Upskirting Update

The day after the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts ruled unanimously that it was not against the law to point your cell phone camera up a woman’s dress and take a picture, the state legislature passed a law to make “upskirting” illegal.

I was behind in my reporting of this story. Sorry! My error.

So now you can go to jail if you “upskirt” some woman on the subway, or any other public place. We are glad to see that there is that much sense left in Massachusetts..











Terrible TV… and Public Policy

Over the years, there has been a lot of really awful television. Here’s an example of one of the many lists on the Internet devoted to “the 50 worst TV shows of all time,” .

I’ve never had cable TV, so I missed a lot of the shows on the list. But some are too notorious ever to be forgotten. Mrs. Columbo… Cop Rock… Manimal… My Mother the Car… Celebrity Boxing… and many others. I never saw Cop Rock, but this 1990 debacle is described as “a police drama presented as a musical.” Yeeeh–it lasted for 11 episodes.

Now, nobody in Hollywood sets out purposely to fail. It costs a lot of money. Before any of these horrible shows was launched, people who supposedly knew what they were doing held conferences, consulted potential sponsors, discussed writing and casting, and produced some preliminary writing and footage that they could all look at to see if they were on the right track. And yet, with all that preparation, they could still come up with something like Mrs. Columbo, described by several reviewers as “putrid” and “unwatchable,” which went through three or four changes of the title, which started out as a blatant Columbo rip-off but then abandoned every pretense of having anything to do with the original Columbo character–all this in the mere 13 weeks of the show’s existence.

Now please think about this. If it’s that hard to create a successful TV show, and that easy to create a bomb, with professional television people calling all the shots–how hard must it be to create successful public policy?

If the bunch we’ve got running our country now were running a TV studio, they’d be cranking out  Mrs. Columbo.

Of course, it’s easy to avoid a bad TV show. But how can anyone avoid bad public policy? My Mother the Car only hurt those who produced and sponsored it. Obamacare hurts the whole country.

Setting aside for the moment the inborn depravity of man, and his perpetual vulnerability to all kinds of temptation, the history of TV bombs should be enough, in and of itself, to warn us off giving great, unchecked power to anyone.

Bad TV gets canceled.

Bad public policy goes on forever.

Goin’ Good (I Think)

I don ‘t know why this should be, but whenever you actually start writing a book, all hell breaks loose. In my case, it’s family members, friends, and neighbors suddenly falling ill, the phone ringing off the hook, assignments getting backed up into each other…

Nevertheless, I have proceeded to get The Temple underway, I’ve done the first few chapters, and I think it’s shaping up just fine.

I like to work outside. I can’t now, because they’ve got leaf blowers going next door. The noise would be infuriating.

Oh, but it’s good to get back into these books!

No. 7 in the series, The Glass Bridge, is in the process of being edited. It needs a Kirk DouPonce cover, and I need to write a cover blurb. I can’t say when all that work will be finished and the book will be released. In the meantime, I hope some of you will have enjoyed The Palace enough to favor it with a nice customer review on

There oughta be a law allowing you to shoot people who are running leaf blowers.

A Nuisance Call

Troubled by a spate of medical problems among the surviving members of my family, my face doesn’t exactly break into a delighted smile when the phone rings at night. It rang last night, and as I rushed across the room to answer it, I thought, “What now?”

“Hello? Hello?” Was this another one of those wretched calls in which the party at the other end of the line never speaks? But then:

“Hello! This is Maggie from Veeblefetzer Caribbean Cruises! Are you hearing me all right?”

Fooey! I just hung up.

Yeah, yeah–of course I’m going to buy a Caribbean cruise from some joker on the phone. Here, here’s my credit card number. Wait, I’ll give you the numbers of all my cards and let you take your pick. Oh, and here’s my Social Security number, too?

Naw, I ain’t worried about identity theft. In fact, I’m due to get a great big wad of money from some guy in Nigeria who wants me to receive his inheritance for him. He’s gonna deposit it directly in my bank account, so I gave him my account number.

See you in Aruba!

