Now Thank We All Our God

I believe God answers prayers. It’s His nature: God is love. And it’s our nature to thank Him only after He has done something for us–preferably, something that we asked Him to do: or at least something we can see. Only a fool wants his relationship with the Lord to be on a “What have you done for me lately?” basis.

But sometimes we ought to thank Him for His rock-bottom, foundational blessing: the mere fact that the Lord lives, and that the Lord is God, and has revealed Himself to us. Imagine if we didn’t know Him! Imagine if all we had were idols, or some exalted Leader, or our politics, or the consensus of the faculty lounge–yeesh, I don’t even want to imagine it.

Because the Lord lives, and because He is whom He reveals Himself to be in the Bible, we have blessings that no power in heaven or on earth can ever take away from us: the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord (Romans 8:39), and God’s sure promise of salvation and eternal life to those who put their trust in Him. He sent His only begotten Son down from heaven to the earth to make this sure for us.

These blessings are mine whether I am in a hospital bed, in prison, shipwrecked in the middle of the ocean, or falling off a 20-story building. No one can take them away from me. Not even my own sins can take them away from me.

And that’s something to be thankful for.

The Sweet Smell of… You Gotta Be Kidding

Nope, we’re not kidding. A Frenchman has invented “the Father Christmas fart pill that gives your farts the sweet scent of chocolate” ( ). This from a nation that doesn’t believe in deodorant.

I dunno. Somehow the notion of chocolate-scented gas is, well, off-putting. The guy has invented pills in other flavors, too. I just might never eat chocolate again.

As we survey the swirling wreckage of Western civilization–national borders down, illegals swarming in to collect welfare; cities convulsed with riots; government by wicked, Godless idiots; public schools teaching the kiddies that they can change their “gender” at will–it is no great comfort to know that at least our farts won’t stink, if only we take these pills.

But I can’t help thinking that this Gaul’s clever little invention is a wonderfully apt symbol for the whole postmodern, secular humanist, worldly enterprise.

Disguise it as you will, it’s still a fart.

They’ll Never Learn

Even as the good Professor Gruber gloats over how easy it was to trick the “stupid”–his word–American people into supporting Obamacare by lying about it six ways from Sunday–the fact that the American people never have approved of Obamacare seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle–another Democrat bigwig, Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, is rolling out a new slogan: “Democrats must embrace government” ( ).

You wonder about these people, don’t you?

Chuckie-doll says goverment is “the only thing that’s going to get the middle class going again.”

Going where? I think it might be someplace we definitely don’t want to visit.

Which of government’s current projects is most likely to benefit America’s middle class? Executive amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, most of whom will wind up on welfare? How about their beloved carbon tax, which will slash middle class incomes yet again–if there’s anything left to slash, once Obamacare gets through with us?

Oh, I know–stopping the Keystone Pipeline! There’s a real boost for the middle class. And how about a whole bunch of new EPA rules to cripple the coal industry? Yes, this government has a real feel for what makes an economy tick.

And even as we speak, they’re titillating themselves with visions of getting government involved in what we eat and drink. They would very much like to control that.

Schumer issues dark warnings of a swing to the Republicans “if people don’t believe government can deliver.”

Oh, we believe government can deliver. But we don’t like what government delivers!

Why can’t they get that through their skulls?

Let me repeat the message delivered by the people in this last election, using words that even Democrats can understand.

Leave us alone. Get lost. Get your dirty hands off our paychecks.

They think they can still get it all done with executive orders.

We’ll see about that. We’ll see.

Atheist Honcho Announces He’s a Girl, From Now On

The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Psalm 14:1

The Bible has plenty to say about fools. But here is a fool who has gone beyond foolishness and become altogether a lost soul.

David Muscato, public relations director for American Atheists, says he wants people to call him Danielle from now on, as he begins the long process of “becoming a woman” ( ). He is a balding man with a coarse black beard. He says, “…I have identified internally as a woman for a long time… As I begin to take bigger steps to change my appearance, I will also begin dressing differently and changing other aspects of my gender expression.”

He made no mention of undergoing surgical mutilation, as many others of these lost souls do. He only talks about changing his appearance. For the time being, he wants you to call him Danielle and use female pronouns when mentioning him in the third person.

I am waiting for some Democrat to say we need one of these nuts on the Supreme Court.

This is what a civilization looks like, when it dies.

A Really Stinky Fantasy Novel

I am reviewing a book written by a successful writer under a pseudonym, and published by one of the major Christian publishing houses. It’s a pre-release review copy, and my employers at the Chalcedon Foundation have first dibs on my formal review. But I don’t think they’ll mind if I do a little venting here.

In his press package, the writer said he wanted to get away from “Christian fiction” for a while and take a whack at fantasy. Apparently he thinks anybody can just write fantasy. He said he wanted to write a fantasy that was “completely secular.” Why the Christian publisher should want to publish something “completely secular” is one of those questions like “What is the sound of one hand clapping?”

