My Answer (Part 1)

If I really, for sure, knew the answer to this question, I wouldn’t be sitting here. But for now, at least, I’m more in the role of a watchman trying to wake people up.

I want to answer you carefully, because you’re entitled to a careful answer, and trying to come up with one is pertinent to my ministry.

Let me start by addressing “separation of church and state,” which our country’s founders never envisioned as a means of driving Christianity out of public affairs and making government the exclusive province of unbelievers.

In fact, we got along quite well for most of our history before anyone realized that the First Amendment gives atheists the right to shut down all public expression of religious belief. Or at least of Christian belief: in my neck of the woods, atheists got rid of our town’s century-old Christmas parade, but don’t seem at all bothered by the annual Hindu festival.

The American people and the American church are to blame for allowing this state of affairs to develop.

If most Americans belong to your Group C, which I grant seems likely, then they won’t care, may not even notice, when Group B goes around Christian-bashing.

But how did so many of us wind up in Group C?

I think it’s because too many of the churches, for 100 years and more, sank into self-involved pietism first and then went on to mutate into “seeker-friendly” houses of entertainment, or even into heresy or outright paganism. About ten years ago I wrote a series of articles about paganism in Mainline Protestant denominations. [Note: most of those articles are available in this blog’s Archives.] It was pretty bad then. I doubt it’s gotten better since.

Long-range, I believe we need political victories which will eventually result in a Supreme Court whose members don’t see themselves as on a mission to disable Christianity and Christians, and who will have the courage to reverse certain abuses. We will also need both national and local leadership that embraces America’s Christian foundation instead of rejecting it.

Short-term, though, Job One has got to be to get Christian children out of teachers’ union-controlled, anti-Christian public schools. Without that, no other victories can be sustained and built upon, in the unlikely event that any victories are won at all. The anti-Christian Left has long known that controlling the culture leads to control of everything, politics included, and they have succeeded in totally dominating public education.

Christian-friendly “reform” of the public school system is simply not possible. It’s too far gone.

Tens of millions of Christian children need to be taken away from those schools and given Christian educations, either at home or in a Christian school. Homeschooling has never been easier or more practicable than it is today, and it will get easier still, less costly, and more efficient as the technology continues to improve and more and more people are involved in it.

Homeschooled children, by the way, routinely outperform the publicly schooled in every academic area.


Everybody, please feel free to weigh in on these discussions with comments of your own. And pray for me to find good answers to the questions.

I fervently hope this isn’t boring for you. But if it is, blame my editor–it was her idea for me to post this material. And I guess you could blame me, too, because I thought it was a good idea.


A Challenge to Me

In my “Playground Player” forum at ( ), a many-sided theological discussion has been going on for some two weeks now. I would like to bring part of it here, for my readers.

“Robed Bishop” (we are mostly anonymous at Chessgames) has posed a question to me. It’s a serious question, deserving of a serious answer. I will post it here, with minimal editing.


RB: PP, I have a question for you. Given the threat that you see to Christianity in America, as you document daily, what do you think should be done? But before you answer that, let’s see if we can agree on a few fundamentals first.


The Environment

1.We can generally divide Americans into three groups. Group A are vocal Christians, those who fight for Christianity and live it daily. Group B are vocal atheists, non-believers who right to remove prayers from schools, etc., enforcing the separation of church and state. Group C are those who are everyone else, including those who believe in God but do not practice their religion and would not fight to keep Christianity as part of the “American way,” non-vocal atheists (those not trying to influence anyone), Jews, Buddhists, etc.

2. Group C is the largest group, followed by Group A, then Group B. It’s not important that Group A be bigger than Group B, but it is important that Group C be the largest.


The Background

  1. That America was founded on Christian ideals (indeed, settlers fled England at least in part to avoid religious persecution). That historically American has been a “Christian nation,” using Christian symbols, etc.

2. That grounded in the First Amendment and Supreme Court opinions is the fact of separation of church and state.

3. That to the extend that these two propositions are contradictory, vocal atheists have been using the separation argument to eliminate Christian symbols and traditions in America by removing prayer in school, etc.


The Current Situation

1 That by removing Christianity from our schools, courts, etc., we have weakened or eroded Christianity generally in America.

