President Ahab

Here’s my prediction.

In spite of the unprecedented, blatantly unconstitutional action last night by the “president,” and in spite of a huge mandate given to them in this year’s national elections to stop this president, the Republicans will chicken out. They will take no meaningful action. All the “president” has to do is threaten to shut down the government, and the Republicans surrender: they know the nooze media will see to it that they are blamed for the shutdown. And beyond that, Republicans are terrified of being called racists.

This is why Barack Hussein Ebola smirks at them and says, “Just try and stop me!”

The Republicans’ cowardice will encourage Ebola to go farther down the path of lawlessness and caesarism.

Indeed, he is already a man who is chasing his own destruction. This afternoon would be a good time for him to catch up to it.

Remember Captain Ahab, the doomed protagonist of Moby Dick? What–you never heard that story? No, it wasn’t about any of the Kardashians. It was about the fanatical captain of a whaling vessel in the early 19th century, whose only purpose in life was to catch up to the White Whale–the whale that once bit off his leg–and kill it. He swore a terrible oath to do so, and made his whole crew join him in it. He sought all over the world for this whale.

And guess what happened when he finally found it.

This is Obama: President Ahab. He will seek his own ruin until at last he finds it.

It’s only now a matter of how many Americans he will drag down with him.

P.S. Just out of curiosity, a few minutes ago I typed in a search for “Obama as Ahab,” to see if anybody else had come to the same conclusion I have. Behold! It’s all over the Internet. It seems a lot of commentators have seen this parallel, going all the way back to 2011.

I didn’t “steal” the idea. It’s something that’s so glaringly obvious, it has occurred to many people over several years.

America’s Night of Shame

Yes, tonight is Amnesty Nite–the night our “president” voids the nation’s laws, which he has sworn an oath to faithfully execute, and imposes his own law on a country of 300 million people.

From 1776 to 1783, we shed our blood to throw off the shackles of monarchy. What King George III could not do, though he possessed and used against us the world’s most powerful military machine, has been done to us now by a community-organizing pipsqueak and his playmates in the nooze media, and his partners in crime in the Senate who have made him impeachment-proof.

He laughs in our faces as he does it. “Try and stop me!” He has promised to go on to impose his own vision of “Climate Change action” via still more executive orders. As if he were a king. As if he were a czar of czars.

But I take comfort in remembering that I have seen this pattern of behavior many times before. The Bible is full of examples–Goliath, Belshazzar, Sennacherib, Herod Agrippa, Abimelech the son of Gideon–of great men, men much greater than this pipsqueak of a “president,” pursuing their own destruction and soon finding it. The Greeks called it hubris, and made it the basis of their tragedies. But it is God who sets up great men as a rod with which to chastise His people, and God who breaks those men when the rod boasts itself against the hand that wields it.

If the Republicans whom we have elected to do this very thing cannot find the nerve to restrain this evil pipsqueak of a president, rest assured that God will find some other means to do it.


Freezing, Freezing Everywhere…

So this morning, according to the National Weather Service, all 50 states–yup, all 50, even Florida and Hawaii–experienced below-freezing temperatures ( ). And in a lot of those states it was freakin’ cold. Not to mention five feet of snow over Buffalo, NY.

Once again, we’re freezing our kiesters off while libs ‘n’ progs and assorted Democrat zombies flap their jaws about Global Warming. Their king, er, president, Barack Hussein Ebola, has threatened to enact all sorts of “climate change” decrees via executive order, and defies the new Republican majority in Congress to try and stop him.

Can it be that these idiots, these Stalinist wannabes, truly can’t tell the difference between hot and cold? While it’s 8 degrees outside and all the normal people are shivering, does the Democrat cry out, “Aargh, I’m roasting!” and throw open all his living room windows? But there they are, the bunch of them still left in the Senate, vowing to stop the Keystone Pipeline and any other action that might threaten to increase imaginary Global Warming.

If Al Gore and his celebrities-I-never-heard-of marching band really, truly believed in Global Warming, would they be flying all around in private jets, riding limousines, living in gigantic mansions, and personally creating “carbon footprints” the size of Mount Rushmore?

Obviously they don’t believe it, or they wouldn’t behave the way they do. And “climate scientists” don’t believe in it, or they wouldn’t lie, refuse to debate, and cry out for dissenters to be jailed.

No, the only ones who still believe in Global Warming are stupid academics and their intellectually defenseless students, and a scattering of Democrat voters. Everybody else knows the difference between hot and cold, understands perfectly well that “warming” doesn’t mean you’re frozen half-solid, and has relegated the issue of “Climate Change” to those back burners where they keep the problem of alien abductions, Elvis living in disguise, and “How many genders are there, really?”