The only thing really interesting about this book is that, in his efforts to be “completely secular,” the writer created something that was altogether pagan. I’ll bet he crossed that line without even knowing it.

Fantasy is supposed to be super-imaginative fiction. Let the imagination run wild, baby. So of course all this guy winds up doing is heaping up cliches. The incredibly gorgeous young woman who knows kung-fu–I hate it when a fantasy character screams heeaaah! and does jumpin’, spinnin’ kicks. The crusty but benign old wizard. And no one leaves out the invincible female warrior. Why in the world bother to write a fantasy if you’re going to populate it with stock characters that have already been used a thousand times? And did I mention he also has Elves?

Ordinarily I would protect the writer, but this time I won’t. His name is T. Davis Bunn, he has a couple dozen books in print,… and he’s using a pseudonym, Thomas Locke, “to help define a completely new brand of novels he will be writing,” says his publicist.

Oh, please! There is nothing “completely new” about this fantasy novel, Emissary. I can’t imagine why he wrote it.

It seems to me that Christian publishing houses, like Baker and Zondervan, have lately been trying to break into the fantasy market but have no idea how to do it. Consequently, these major publishers have been publishing seriously flawed books. Don’t think the readers won’t notice!

If they publish enough bad stuff, they’ll take the good down with it.

‘Christian Fiction’–a Stepchild?

“It’s too bad,” says my wife, “that whenever you see the label ‘Christian’ attached to anything, it means an imitation of something in the popular culture with some Christian stuff just tacked on to it.” Hence “Christian rock”, “Christian rap,” etc. But what about “Christian fiction”?

Is this just regular fiction that’s not quite as good as the secular stuff, but which has a special market because it’s labeled “Christian”? There are special best-seller lists for “Christian fiction”– but when do the top books on those lists wind up on the real best-seller lists?

Just skimming over some of those “Christian” lists, I see what appear to be a lot of goopy love stories, tons of ‘em, with sprinklings of fantasy, adventure, science fiction, and whatnot. It made me wonder, “Is this the best we can do?”

Don’t get me wrong. C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien wrote the best fantasy anybody ever wrote, and their work was “Christian” down to the ground–because they were Christians! And if you like mysteries, there’s Father Brown by G.K. Chesterton, Brother Cadfael by Ellis  Peters, and Father Dowling by Robert McInerney. The lead characters in these books could not be themselves without being thoroughly, deeply Christian. These also happen to be crackerjack, award-winning mysteries.

We are probably better off without the label “Christian” on our books, and maybe even better off without “Christian fiction” best-seller lists. The label sort of says, “A substitute for the real thing, so you, the Christian reader, can read this stuff without feeling like a sinner.” All of the writers mentioned in the previous paragraph did just fine without the label or the lists.

Do we not believe that Christianity, that God’s word, is the truth? And should not the truth inform everything we write, even our most imaginative fiction?

If “Christian fiction” is perceived as inferior to the regular stuff, shouldn’t Christian writers be working overtime to do away with that perception? And how do you do away with it? By writing fiction that can compete successfully with the secular stuff, overtake it, and pass it.

In case you hadn’t noticed, our popular culture is desperately in need of Christian influence.

President Ahab

Here’s my prediction.

In spite of the unprecedented, blatantly unconstitutional action last night by the “president,” and in spite of a huge mandate given to them in this year’s national elections to stop this president, the Republicans will chicken out. They will take no meaningful action. All the “president” has to do is threaten to shut down the government, and the Republicans surrender: they know the nooze media will see to it that they are blamed for the shutdown. And beyond that, Republicans are terrified of being called racists.

This is why Barack Hussein Ebola smirks at them and says, “Just try and stop me!”

The Republicans’ cowardice will encourage Ebola to go farther down the path of lawlessness and caesarism.

Indeed, he is already a man who is chasing his own destruction. This afternoon would be a good time for him to catch up to it.

Remember Captain Ahab, the doomed protagonist of Moby Dick? What–you never heard that story? No, it wasn’t about any of the Kardashians. It was about the fanatical captain of a whaling vessel in the early 19th century, whose only purpose in life was to catch up to the White Whale–the whale that once bit off his leg–and kill it. He swore a terrible oath to do so, and made his whole crew join him in it. He sought all over the world for this whale.

And guess what happened when he finally found it.

This is Obama: President Ahab. He will seek his own ruin until at last he finds it.

It’s only now a matter of how many Americans he will drag down with him.

P.S. Just out of curiosity, a few minutes ago I typed in a search for “Obama as Ahab,” to see if anybody else had come to the same conclusion I have. Behold! It’s all over the Internet. It seems a lot of commentators have seen this parallel, going all the way back to 2011.

I didn’t “steal” the idea. It’s something that’s so glaringly obvious, it has occurred to many people over several years.

America’s Night of Shame

Yes, tonight is Amnesty Nite–the night our “president” voids the nation’s laws, which he has sworn an oath to faithfully execute, and imposes his own law on a country of 300 million people.

