In Praise of Sunday Color Comics

Tomorrow I’ll go back to telling truths that will make the progs and lib’rals  mad at me. To honor God, I do try to refrain from doing battle on the Sabbath Day. By obeying His commandment to rest on that day, we proclaim our God’s sovereign lordship over His creation.

Among the pleasant memories that lower my blood pressure are the quiet Sundays of my childhood and, whatever the weather, the Sunday color comics. Crack of the bat and clink of horseshoes in the summer; Sunday school and maybe an afternoon at the movies, if my father was willing: but in all seasons, the funny papers.

My folks stuck to the local New Jersey papers, but my grandparents, both sets of them, got the New York Daily News, so they had New York comics. I read those, although a few of the strips in the New York papers, like Moon Mullins and Gasoline Alley, I couldn’t quite get, and one or two others, like Smilin’ Jack, struck me as vaguely sinister. But our local papers didn’t have The Teeny Weenies or Smoky Stover, so I couldn’t afford to ignore the comics in my grandma’s Sunday paper.

But here at home, every Sunday–aah! Prince Valiant: Hal Foster’s spectacular artwork made the Age of Arthur come alive for me–and it still is. Mark Trail midwifed by lifelong fascination with bugs and snakes and other critters. And does anyone out there remember The Little People? And not forgetting one of my all-time favorite lines on a Sunday afternoon: Mandrake gestures hypnotically… And then there was Peanuts.

Stretched out on the floor, quietly reading the comics–there was something to be said for that. Not that it did me any spiritual good, that I know of (although certainly Mark Trail was for me a gold mine of information about nature); but I have since learned that I belong to my Lord seven days a week, for every minute, and I don’t think He minds if I enjoy some undemanding fun on a Sunday.

But those old comics are gone, and the new ones are distasteful.

Hymn, ‘Yield Not to Temptation’

This is another hymn I remember from my Sunday school days, before my church got all hypermodern and theologically bent out of shape. I’d be surprised if they still sang this one, ever.

I chose this plain and simple piano version, with printed lyrics so you can follow along.

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands.

Serve the Lord with gladness: come before His presence with singing.

–Psalm 100: 1-2

Yet Another Outrage

July 4, Independence Day, 2015–we celebrate it by watching our freedom get eaten up by power-crazed politicians, bent churchmen, the Supreme Court from Gomorrah, and anyone else who wants a piece of it.

Especially those whom we laughingly call educators.

Case in point: Seattle public schools have been implanting girls with IUDs (Intrauterine Device) for birth control without the girls’ parents’ knowledge or consent. Some of these kids are in the sixth grade. Get all the facts and figures here ( )

And you send your children to public school because _________?

Of course, it’s only logical. Starting in kindergarten, they teach the children about sex, and then they teach them how to have sex, and the next step has got to be to equip the kiddies for sex. The only thing that remains to to make it compulsory.

But don’t worry–it’s just another one of ten thousand isolated incidents from every state in the Union.

This Fourth of July, you know what worries me?

I fear what’ll happen when we run out of freedoms to sign over to persons who are eager to take them from us. What are they going to do when there are no more liberties left to seize, and they’re still hungry?

Is Everybody Lying?

I had a hankering for fish, so I looked in the frozen fish bin at my friendly neighborhood supermarket and saw this:

ALL-AMERICAN SEAFOOD (complete with American flag logos all over the package)



And at the very bottom, in little tiny letters: Product of China.

Now the law says that if the product comes from China, you gotta say so, somewhere on the package. But here we have an obvious attempt to deceive the consumer into thinking he is getting American catfish.

“Farm-raised,” in conjunction with “product of China,” means you deserve what happens to you, if you eat this.

Just warning you….


Dont Read That Guy’s Books!!

I wasnt going to come and do this blog today, becuse I had to do work for my Gender Studies degree and it was those Self-Esteem Crosword Puzles that all filled in already, not like them Sexist crossword puzles with the empty boxxes. But my prefesser he said I have to come and tell peple not to read that guys books. Well I hasnt read them I said, but he told me to come here anyhow, and also he tole me everthing I need to know about the books.