2. That one way Christianity is weakened in America by the separation of of Christian ideals described in #1 is that Christianity is not reinforced in schools, etc.

3. That as our children fall away from Christianity, they go from Group A to Groups B and/or C, but mostly Group C. Therefore, as time goes on, unless something changes, Group A will continue to shrink and Groups B and C will get bigger. As group B expands, the rate of change will accelerate.


So to the question.

If you agree that this is generally accurate, then how do you propose to reverse the trend. And let’s eliminate changing the separation of church and state because that ain’t gonna happen.

If you don’t agree that this is generally accurate, then let’s see where we disagree and see if we can come to some agreement. The foundation I’ve laid out is simply a way to define the problem so we can look at solutions. If we cannot agree on the problem we won’t be able to discuss solutions.


That’s a hard question, very well laid-out, and it’ll take me some time to answer it. But for the moment, this post is long enough.

Oh, Boy! Ottawa Hijab Day!

My wife asked, “Doesn’t the hijab only cover the hair, not the face?” I must answer, “Ask me if I care.”

“They’re all crazy” seems to be the theme of this week’s news–and what could be zanier than Ottawa Hijab Day, planned for Feb. 25 ( ).

Oh, but it’s part of the Ottawa Women’s Action and Forum, whatever that is, and planned by a group of feminist ding-a-lings calling itself the “City For All Women Initiative.”

All women in Ottawa, the capital of Canada (for those who went to public school), are urged to wear the hijab (head covering) to show themselves “in solidarity with their Muslim sisters.”

You morons. Is there any excuse, any excuse at all, for not knowing how women are treated in Islam?

All you’re doing is waving a white flag to ISIS and encouraging them to go on killing people. “Yoo-hoo, ISIS! Look, we’re wearing hijabs! Why, your job is already halfway done!” Is it any wonder these savages believe they can overthrow the Western world and rule over the ruins of it?

But go ahead, do what you please. Wear your hijab–maybe a full burqa, while you’re at it. Embrace your inferiority. Kiss your abusers’ feet.

Maybe if you’re subservient enough, the jihadists will kill you last.

By Request, ‘My Faith Looks Up to Thee’

This classic 1830 hymn, here performed by the Dallas Christian adult choir, brings back fond memories: Grandma sometimes used to hum this as she sewed. I think my mother did, too. Warm, snug memories. The gift of God.

Reader Request, ‘Jesus Loves Me’

Joyce, you couldn’t have made a more welcome request today! Jesus Loves Me–yes!

When I was five years old or so, Jesus Christ My Lord was as real to me as my next-door neighbor. How I wish I could recapture that much faith! It felt more like knowing than believing. Thank you, Ma and Dad, grandparents, and all my aunts and uncles! It was you, all of you, who taught me this.

To enter the Kingdom of Heaven, you must become as little children. Jesus said so.

It is said (the story may be apocryphal) that the eminent theologian, Karl  Barth, when asked to lay out the substance of his belief, simply sang Jesus Loves Me.

You can’t do better than that.


Bloomberg to Run–That Bloomberg?

New Hampshire Primary, Feb. 9, 2016: With Hillary Clinton getting body-slammed all over the primary mat by joke candidate Bernie Sanders, libs ‘n’ progs are starting to look around for a Plan B.

Should they take Joe Biden out of mothballs, and hope against hope that he can keep his mouth shut so no more gaffes fall out? Is Bill Ayers available?

Meanwhile, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is said to be contemplating, seriously, entering the race as a third-party candidate ( ). Since leaving office, the former mayor has been throwing his money all around the country, trying to disable the Second Amendment and launching his “Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures” to make sure everybody does his bit to combat imaginary Global Warming.

Bloomberg is best known for forbidding New Yorkers to order a large soda, banning smoking from just about everywhere, and trying to control citizens’ intake of salt and caffeine. Despite these follies, he was a reasonably efficient mayor–compared to what they’ve got now, he was Solon the Wise–although the wheels kind of fell off late in his third term.

