A Bird With Claws

We can worship God in many ways; and one of those ways is by enjoying and marveling at His handiwork. No matter which way we turn, the work of His hands is in front of us. It testifies to Him, and we do well to listen.

Hi, Mr. Nature here. Behold the hoatzin, a bird that lives in the Amazon rain forest. Its babies are like no other bird in the world–baby hoatzins have claws on their wings, which they can use to climb and crawl and grasp, and sometimes get themselves out of trouble.

Oh, but we’ve seen birds with claws! Well, fossils of ’em. Archaeopteryx had claws on its wings. It also had a beak full of teeth, which the hoatzin doesn’t have. But maybe the hoatzin is the last of the Archaeopteryx tribe.

(If you look closely at this famous Archaeopteryx fossil, you’ll be able to see it had claws on its wings, just like a baby hoatzin.)

Yes, I know, the Evolution crowd will climb all over this. “See! See! Birds evolved from dinosaurs!” Please ignore the perfectly modern-looking bird tracks discovered in Argentina in rocks supposedly dating from the very beginning of the age of dinosaurs. And under no circumstances trouble yourselves with the Protoavis bird fossils from the early Triassic.

We are at liberty to ignore those people.

As we are at liberty to enjoy the Lord Our God in his handiwork.

Hymn: ‘How Firm a Foundation’

For many Christians this hymn has another tune. But in the church I grew up in, which no longer exists, How Firm a Foundation was sung to the tune of a Christmas carol, O Come, All Ye Faithful.

This, above, is the only example of it I could find. Yes, it’s only a piano playing. There is something to be said for simplicity: I believe the Lord likes it.

So find a magnifying glass for the lyrics, and sing along.

Dog Poop Bags Left Everywhere You Look

I first became aware of this little aspect of cultural decay reading Michael Graeme’s “Rivendale Review” blog (www.mgraeme.ic24.net), in which he discoursed on the practice of leaving little bags of dog poop all over the scenic English countryside.

I’d never heard of this before; but when I investigated, I discovered it’s also become a problem in our own state and national parks–Devils Lake State Park in Wisconsin, for instance ( http://www.devilslakewisconsin.com/2014/08/05/the-dog-doo-paradox/ ).

The other night I read a novel in which the author mentioned bags of doggy ca-ca left on the streets and sidewalks of London… and lately they’ve been turning up right here in my own home town.

So people walk their dogs, the dogs poo, the owner scoops it into a bag and ties it shut–and just leaves it there. Certain locations abound with these.

You think our culture’s doing all right? Really?

Wait’ll this fad hits your neighborhood.

The Image of Our Time

I am sorry to display this picture: a perfect little hand, smaller than a quarter, severed from an aborted baby. I wasn’t going to show it at first. But this is where our country is today, and this is where it’s going.

As the most pertinent image of 2015, it will be hard to beat the pictures of baby parts put up for sale by Planned Parenthood. There are other images that will remain with us: sodomites parading triumphantly through our cities, performing sex acts in front of little children; Bruce Jenner (or is it Bruce Gender?) pretending to be a woman; our “president” smirking at us as he wrecks the country. But the baby parts make the witness that testifies most damningly against us.

Take a good look at that little hand.

This would not be possible without our public schools and what we laughingly call our universities, our nooze media, our “entertainment” industry, our Democrat Party, and the cowardice of the Republicans. In short: This picture is our culture. This is what we have become.

Prediction: Absolutely nothing will be done to rein in Planned Parenthood, much less punish it by taking away its public funding.

Our leaders are content that these things should be so.

That’s why we hate them.

Down With Redheads?

I’ve been reading a 2012 novel by Ruth Rendell, The St. Zita Society, in which one of the characters is publicly abused for having red hair. All these yobbos on the street shout at her and call her names.

Huh? What gives?

Briefly dipping into the Internet, I discover, much to my surprise, that there is in Britain a loud and nasty prejudice against red-haired people. I never knew that. UK readers, clue me in–what’s that all about?

I suspect it might be because Political Correctness has banned bigotry against most other groups; and the id, seeking an outlet for its venom, has only a few permitted targets remaining to it. Here in the US, you get to feel virtuous for insulting people who smoke. You’re not allowed to cuss out anybody else, but smokers are considered fair game. And I guess in the UK it’s redheads.

I wonder whose turn it will be next.

The Vatican and Space Aliens

Here’s a headline that caught my eye this morning: “Vatican sceptical sic] about close encounters of the third kind” ( http://news.yahoo.com/vatican-sceptical-close-encounters-third-kind-095541614.html ).

It seems scientists have discovered an “Earth twin”–a planet that is neither too close to its star, nor too far away, to support life–so that naturally revs up speculation about intelligent ETs, alien civilizations, Space Brothers, galactic federations, etc. And naturally some journalist in Rome went to the Vatican’s observatory (see, Galileo? now they’ve got telescopes, too) to ask a lot of stupid questions about how the discovery of life on other planets will prove that the Bible isn’t true, and so on.

