Hillary Ops ‘Agitated’ for Raid on Trump

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee's Russian collusion claims against Donald Trump in the 2016 election helped created a more divided country.

*Sigh* More nooze.

Here’s a new wrinkle in the FBI goon squad’s raid on Donald Trump’s home: “The Clinton machine has been agitating for this since January” (https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/hillary-clinton-operatives-secretly-worked-with-doj-to-raid-president-trump/).

Why is there still a Clinton machine? What do we have to do to get rid of it?

Breaking News: I made a strong objection to our Dept. of Public Works, my freakin’ garbage can having disappeared overnight, and they gave me a replacement. Calloo, callay…

Supposedly this was all about documents that President Trump wasn’t supposed to have, and the raid was revenge for all that flap over Hillary mishandling thousands of classified documents while she was secretary of state for *Batteries Not Included. Nobody ever raided her pad, though. I don’t like to imagine what might have been found there. Hillary sleeping in a coffin?

Super. So now we take revenge on our political rivals by unleashing our party’s FBI henchmen on homes and families.

Are we free to speculate that “the Clinton machine” wanted those documents grabbed because some of them featured dirt on Hillary? Or were they all just trying to advance the sovietization of America?

‘Crawl On Your Belly When They Kick You in the Face’ (2018)

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A few years ago the Ontario Human Rights Commission toyed with the idea of assigning itself the authority to decide whom your friends should be… ’cause you can’t let ordinary racist dumb people decide that for themselves, they’ll just get it wrong.

Here in America, our looniversities are every bit as evilly wacko as the OHRC. Like f’rinstance:

Crawl on Your Belly When They Kick You in the Face

This clown’s crime, for which the Loving Left punished him, was knowing and liking someone who wound up running for governor as a Republican. Boo! White privilege! Boo! Racist-Biggit-Hater!

I admit it. I hate these cheap little tin-horn Stalinists. We should shut down 90% of the colleges–before it’s too late. Before they do irreparable harm to our republic.

We do not (!) have to slink around with “Kick Me” signs on our backs.