I almost hope Ebola Man carries out his threat to run off a whole bunch of executive orders on “Climate Change.”

It may force his removal on grounds of mental incapacity.

Breeding Lawlessness

Speaking of various deadly sins, St. Paul castigates those “Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them” (Romans 1:32).

To ensure a steady supply of lawless thugs, the most lawless regime in American history has cut a deal with the Minneapolis Public Schools to exempt young offenders from punishment if they happen to have dark skins. Here is how columnist Thomas Sowell described it today:

“Under the Obama administration, both the Department of Education and the Department of Justice”–justice?–”have been leaning on public schools around the country to reduce what they call the ‘disproportionate’ numbers of black male students who are punished for various offenses in schools.

“Under an implicit threat of losing their federal subsidies, the Minneapolis Public Schools have agreed to reduce the disparity in punishment of black students by 25 percent by the end of this school year, and then by 50 percent, 75 percent and finally 100 percent in each of the following years. In other words, there are now racial quota limits for punishment in the Minneapolis schools.” ( )

If you don’t quite understand that, try looking at it like so: Suppose the federal government decides there are too many black males going to jail, and the number must be reduced. Whether any of those individuals has actually committed a crime, the government dismisses as irrelevant. So this year, prosecutions of lawbreakers who happen to be black males are to be decreased 25 percent, and next year, prosecutions are to be decreased by 50 percent, until finally you have only half as many prosecutions as you used to have–and many crimes going unpunished because the lawbreakers were black males and the government has decided that  you can only punish so many of them before you have to stop.

Fighting in school, vandalizing school property, smoking on school grounds, whatever–it doesn’t rise to the level of murder or armed robbery. But what are we getting, if kids are taught to believe they can get away with these infractions because they have the good luck to be black?

Headed by President Barack Hussein Ebola, who looks black, this most racist presidential administration in U.S. history has poisoned race relations–let us pray, not forever. But it will take hard work and many years to uproot the weeds of lawlessness planted by this gang.

More Cultural Decay

So we went to the supermarket this morning to buy our weekly groceries; and, lo and behold, the whole frozen aisle, for the length of the store, was nothing but empty shelves. No ice cream, no frozen fruit, nothing.

What happened? We asked. It seems the night crew didn’t bother to do one of its basic jobs that it’s supposed to do every night. Because they didn’t do it, the whole section iced up and then began to melt all over the floor. So the store not only loses a big chunk of its inventory, but also loses the money it would have made selling the inventory.

What were those guys doing all night? They weren’t doing the work they’re paid for. The store manager ought to fire the whole lot of them

Then we came home. We pay to park in a private parking lot. There was a strange car in my wife’s parking space–a real beauty, with cracks in the body and pieces of the bumper coming off.

Two people were in it, sleeping. Who were they? No one who lives anywhere around here. Why were they sleeping in a car, in a strange parking lot, at noontime? Like they owned the place!

That’s a lot of odd behavior to observe in just one morning. But I have a bad feeling that it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

What They’re Not Telling You About the Comet Landing

So the European Space Agency, just a few days ago, successfully landed a probe on a comet called 67P-something-or-other, a 2.5-mile-wide target some 311 million miles from Earth. Quite a shot.

By now the probe’s  batteries have failed–so they say!–and we’ll have to wait six months for pictures of the comet’s surface. So they say!

How long will it take for someone to declare that there are pictures that they haven’t shown us, and never will? Pictures of windmills and little Dutch girls in wooden shoes, live centaurs galloping here and there, and a colossal, enigmatic face carved out of a hill–evidence of a great alien civilization that still has a base on the far side of the moon, and shape-shifting spies living among us. And so on.

Yes, the conspiracy crowd will have its usual field day. The ESA may release photos of a lifeless surface scarred and pitted by erosion and by micro-meteorites; and then someone else will say, “This is what happens to a world that allows Income Inequality to get out of hand.” And there will be those who say that this never happened at all, there was no probe landed on 67P, it’s all a hoax just like the American moon landing, etc.

Academics say there’s no such thing as truth, politicians live by that saying, and it has gotten into our everyday business.

‘Freddy and the Space Ship’ (1954)

My wife gave me this book for Christmas last year; and at the time, I thought it wasn’t quite up to the standard which author Walter R. Books set in his decades-long series featuring the highly-accomplished pig.

But I’m re-reading it now and loving it–just loving it. I must have had a cold or something, the first time I read it.

Written for children, the Freddy books delight me even more as an adult. Oh, I’ve been a fan all my life. But Brooks loaded these books with subtle wit that makes them a treasury of laughter for us older folks.