Your First Amendment Right to Point Your Camera Up a Woman’s Skirt

In these days of hate speech laws, forced payment of other people’s abortions, threats to jail Climate Change Deniers, and “free speech zones”–our masters set these up to remind us there is no free speech outside of the teeny-weeny little zone–a recent ruling by the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts comes as a breath of fresh air.

Don’t tell me our ruling class is trying to restrict our freedoms. Not in Massachusetts!

You may not be able to keep your five-year-old from being taught “you can be a boy one day and a girl the next, depending on how you feel”; but the highest court of Massachusetts has upheld your sacred First Amendment right to stick a camera up a woman’s skirt and take a picture of her undies–or, if she isn’t wearing any undies, something else.

It was a unanimous decision (see ). Ruled the court, “upskirting” is not prohibited under existing law in Massachusetts.

Gee–did you know there’s a whole “upskirting” subculture, with lots of websites on the Internet? I didn’t. Anyhow, one of these clowns got arrested for pointing his cell phone camera up women’s dresses on the subway. Although the prosecution argued that it was only reasonable that a woman should not have to put up with this in a public place, the court said no dice.

Normal people’s rights, it seems, are there only to be trampled on: but our rulers will do just about anything to protect the obscure and unwholesome “rights” of just about any little class of perverts they can find.

So, no, you can’t refuse to take part in a homosexual pseudo-wedding.

But you can stick your cell phone up a woman’s skirt and take a picture. You can even post the picture on the Internet.

That’s what libs ‘n’ progs mean by “freedom.”

An Easter Message

And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: and also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit. Joel 2:28-29

For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God. For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent. I Corinthians 1:18-19

Go, tell the nations:

He is risen.

Great Babylon burns,

for He is risen.

The lost are recovered, the broken are mended, the righteous who were slain for righteousness are avenged,

for He is risen.

Creation is restored:

He is risen.

God the Father wipes away all tears, and we are risen, too:

for He is risen. Amen.

Who’s Dumber? The Student or the School?

Every high school class has a kid in it who plays really dumb tricks because he thinks he’s just so unbelievably cool. You remember him, probably, as a tail-less monkey without much hair. Or, at best, the Klass Klown–and how wonderful it is that you haven’t seen or heard from him in 30 years!

One such klass klown got into the national news recently–yes, you read that right: “national news,” like presidents and movie stars–when his Pennsylvania high school had Miss America as their guest at an assembly ( ). School administrators got wind of his plan to ask Miss America to be his prom date. They took him aside and told him not to do it. Heck, the gag has been pulled a zillion times already: Joe Nobody gets his 15 minutes of fame by asking Ms. Celebrity for a date.

Of course the klown didn’t back down. He’s way too cool and way too stupid. So he went up to the stage and handed Miss America a plastic flower (some people have no class at all) and asked her to come to the prom with him, and she tee-hee’d her way out of it… and the school administrators gave the klown a three-day suspension.

They could have ignored him; there was no harm done. They could have kept him out of the assembly in the first place, kept him busy cleaning erasers in the janitor’s room until Miss America had come and gone. But, no, they had to suspend him–and they played right into his hands. Now I’m writing about him and you’re reading about him. That’s what he wanted.

As I’ve observed before, fame ain’t so famous anymore. You don’t have to do much to earn it, and there’s no way you can keep it.

Maybe when I wake up tomorrow, this shameful age in history will be over.



Can Fantasy Be Reformed?

Today is Good Friday, a holy day. Although I have already been exposed to more disgusting and infuriating news stories than I can easily count, I will report on none of them today. All they prove is how desperately the human race needs salvation, how utterly incapable we are of providing it ourselves, and the magnitude of what Jesus Christ accomplished on the cross.

And so, I think, a few words about the art of writing fantasy…

It should be easy to write fantasy. Just put the imagination into gear and let ‘er rip. Only it doesn’t often seem to work out that way, does it? Somehow, some of the most unimaginative and unoriginal writing you’ll find anywhere is found in fantasy.

In the interest of forcing fantasy writers to be more creative, and interesting, I propose the following changes to the genre.

