Global Warming Wacko: ‘Terminate Industrial Civilization’

This is from October of last year, but I only stumbled over it today–an academic interlectural saying we can Save the Planet by destroying its economy and risking the likely extinction of the human race ( ).

Atheist wack-job Gary McPherson, a doodler at the University of Arizona, appeared on New Zealand television to proclaim that we can stop Climate Change if we “terminate industrial civilization.” He admits that this will utterly wreck the whole world’s economy and could result in the rapid die-off of humanity. But hey, he argues–we’re gonna go extinct eventually, anyhow, so why not do it now? The planet will then be saved by having no people on it.

McPherson represents the extreme misanthrope wing of the Global Warming gang, which also consists of self-proclaimed gods, liberal control freaks, and progressive politicians who live like maharajas but would like the rest of us to scale it way, way back.

What are we to make of those out there in the world who actually believe what these people say? Who can begin to account for such credulity?

Shocking Injustice! Rioters Weren’t Paid for Rioting

I know it sounds like a hoax, but apparently it’s true: rioters were promised $5,000 a month as payment for “protesting” in Ferguson, MO, over the police shooting death of a robber, and now they’re mad as wet hens because they haven’t been paid ( ).

They were allegedly stiffed by an organization called MORE (Missourians [lol] Organizing for Reform and Empowerment), which was created to replace ACORN when that august body went bankrupt. MORE is heavily subsidized by some guy name Sauron, who I think is the Dark Lord from The Lord of the Rings.

What is this country coming to, when you can’t get paid five gees a month for looting stores and shutting down a city? That’s more than a lot of us make for honest labor that actually produces something.

To treat this news with the respect it deserves, let us consult the Magic 8-Ball and peer into the future.

Six months from now: Missourians Organized for Rioting Or Nothing (MORON) files a class action suit in the federal district court, demanding full payment of all the money promised to the “protesters.”

“We rioted in good faith, and they just welshed on us,” said MORON attorney Gotno Braynze. “Man, I don’t know why Sauron did that! I mean, it’s just chump change to him. Hey, next time he wants a month’s worth of riots, let him send his Orcs. We want our money!”

A spokesman for the Dark Tower said the understanding was that the protests would culminate with nothing left standing in the town of Ferguson, MO. “Yesss, my precious–they welshhhhed on us firssst, they did! Gollum, gollum!”

One of the Best Fantasies Ever (But Handle with Care)

Everyone has heard of Peter Pan; but I wonder how many of you have read the book, Peter Pan, by James M. Barrie, published in 1904.

Please forget the Disney cartoons and stuff like that. Barrie first wrote Peter Pan as a play for children. When it was resoundingly successful–it’s still performed today–he wrote it up as a novel.

I promise you, you’ve never read a book like this. Barrie was highly educated, witty, clever, intelligent, and quite successful in his own time; but he was also a very weird dude. As an adult, his best friends were young children. He was briefly married, but the marriage didn’t work. He spent most of his time playing with other people’s children–inventing games for them, telling stories: all perfectly innocent. But also kind of strange.

Peter Pan reads like it was written by a four-year-old boy with a fully adult grasp of the language and culture–which may not be too inaccurate a description of Barrie himself. Its lesson, stated often and in so many words, is that children are “gay and innocent and heartless.” It’s that “heartless” bit, so masterfully executed here, that blows the reader away.

Peter Pan and his fairy sidekick, Tinker Bell, get up to some pretty naughty–one might even say wicked–behavior. As a perpetual child whose conscience has never begun to develop (a Victorian presupposition), Peter cares about no one but himself, is interested in no one but himself, and yet utterly charming. These are characteristics he shares with the traditional image of a psychopath.

As if he himself were Peter Pan, Barrie effortlessly (well, it seems effortless!) takes the story in any direction he wants it to go, whether it makes sense or not. Some of his throwaway lines will take your breath away: for instance, after lavishing praise and love on Mrs. Darling (Wendy’s mother) throughout the book, Barrie remarks, “Mrs. Darling was now dead and forgotten.” Whew!

Warning: This is an altogether pagan book. There is not a vestige of holy truth in it. The Victorians considered themselves a Christian people, but sometimes the mask slipped. Peter Pan is a witness against them. That the book is a work of rare artistic merit shows how wonderfully we can misuse the gifts God has given us.