So I am telling you dont read Bell Mountan, it is suposed to be fantersy but there isnt nothing in it but Heteronormatifity and Climate Change Denail and most of all a whol lot of religin stuff. Ther ouht to be a law aginst readin books like that, and also aginst the law to rite them. I hope Hillery is presdent soon so she can make it aginst the law.

And also the books that come after that Bell Mountan they arnt any good ether. I am glad I hasnt read them, and yuo better beleve we got no books like that here in collidge. I warn yuo, if you reed any of thes books you will nevver becom a interllectural.

So if you read any of thos books by that guy, yuo are a Racist and a Homo-phob, and yuo hate woman and want to reck the Planet but we wont let you. Also yuo are stopid and Anti-Sceince and aslo you are a Religis Fanatick who beleves in God wich prooves yiu are not a interllectural.

Well thats all for now, I has to go bye some Amerikkkan flags to burn becose tomorow’s the forth of July and we doing a big Protest for extra credit.

Does It Matter If ‘Christian Fiction’ Is Badly Written?

I know, I know–our world is being torn down around our ears, so who cares about so trivial a thing as “Christian fiction”?

But if I don’t take a break from current events of the kind that gather around us like spooks encroaching on a child’s bed when he’s having a nightmare, I’ll go bonkers. Besides which, the wicked won’t triumph, as they’re triumphing today, for one second longer than God allows. At the breath of His nostrils they will cease to exist.

So… what about this literary slop that gets packaged as “Christian fiction”?

I do understand that there is a great demand for Christian fiction, a demand that far outstrips the current supply. Publishers publish books to meet the demand, including books that would not otherwise have been published (as in, “You dare to bring that to my desk???” and the editor jumps up and shoots the office boy).

But in trying to meet the demand by publishing books that really don’t make the grade, the publishers only hurt themselves. I saw it happen in the horror market of the 1980s and 90s. The reading public clamored for horror, and there is never all that much good horror written, so they published a lot of dreck and people gave up on horror. The market imploded.

We serve God but poorly if we make “Christian fiction” synonymous with “poorly-written, sappy, crummy fiction that’s a cheap knock-off of the real thing.”

If a Christian builds boats and calls them “Christian boats,” and they’re built so poorly that they always sink, how has God been served?

The Christian fiction market is growing. So far, the quality of Christian fiction has not kept up with it.

I hope Christian publishers take their work seriously.

After all, we have to answer to a Higher Authority.

Libs Make War on the Dead

The only time liberals are more mean-spirited than they are when they’re losing… is when they’re winning.

They’re on a roll now, trashing marriage, stuffing their Organized Sodomy “rainbow” under everybody’s noses, banning the Confederate flag, defacing monuments, and so on.

Now the mayor of Memphis, TN, wants Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest dug up, along with Mrs. Forrest, evicted from his tomb, and his monument torn down.

I know this’ll get libs mad at me, but here are some facts.

*Before the Civil War, Forrest was a wealthy planter and slave trader. These activities were lawful in that time and place.

*With no military experience, training, or study, Forrest joined the Confederate Army, rose rapidly to the rank of lieutenant general, and became one of the most gifted and effective soldiers in American military history.

*After the war, Forrest was a founder of the Ku Klux Klan, and its first “grand wizard.” (That must have sounded better in the 19th century than it does today.)

*Forrest tried to dissolve the Klan, and then resigned from it, saying it had deserted its original mission of defending the South from being ruined and pillaged by the North.

*Although depicted in the Northern newspapers as a habitual war criminal, Forrest was never formally charged with any war crimes. (No Union officer, of course, was ever even mentioned in any postwar discussion of war crimes.) Bear in mind that the government did execute a number of Southern officers for war crimes.

*Forrest died in 1877. In 1905, the city of Memphis erected a statue to him and he and Mrs. Forrest were entombed beneath it.

*Starting in the 1980s, the NAACP, CORE, and other African-American organizations began to protest the monument, demanding that General and Mrs. Forrest be dug up and buried somewhere else.