1. Expel these stock fantasy characters: the wizard, the lusty tavern wench, the resourceful thief with a heart of gold, his hulking barbarian sidekick, the invincible female warrior, the helpless damsel in distress, dragons, dwarfs, and elves. Begone! Take a long sabbatical. You have been so overused, that you are now no more exotic than the bank teller, the checkout clerks, the boss who is a pain in the neck, or the guy who’s supposed to come and fix your cable and somehow never gets there. When the uncommon becomes common, it’s time to look elsewhere.

2. No more super-powers. So much of fantasy is tailored to the Young Adult market; but teens are the last readers in the world who need to be titillated with images of cool kids who are like the superheroes in comic books. Please try to make your novel look less like a video game or a comic book or a Dungeons and Dragons game.

3. That goes for “magic,” too. I mean, really, is it too much to ask that characters in a novel get things done by using their brains, rather than just reciting a magical spell or flying around or reading minds,whatever?

Well, if we’re going to get rid of all these routine elements of fantasy fiction–what’s left?

Achtung! Nothing about fantasy should be routine!

Let’s see if we can actually surprise our readers, shall we?

‘Authority’ Exercised by Idiots

In the latest of a virtually infinite number of examples, wooden-headed school officials in Ohio are poised to destroy a student’s future because he had a penknife in his car. (Source: One News Now, April 16, 2014, “Attorney: School’s overreaction to pocket knife my destroy teen’s future,” by Bob Kellogg)

Because the presence of this three-inch long utility knife in his car violated the school’s robotic “zero tolerance policy for weapons on campus,” the 18-year-old spent 13 days in jail–think about that, please–and has been fitted with an ankle monitor. A real enemy of the people, eh? He has been charged with a felony and will go on trial in June.

Oh! But this is to protect the kiddies at the school from being massacred! Didn’t you see what happened in Pennsylvania earlier this month, when some crazy kid went on a rampage with a kitchen knife and stabbed and slashed a whole slew of his fellow students?

Only school policies didn’t stop him from doing that, did they?

Homicidal maniacs don’t hold back from shooting people because they see a “gun-free zone” sign.

These “educators” with their heads of stone are typical statist imbeciles and bullies, who think that if they can mangle and shred some harmless individual who has no intention of breaking any law, they’ve justified their existence for the day. For some reason real criminals simply ignore them, and real psychos are never going to pay any attention, anyhow.

The “zero tolerance” policies are only good for terrorizing the innocent.

They are also typical of the thinking behind the entire public schooling enterprise.

Please, please, please! If you have kids in the public schools, pull them out now! Don’t wait for the “educators” to have their way with them. You’ll be sorry if you do.

Treks and Tricks Galore in Lee Duigon’s New Bell Mountain Book, The Palace

Check out Forrest Schulz’s review of The Palace

A Review of Lee Duigon The Palace[Book 6 of the Bell Mountain Series] (Storehouse Press, 2013)
321 pp $18.00 ISBN: 978-1-891375-64-4

Reviewer: Forrest W. Schultz

If I were to sing, instead of write, this review, the first verse would be “whole lotta trekkin’ goin’ on” followed by a second verse “whole lotta trickin’ goin’ on”. Read it and see if you can make up an appropriate third verse. The trekkin’ is similar to the treks in the previous stories — military movements, abductions, people sneaking around, and the like. What really stands out in this, most recent, Bell Mountain book is the two examples of “trickin”. The bad guys keep talking about a Thunder King (who actually does not exist), who supposedly is ordering them to do certain things and send (in his name) various decrees. And the good King, Ryons, who actually does exist, has two people impersonating him, leading us to say, as they used to on that famous TV show from days of yore, “Will The Real King Ryons please stand up??!!”.

As with the previous stories, this one moves along with fast-paced exciting action and dialogue and is suffused with various Biblical principles and analogies. And, as with the others, it is written for juvenile readers but is also interesting, perhaps even more so, for teen and adult readers. Jack and Ellayne are back, and it has now been two years since the beginning of their adventure and some time is spent by them looking back over them. The picture on the front cover shows Jack’s most hair-raising experience in this tale, climbing up the outside wall of a palace to escape from the room in which he was being imprisoned.

I highly recommend this story as I have the previous ones.


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