Not to be a prig: Peter Pan is a fantastically entertaining book, a fantasy whose throttle is wide-open from cover to cover, and a literary classic. Reading it will not put the Christian on the sliding board to Hell.

In fact, the totality of Barrie’s vision here ought to prove deeply instructive.

Under the seduction of make-believe, and flying, and fairies and all the rest, lies only death. That’s what the vision all boils down to in the end, and Barrie was honest enough to show it.

Or maybe he was so truly Peter Pan that he just didn’t care.

Today’s Howler–Sun-Gazing

Natural News (May 25) sent us an article that posed the question, “Can ancient ‘sun-gazing’ therapy help reactivate a calcified pineal gland?”

Well, I dunno… I lost interest in that particular article when I saw a link to an earlier article about Ending World Hunger through sun-gazing ( ).

Sun-gazing? Also known as staring at the sun. There followed a Joel Osteen-type urban legend about NASA studying this wise yogi from India whose many years of sun-gazing allowed him to live without ever having to eat. Apparently he’d learned how to photosynthesize, like a plant.

This, said the sage, is how you end world hunger: everybody stare at the sun, and by and by nobody will need any food anymore.

Okay, you don’t just walk outside at high noon and stare directly into the sun until, in a few minutes, you go blind. Oh, no, no! You’ve got to work up to it gradually, until you can keep your eyes fixed on the sun for 44 minutes–not 43, not 45, and don’t ask me ’cause I don’t know–with no ill effects.

WARNING: Please, folks, do not try this! Even if you honestly do think it might End World Hunger. Or Homophobia. Or Income Inequality. It might even be Real Spiritual.

But whatever else it is, it’s a sure-fire way to damage your eyes.

Oh, the crap people gobble up, once they’ve cast away belief in God!

America’s Ruins

[The Pantheon, in Rome, is still in use after some 2,000 years: construction began under Augustus Caesar. Two thousand years! But we’re lucky if we get 50 years out of one of our expensive public buildings.]

The UK Daily Mail has a photo spread on some of America’s grandest public buildings and manufacturing centers, now fallen into ruin ( ).

Look at these colossal ruins. What war, what earthquake, what catastrophic flood could have done this?

Uh, none of the above: public policy conceived by idiots and administered by thieves–that’s what did it. The productive citizens fled from corrupt and incompetent government, leaving no one to carry on the city’s economy.

I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent. (I Corinthians 1:19)

The wisdom of this world created these great buildings, and the wisdom of this world also turned them into ruins. Hey! Let’s teach people not to work, and reward them for  having out-of-wedlock babies but not having families, and jam them all into our cities, and see what happens!

Well, now we’ve seen. This is wisdom without God. This is the way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

Hymn, ‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus’

This hymn has been in my head all morning, so I thought I’d share it with you.

This is one of those hymns that go straight to your heart: open the door and let it in.

I’ve selected an a capella version because I couldn’t find one with just a piano and the congregation singing.

Good News for ‘Bell Mountain’ (and for Me)

On Thursday this blog went wild with 260 views–and that was good for my Bell Mountain.

For the first time ever, the Bell Mountain paperback made the Top 100 list for Science Fiction and Fantasy. It was ranked #43 when I discovered it there, so it may have done even better earlier.

To order a copy of Bell Mountain for yourself, or any of its sequels, all you gotta do is click “Books” and then click either the logo or the little shopping cart.

You could also browse the archives of this blog and read various reviews of my books; and I invite you to check out the Customer Reviews. Honest, folks–people do enjoy these books! Give yourself a treat, why don’t you?

You will also be helping this blog live up to the purpose for its existence.

A Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom

Pax Demonica by Julie Kenner was recently No. 1. on’s “Christian Fiction” list. That was the only reason I wanted to review it. I mean, really–“A Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom Adventure.” What could be sillier?

Except for a weak theological foundation that gets progressively weaker until it just collapses, Pax Demonica turned out to be mostly good instead of gut-wrenchingly awful. Julie Kenner makes writing a novel look easy–always the mark of a pro. She has also published “dark and sexy paranormal romances,” and it will not make me a better person to find out any more about them.

Oddly–very oddly!–this book appears to be self-published. Ms. Kenner has had titles published by several different major publishers, and has appeared on both the New York Times and USA Today best-seller lists. It’s hard to believe she really has to worry about getting turned down by any serious publisher.