From 1776 to 1783, we shed our blood to throw off the shackles of monarchy. What King George III could not do, though he possessed and used against us the world’s most powerful military machine, has been done to us now by a community-organizing pipsqueak and his playmates in the nooze media, and his partners in crime in the Senate who have made him impeachment-proof.

He laughs in our faces as he does it. “Try and stop me!” He has promised to go on to impose his own vision of “Climate Change action” via still more executive orders. As if he were a king. As if he were a czar of czars.

But I take comfort in remembering that I have seen this pattern of behavior many times before. The Bible is full of examples–Goliath, Belshazzar, Sennacherib, Herod Agrippa, Abimelech the son of Gideon–of great men, men much greater than this pipsqueak of a “president,” pursuing their own destruction and soon finding it. The Greeks called it hubris, and made it the basis of their tragedies. But it is God who sets up great men as a rod with which to chastise His people, and God who breaks those men when the rod boasts itself against the hand that wields it.

If the Republicans whom we have elected to do this very thing cannot find the nerve to restrain this evil pipsqueak of a president, rest assured that God will find some other means to do it.


Freezing, Freezing Everywhere…

So this morning, according to the National Weather Service, all 50 states–yup, all 50, even Florida and Hawaii–experienced below-freezing temperatures ( ). And in a lot of those states it was freakin’ cold. Not to mention five feet of snow over Buffalo, NY.

Once again, we’re freezing our kiesters off while libs ‘n’ progs and assorted Democrat zombies flap their jaws about Global Warming. Their king, er, president, Barack Hussein Ebola, has threatened to enact all sorts of “climate change” decrees via executive order, and defies the new Republican majority in Congress to try and stop him.

Can it be that these idiots, these Stalinist wannabes, truly can’t tell the difference between hot and cold? While it’s 8 degrees outside and all the normal people are shivering, does the Democrat cry out, “Aargh, I’m roasting!” and throw open all his living room windows? But there they are, the bunch of them still left in the Senate, vowing to stop the Keystone Pipeline and any other action that might threaten to increase imaginary Global Warming.

If Al Gore and his celebrities-I-never-heard-of marching band really, truly believed in Global Warming, would they be flying all around in private jets, riding limousines, living in gigantic mansions, and personally creating “carbon footprints” the size of Mount Rushmore?

Obviously they don’t believe it, or they wouldn’t behave the way they do. And “climate scientists” don’t believe in it, or they wouldn’t lie, refuse to debate, and cry out for dissenters to be jailed.

No, the only ones who still believe in Global Warming are stupid academics and their intellectually defenseless students, and a scattering of Democrat voters. Everybody else knows the difference between hot and cold, understands perfectly well that “warming” doesn’t mean you’re frozen half-solid, and has relegated the issue of “Climate Change” to those back burners where they keep the problem of alien abductions, Elvis living in disguise, and “How many genders are there, really?”

I almost hope Ebola Man carries out his threat to run off a whole bunch of executive orders on “Climate Change.”

It may force his removal on grounds of mental incapacity.

Breeding Lawlessness

Speaking of various deadly sins, St. Paul castigates those “Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them” (Romans 1:32).

To ensure a steady supply of lawless thugs, the most lawless regime in American history has cut a deal with the Minneapolis Public Schools to exempt young offenders from punishment if they happen to have dark skins. Here is how columnist Thomas Sowell described it today:

“Under the Obama administration, both the Department of Education and the Department of Justice”–justice?–“have been leaning on public schools around the country to reduce what they call the ‘disproportionate’ numbers of black male students who are punished for various offenses in schools.

“Under an implicit threat of losing their federal subsidies, the Minneapolis Public Schools have agreed to reduce the disparity in punishment of black students by 25 percent by the end of this school year, and then by 50 percent, 75 percent and finally 100 percent in each of the following years. In other words, there are now racial quota limits for punishment in the Minneapolis schools.” ( )

If you don’t quite understand that, try looking at it like so: Suppose the federal government decides there are too many black males going to jail, and the number must be reduced. Whether any of those individuals has actually committed a crime, the government dismisses as irrelevant. So this year, prosecutions of lawbreakers who happen to be black males are to be decreased 25 percent, and next year, prosecutions are to be decreased by 50 percent, until finally you have only half as many prosecutions as you used to have–and many crimes going unpunished because the lawbreakers were black males and the government has decided that  you can only punish so many of them before you have to stop.

Fighting in school, vandalizing school property, smoking on school grounds, whatever–it doesn’t rise to the level of murder or armed robbery. But what are we getting, if kids are taught to believe they can get away with these infractions because they have the good luck to be black?

Headed by President Barack Hussein Ebola, who looks black, this most racist presidential administration in U.S. history has poisoned race relations–let us pray, not forever. But it will take hard work and many years to uproot the weeds of lawlessness planted by this gang.


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