The man died 138 years ago. Because his side lost the war, and because statists are in the driver’s seat today, the Confederacy is now depicted as an evil empire solely devoted to preserving slavery: which is not a fact.

If Forrest’s side had won the war, would they be demanding today that General and Mrs. Sherman be dug up? Had the South won, Sherman would have doubtlessly been prosecuted for massive crimes against the civilian population.

But liberals do not accept history any more than they accept facts. “Feelings” are everything.

So they desecrate the dead, who cannot defend themselves.

They can be thankful Bedford Forrest is not still alive.

Politrical Correctness is Good for You

That other guy isnt here right now and I come to do his blog because he was in collidge so long ago, he has forgot how to be a interllectural. And my prefesser he says you stopid uneducatted peple out there better stop complaning about politrical correctness becuse it is good for you and yuo are too dumm to aprechate it.

Like take the Confrederet Flag for instants. Everbody who wants to see it is a racist bigot sexist homo-phob who hates imniggrents. It was the Germen’s flag in the War of 1812 when the Black Panters abollished slavry and the nazis they tride to suceed from the Union. I learnt all that in hi school.

You dumm peple who arnet in collidge, you dont understan what politrical correctness does and why we got to have it or else there be Global Warming! My prefesser he explanes it perfickly clear. If we dont let nobody say anything bad, then nothing bad will hapen. So we are tryin to take all the bad out of the world, and these here conserfitiffs they want to stop us becase they are for all the bad things and a lot of them are ingnorent Christins.

So if you cant see the Confrederet Flag, then you cant think any Confrederet thoughts. See how simple that is?? I dont see why you dumm peple dont just shut up and let us interllecturals do whats best for you. My prefesser he says this wont never end until everybody and every one is Gay, and all of us here at the collidge we cant wait to see that hapen, so there!!!

White House Wants Your Doctor to Nag You about Global Warming

As if doctors already didn’t spend time enough with their patients to find out what’s wrong with them and make it better–my sister is a nurse practitioner, and she knows all about “15 minutes per patient, or bust”–now President *Batteries Not Included wants physicians to bust their patients’ chops about Global Warming ( ).

So you break a finger playing basketball, and you go to the doctor. And after he gets done counseling you not to smoke, and asking if anybody in your family has a gun, he gets started on Global Warming, and how we’re all gonna die, yatta-yatta, and you just gotta support the (ugh) president’s “regulatory agenda”–and oops! Your 15 minutes are up, you’re finger’s still broken, and you might as well move on to the emergency room and sit around for hours and hours waiting for some kind of medical treatment.

Coming off the two coldest winters I’ve ever seen, back-to-back, punctuated by a not very hot summer, I’ve had it up to here with Global Warming. It’s a lie, it’s a scam, and that’s all there is to it.

Look, when something is pushed by Obama, Gore, Kerry, Clinton, and the UN, it has zero probability of being true. But they keep on pushing it because Saving the Planet is the greatest excuse any tinpot statist liar ever thought of for doing absolutely anything they please.

When are they going to let doctors go back to being doctors?

Never, if they can help it.

And Here Come the Tarantulas

[Here we come, walkin’ down the street/ Freakin’ out everyone we meet…]

So you think your town’s got troubles?

The town of Maningrida in Northwest Territory, Australia, has been invaded by 25,000 “diving tarantulas” that can live underwater, bite you real bad, and make you quite sick ( ). I don’t know who sat down and counted them; suffice it to say that a huge herd of very large spiders came creeping over a nice, flat, flood plain where everyone could see them, heading for the town.

Crikey, mate–here comes trouble!

Australia has several species of large, hairy spiders, one of which has a bite that can kill a human being–“Atrax is the poisonous Funnelweb Spider of Australia,” according to my “Spiders and Their Kin” field guide. You can see they don’t call me Mr. Nature for nothing.

Does our language even have a word for a huge army of spiders?

If you see such an army heading for your town, please redirect it to Washington, D.C.


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