But on to the show.

Suburban soccer mom Kate Connor has an interesting past: orphaned in infancy, she is taken in and raised by a secret Vatican unit whose mission is to hunt down and destroy demons. This is a very adventurous job. Pax Demonica is the latest in a series, so when the story opens, Kate is in a second marriage, with a teenage daughter and a toddler, and the family is flying to Rome for a vacation.

I know, I know. I thought the whole thing sounded ridiculous, too. But it’s not. Julie Kenner really does know what she’s doing… mostly.

I’m going to save the theological faults for another time, because they’re quite serious, and go on to make two observations about how to write an action-adventure novel.

The action in Pax Demonica is compressed into two days, requiring plus-200 pages to tell. From the moment the airplane touches down in Italy, hellzapoppin. You never saw so many attempted murders in one book.

This was fun at first; but by and by, I got to feeling, “Like, oh, well, another knife fight.” Hint: When you’re writing an action-adventure novel, the action sequences should be islands, not the whole continent. If you’ve got something going on every page, the action loses impact. Trust me on this.

Another Hint: Try not to rely on things that simply cannot happen. Here, the only sure way to get a demon out of a human body is to jab it in the eye (a technique not exhibited even once in the Bible). So all the demon-hunters pack knives; and what they often have to do is throw the knife so that it stabs the demon’s eye.

All right, I’ve never tried this myself. I have a feeling it’s impossible–especially when your target is a demon who’s rapidly moving to attack you and to avoid getting his eye poked out. I couldn’t help wondering how many tries you’d need before you actually succeeded in throwing a knife into the eye of a moving human target. A million? Ten million?

It was hard enough for me to live with Ms. Kenner’s made-up-as-she-went-along theology.( Hint No. 3: Just because lists a book as “Christian” doesn’t make it so.) But after a while I lost count of the demons’ attempts to kill off the Connor family, and lost patience with fantastic martial arts techniques that outclass even jumpin’, spinnin’ kicks done with back flips.

I enjoyed it for a while, but she lost me down the stretch.

‘Gay Marriage’ Study–Fake, Fake, Fake

Not that this should come as any kind of surprise to anybody, but a major “scientific” study support same-sex “marriage” has been retracted by its author… because it has turned out to be a fraud ( ).

Is science even science anymore? Do they ever tell the truth? We’ve already seen this in regard to Global Warming–suppressing some data, overemphasizing other data, claiming press releases are “peer-reviewed scientific papers,” suing, bullying, and mobilizing political pressure against critics and dissenters: all justified in the name of the good cause of Saving the Planet.

In the case of the “gay marriage” study, we were asked to believe that Science “proves” that most Americans are gung-ho for it, and anyone can be converted to the cause just by twenty minutes’ worth of conversation with a “gay person.”

Now the alleged researchers have admitted that they faked it. Oops.

Common sense break: If it were true that the American people really do want “gay marriage,” there would immediately be legislation to establish it and we wouldn’t be in the freakin’ Supreme Court waiting for the judges to ram it down our throats. If it’s so popular, bunky, just put it on the ballot!

I was brought up to believe in science.

I don’t anymore.

Excuse Me–Is This Your Brain?

Nine loose brains have turned up along a street in a little village in upstate New York–yes, just lying about on the street ( ). And no, I’m not pulling your leg.

Police turned the brains over to a local veterinarian, who thought they might be dog brains, although he’s blamed if he knows how they came to be reposing on the sidewalk. Another authority thought the brains were more likely sheep brains.

No one is considering the possibility that these are undersized human brains, either mislaid by their owners when not in use, or else that fell out during strenuous exercise and have not as yet been missed.

Shouldn’t there be at least an advertisement in the local weekly? FOUND, in such-and-such a place, NINE BRAINS. To report a missing brain, contact the Governeur Village Police Dept.

We all know there are large groups of people who function without brains all the time–academics, college students, journalists, liberals, etc. Nevertheless, a lost brain can become a serious inconvenience, especially when playing bridge or trying to write a grocery list.

UPDATE; A check of the county voter rolls has shown nine voters who have only just recently registered as Democrats. Police are checking allegations that the Party requires new recruits to dispose of their brains before they can receive food stamps.


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