

Voting, in my neighborhood, used to be a ten or 15-minute exercise. Today I stood in line for 45 minutes or so. And while I was doing that, it got cold outside and started to rain. So much for my writing today.

They had new voting machines, and only two of them instead of the usual four or five. The line stretched all around the gym. These machines are entirely electronic. You press the screen to vote and when you’re done, it displays your ballot for inspection so that you have a chance to correct any discrepancies. I didn’t find any, so I cast my vote: “Iacta alea est” (“The die is cast”), as Julius Caesar once said.

My leg is acting up.

O Lord, if you ever had a mind to intervene in one of our elections, now would be a good time for it. We have to get out from under Democrat rule before they finally destroy our country. Deliver us out of their wicked and ungodly hands. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

I wonder if there’s enough sun for me to try to write.

My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 30 (‘Shut Up and Pay’)

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If you don’t want your kids being “taught” Critical Race Theory, transgender, and down with America, then you don’t want public education.

But the Democrat bagman running for governor of Virginia thinks it’s none of your doggone business, what the unionized Far Left Crazy teachers “teach” your kids.

Shut Up and Pay

How do you run for governor on this? You have to believe people want to have no say in their children’s education, that they want to be insulted, that they want their kids to be taught to hate themselves, hate other kids, hate their country… I mean, people are actually going to vote for this guy? Say it ain’t so, Joe!

Does he have a reason to believe the public outrage over Critical Race Theory is just going to blow over?

Well, if he’s right about that, then the people will deserve what they get.