The interesting thing about Michael Bloomberg is his political philosophy, centered on using punitive taxation as a form of mass behavior modification. He is determined to tell you what to do, and tax your pants off if you won’t. It is said he used to keep a gorgeous crown in his bedroom closet and take it out and stand in front of the mirror, wearing it.

Bloomberg would scare me if I didn’t know that most of the country would find him about as appealing as a severed artery.

So I kind of hope he runs, just to siphon off votes from whoever the Democrats wind up nominating. I hear there’s some interest in Rosie O’Donnell.

Airline Passengers Brawl at 20,000 Feet


I don’t have video of the melee aboard the airliner, but this ought to give you an idea of it.

Hey! Remember when airline travel was considered glamorous? You dressed up for it. People thought you were hot stuff.

If you think civilization is all right, nowhere near terminal, consider this story:

Supposedly upset because he wasn’t allowed to drink or smoke in-flight, some jidrool started pissing on another passenger, who took exception to it, touching off a mid-air free-for-all that forced the pilot to find a landing place toot-sweet ( ).

It was an Air France jet on a flight from Algeria to Paris, as reported by The Daily Mail. Not one of those U.S. jetliners where they change the baby’s diaper on the dinner tray.

So… what was that guy thinking? “Won’t let me drink an alcoholic beverage, eh? Won’t let me smoke? Well! That leaves me no alternative but to make like I’m a dog and this other guy’s a fire hydrant…”

They’re out there. More and more of them every day. And I say it’s our krazy kulture that’s making people crazy.

Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong.

Again, ‘Everlasting Arms’

I need every hymn I can get today. I think I must’ve used this one already, but for the time being, it’s the one I want–Leaning on the Everlasting Arms.

I need to do some of that leaning.

So it’s off to the nursing home today, and probably my aunt won’t notice that I’m there. She hasn’t, lately.

What Is Trying to Tell Me?

The Thunder King is Book 3 of my Bell Mountain series, and has dunked it into a mystery. Can any of you help me figure it out?

The Thunder King is, of course, a fantasy-adventure story for readers 12 years old and up. Click “Books” at the top of this page and check it out–you’ll soon get the idea.

Why, then, has got this book listed under Labor & Industrial Relations? Where it is not doing very well, I hasten to ad. By the way, this is only with the paperback. They are aware that the kindle version of the book has absolutely nothing to do with labor and industrial relations.

Is this why my sales are off? People look it up on and think it’s about collective bargaining or grievances?

Yo, everybody! I promise The Thunder King will never, never get into discussions of how to allot overtime, how to cope with a drunken shop steward, or contract negotiations. Promise, promise, promise! Not that those subjects are unworthy of examination–but if you’re looking for high adventure in an unfamiliar world full of strange beasts and dangerous human beings, well… that we have.

I would ask amazon about this, but I have no idea how to put a question to them.

Now I’ve Heard Everything

Hey, those guys from Al Jazeera were right! Obama really is crazy–and so is everyone that works for him.

Under our–ahem!–president, the Pentagon has ordered commanders to “prioritize climate change” in all military operations of any kind ( ). The order requires commanders to “incorporate Climate Change impacts into plans and operations,” which is supposed to empower the U.S. military to “beat back the threat” of Global Warming/Climate Change.

What does any of this mean?

Why does it leave me with an image of a headline, “June 6, 2016: D-Day! Today, after 72 years of calculating the invasion of Europe’s impact on Climate Change, General Dwight D. Eisenhower ordered the operation to proceed–which it surely would have done, if he and almost all his men hadn’t already died of old age some years ago”? Sorry, Europe, but it just takes so blamed long to figure out all the angles of this Global Warming stuff…

Bunker Hill, 2016: “Don’t fire until you can see the whites of their eyes! And not until after you’ve worked out all the Climate Change impacts of each bullet fired…”

Is our nation really expected to survive such… leadership? I see defensive positions being overrun and the men hacked to pieces while some overburdened second lieutenant tries to figure out what his orders mean. “Do we fight or do we run away? Shoot or not shoot? Man, I don’t wanna get court-martialed because I didn’t prioritize the Climate Change!”

Inertia will keep us alive a little longer. But you  can’t be crazy forever. Sooner or later it’ll catch up with you. And it’s gonna be a bad day when it does.



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