In this outing, Freddy goes on a rocket to Mars. At least, that was what was supposed to happen. Amusing mix-ups ensue. Not take-a-prat-fall-on-a-banana-peel humor, but rather the kind that makes you smile and chuckle a bit on every page. Whether it’s the dead-pan expressions of spiders, ducks hoarding jewelry, or a cow coming into the house to play cards, or the desperate need to get rid of freeloading family members without hurting their feelings, the reader is in for a treat. I mean, this stuff is funny! And it’s still funny when you think of it again, hours later.

There are a couple of dozen Freddy books out there, and it’ll do you good to read them.

Breaking News: Mysterious ‘Big Cat’ on the Loose in France

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it the Beast of Gevaudan come back to life?

French police and firemen and volunteers are beating the bushes some 20 miles east of Paris, trying to capture an animal that was at first thought to be a tiger. Now they say it’s definitely not a tiger, but they don’t know what it is. See the report by Business Week, . There’s one photo someone took, showing the beast silhouetted against the sky: it looks like a tiger to me. But Disneyland Paris says they’re missing none of their big cats, nor has any zoo or circus reported a missing tiger.

Police are asking people to stay indoors until they can catch the critter. If you really have to go out, go by car, not by foot. Hmmm…

What’s the first thing that would make you say an animal was a tiger? Stripes, of course. But let’s say the experts are right, and this is not a tiger. (The animal’s tracks have been carefully examined.) What beast is most likely to be mistaken for a tiger?

If I knew, I’d tell. I hope this is not one of those stories that just drops out of the news without a follow-up.

And I wonder what they’ll say if they fail to catch the animal.

A Problem for Atheists

Okay: let’s say the fat-heads are right, and there is no God.

Who does that leave responsible for all the crimes and cruelty in the world, and with no Savior to set things right? At whose desk does the buck stop now?

There being no God, then there is no one but man–and his monster, the state–who can be blamed for 40 to 60 million Chinese done to death by their own government during Mao’s Great Leap Forward, just to name one of many hard-to-imagine crimes of recent history. Two world wars, a global epidemic of terrorism, man-made famines… the list goes on and on.

And the solution to this, according to our humanist friends, is to give the perpetrator, man, even more power! Gee, if Mao had had twice as much power, he could’ve murdered twice as many people.

What kind of sense does that make? Our country’s founders, who were Christians, believed in human evil and in the need to restrain it: hence our system of checks and balances, our Bill of Rights, and the built-in inertia that ties the hands of those government officials who want to strangle us for our own good.  That the system seems to be breaking down after 200 years is only due to the ceaseless efforts of “progressives” to destroy it.

St. Paul taught us that if Christ is not raised from the dead, then we won’t be raised, either: our faith is in vain, we are still in our sins, and we will die in sin.  The good news, of course, is that He is raised.

Except to those who look to government, to the work of their own hands, for their salvation.

And they ain’t gonna find it. Not there. Not there.


Godless School Board Axes All Religious Holidays, Then Blames Muslims

Montgomery County, Maryland–home of the state’s biggest public school district, and probably the most left-wing county east of the Mississippi–is in the news again.

This time the county school board voted 7-1 to expunge all–repeat, all–religious holidays from the 2015 school calendar. Then they turned around and blamed the Muslims, saying it was their fault because they’d asked the board to add their “Eid” to the calendar as a religious holiday.

Yup–the Muslims wanted their holiday included, so of course the only thing that could be done was to get rid of all the religious holidays, including Christmas, Easter, and Rosh Hashanah. I wonder how many nanoseconds the board agonized over that.

Now the Muslims are mad because they did not want Christian and Jewish holidays canceled, they do not like getting blamed for it, and getting rid of everybody else’s holidays hasn’t benefited the Muslims in any way.

Hey, guys, welcome to Montgomery County, where the only god they know is Democrat politics.

If this were a case of Muslims demanding the abolition of Christian holidays, it would have been proper to tell them to go back to where they came from if they don’t like our way of life. But it’s not that kind of case. The Muslims are in the clear on this one.

Y’know what? Mad Magazine nailed this about 50 years ago. In an article about “the North American Veeblefetzer Co. Yearbook,” the company president apologized to the employees for having to cancel their Christmas party and bonuses this year, out of deference to the company’s single Muslim employee–hired on Dec. 23. Decades later, in real life instead of in a humor magazine, the ultra-prog Montgomery County School Board picks up on it and does the same thing.

People of Montgomery County, Maryland… I think you’ve just been veeblefetzered.


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