Only thing is, this earthlike planet is some 1,400 light years away from here. If you pointed a flashlight at this planet when Mohammed was a boy in knee-pants, the light would just be getting there today. And so, said the Vatican astronomer, we can forget about meeting Mr. Spock for the time being.

He also told the journalist that the birth and life of Jesus Christ on earth was a unique event that will not have occurred on other planets. Plus the usual cop-out of the Bible not being a science textbook, so certain parts of it don’t have to be literally true, my precious…

I’m having trouble imagining this conversation.

A lot of people who sneer at religious faith, especially if it’s Christian religious faith, have their own unshakeable faith–based, mind you, on no evidence at all–in the universe being full of super-intelligent space aliens who will eventually teach us to be super-intelligent, too.

Don’t take science fiction lightly. It has seeped deeply into our culture, and deeply into many people’s minds.

Lawsuit: ‘Sitting Next to Fatty Wrecked My Back’

So you’re flying from Brisbane, Australia, to Dubai on the Persian Gulf, like halfway around the world, and you’ve gotta sit next to this fat guy who’s not only fat, but has a bad cough and fluid oozing from his mouth… (  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/travelnews/11772741/Air-passenger-suing-for-a-back-injury-caused-by-sitting-next-to-obese-man.html )

Gee, this is getting gross. Sorry about that. But that’s the argument of this passenger’s lawsuit against an Australian airline. He says the experience gave him a back injury.

Yeah, I know: the world is falling apart, and I’m writing about having to sit next to some fat guy on an airplane. Well, it can’t be baby parts for sale all the time, can it? Remember when airline travel was, well… classy? People dressed for it. Just to be on the plane gave you prestige.

I am told it ain’t that way anymore. I haven’t been aboard an airliner since 1976, so what do I know? Back then, I didn’t see anybody barefoot in the cabin, or changing a baby’s diaper on one of those food trays, or any of those other sights I hear about.

Consider the fat guy on the airplane a cultural marker, spilling over into the adjacent seats, noisily coughing–a kind of sign-post on the road to cultural collapse. You shouldn’t even board the plane if you’ve got a bad cough and a contagious disease–but who cares about that stuff anymore? Like the supermarket checkout clerk who comes to work sick and coughs in everybody’s faces.

How that translates into a back injury, I don’t know.

‘Climate Change’ Con Artists Caught Again

We told you so.

Once again, a bunch of “climate scientists”–this time from a federal government weather agency, NOAA–has been caught lying and cheating in order to trick the public into believing in Global Warming ( https://stevengoddard.wordpress.com/2015/07/27/mind-blowing-temperature-fraud-at-noaa/ ).

Because if the public believes in Global Warming, they just may allow the government to do anything and everything to Save the Planet. Like, if we don’t give them huge new powers and allow them to tax our pants off, we’re all gonna die, our cities all gonna be underwater, glub-glug-glub…

So NOAA has tried to build up Global Warming by inventing temperature data. You know–just making it up. They’ve also been caught substituting temperature readings from urban areas for non-readings from rural areas. For those who have been to collidge, urban temperatures are higher than rural temperatures–all that paving, for instance. It has been estimated that some 50 percent of the temperature data cited by NOAA is fictitious.

I know there are true believers out there who still gulp it down when liberal politicians and their pet “scientists” insist that we’ve got Global Warming and everybody on the Plaaanet had better obey them, or else. Never mind that all these Global Warming alarmists zoom around in private jets, live in enormous mansions, and leave “carbon footprints” a thousand times bigger than anybody else’s–and that they don’t act like they believe a single word of what they’re selling.

To have that much faith in government, and so little faith in God–

Is that a tragedy or a farce?

A Reponse to That Stopid Archy Fish Viddio

Ha, that other guy he had to go out so I can get on his blog and protext that archy fish viddio he just posted.

Why aint there a law aginst him talking about God al the time? If he was a interllectural he wuld know ther aint no God. What a dope. Dont he know its Evilution that makes all thes difrent animals and fish? That archy fish is no expection. It Evolved!! into a archy fish and it use to be something else. I think it probly Evolved!! from apes like we did.

Anyway ther shuld be a law so he cant rite no religin, My prefesser he says it viarlates Sepration of Church and State! if you rite about relgion and the goverment shuldnt alow it anymore. We fogt our Revilution War to git rid of religin and now here it is agan.

That guy Lee needs ougt to go back to collidge and learn some eddication.

Ther probly aint even such thing as a archy fish, I bettya christins made it up.

More of God’s Handiwork: The Archer Fish

Hi, Mr. Nature here with more of God’s stuff that really works, even if our stuff that we invented hardly ever works properly.

Behold the archer fish, a native of Australia and Indonesia. How does he get at the tasty bugs crawling out of reach, out of the water? He folds his tongue into a tube and knocks ’em down with a jet of water. As you can see from the video, he’s very accurate.

I wonder… If you had an archer fish in your aquarium, could you train him to squirt people? But that’s an idle thought.

God’s works are all around us, everywhere we look, all testifying to His glory.


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