Nameless Portraits on a Colossal Scale

Life is full of unanswered questions. Like, why did I once pay money to watch Tentacles? But there are bigger mysteries than that.

In the hot, steamy country around the Gulf of Mexico, in Vera Cruz, in Tabasco, there flourished long ago a civilization we call “Olmec.” That was the name given to them by people who came along much, much later. We have no idea what these people called themselves.

According to archeologists’ best guess, Olmec civilization lasted from 1500 to 400 B.C., approximately. The Olmecs had writing, but they didn’t leave many inscriptions and most of these haven’t been deciphered yet. So we know nothing of their history, their famous people, their beliefs, or their customs. We don’t know the name of even one Olmec. They do seem to have invented the ancient Mesoamerican ball game that was still being played by the Maya and the Aztecs a thousand years after the Olmec civilization disappeared.

But did the Olmec people disappear with it?

The most tantalizing remains of this civilization are 17 colossal stone heads, the biggest of them weighing almost 50 tons, all of them made sometime well before 900 B.C. The Olmecs didn’t use the wheel and had no beasts of burden, so how they transported these enormous stones is a mystery as yet unsolved. That they could do this very difficult work proves that they had skills and resources worthy of a great civilization–even if we don’t know what they were.

The cool thing about these gigantic heads is that they seem to be portraits of real people. No two are alike. Each face has its own expression, its own distinctive features. The Wikipedia article shows all 17 ( ).

Who were these men? Rulers? Gods? Ballgame stars? Epic heroes? Nobody knows. Some of them smile at us; some of them frown. It’s as if they know we’ll never know the answer.

There are people living in the Olmec lands today who seem to resemble the stone portraits. So it may be that the Olmec people survived the dissolution of their civilization, even if all knowledge of it became lost.

What will remain, someday, of our own global humanist civilization?

The stone heads of our day are still attached to the leaders’ and the wise men’s shoulders.


When a Church Makes a Bad Neighbor

The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head.  Matthew 8:20

Do you think Our Lord would have been happier if he’d had a great big modern church equipped with every amenity?

The church across the street from me has all sorts of amenities, including ones that are anything but amenities for the church’s neighbors.

Every day it doesn’t rain, they have this horrible machine, sort of like the huge lawn mowers used on golf courses, that goes round and round, vacuuming up fallen leaves. Some fat guy rides on it. If you were new to the neighborhood, you might think we had a jet-port hidden somewhere.

The machine is escorted by two or three men with leaf-blowers, the kind that strap to your back, and another guy with a very loud edger.

When you call the church office to complain about the noise they’re making, absolutely nothing happens.

Now, what does all this have to do with the church’s ordained mission of taking care of God’s people–teaching them God’s word, seeing to their spiritual welfare, and providing charity to those who need it? Where is it written that there must not be a single leaf on any of the sidewalk surrounding the church? That the grass must be edged every day? And how much money does it cost the church to do this every day?

Do you have a church in your town that thinks it’s a boiler-making factory?

But then if the churches really cared about their mission all along, and performed it diligently, we wouldn’t have the kind of America we have today.

How Much Do They Want from Us?

Here’s a question to ask any “progressive” (translation: soft-core communist): “At what point do you decide you have enough power over us and don’t want any more?”

They want to control our health care. They’re designing little buttons we can wear that’ll rat us out to the massa if we eat something he thinks we shouldn’t eat.

They want to review our pastors’ sermons. They want all of us to participate in and “celebrate” same-sex pseudo-weddings, or else. People have been thrown in jail for having a garden in the front yard instead of the back, or not mowing their lawn to the satisfaction of the authorities. If they don’t like the color you’ve painted your house, they’ll make you re-paint it: and you’d better get it right, this time.

The National Science Foundation has a government grant to monitor the Internet and the social media to study “errors”–that is, remarks and questions that the government deems extremist or hateful. Like, “Marriage is between a man and a woman,” but not like “You $#%$%! How dare you say that? You should have your lungs torn out with a trowel!” It’s only hateful if some progressive says it is.

They want to dictate what the kids should have for lunch. They want to create “equality” by confiscating the money that you worked for and giving it to someone who sat at home playing video games. They demand the right to tell you want kind of car you can drive and when and how far you can drive it, what kind of house or apartment you can live in, and how much electricity you should be allowed to use.

At what point will the progressives/liberals/Democrats/citizens of the world be contented? How much of our lives must be under their boots for them to leave the rest alone?

I think you know the answer.

Who’s Shooting Up Ottawa?

Today’s top breaking news story–we really don’t yet have a handle on it–concerns an eruption of violence in Canada’s capitol, including a gunman who was killed as he single-handedly stormed Parliament. There has also been shooting at the war memorial and at a major shopping mall.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper had to be whisked out of the Parliament building. He canceled a trip to Toronto he had scheduled for today, going there to award Canadian citizenship to a Pakistani woman, Malala Yousafzai, who has labored (at no small risk to herself) for women’s rights in her country.

Two says ago in Quebec, a man “with jihadist sympathies”–don’t you love the way the nooze media tries to soft-pedal this stuff?–ran over two Canadian soldiers, killing one.

We do not yet know who’s shooting up Ottawa, but most of the speculation seems to involve Muslims or “jihadists” attacking Canada on behalf of ISIS. Which is funny, because politically correct, legally multicultural Canada can’t do enough to pamper, cosset, and appease Muslims, whom the government has established as a “protected class” who must never be offended. Canada venerates Muslims almost as much as it adores homosexuals.

Is this the thanks they get?

Really, I would have liked to write something upbeat and witty today, maybe even push my own books a little. It’s a drag, folks, watching Western civilization go round and round the drain, on its way down. Sometimes this job kind of gets to me.

Well, as bloodthirsty and as savage as they are, ISIS and Al-Qaeda and their kind, in the end, will do far less damage to our Western countries than our own mad leaders and our so-called intellectuals. If the Western countries had the stomach for it, they could smack down the jihad as easily as swatting a fly.

It’s our ruling class that has us in a stranglehold.

P.S.–Canada has very strict gun control laws. For some reason, the bad guys totally ignored them. Who would’ve thought it?

Osteen’s Blather Factory

Joel Osteen buttresses his false teaching with “stories” that supposedly prove his point.

Here’s one cited by Hank Hanegraaff in The Osteenification of American Christianity. He has taken it from a book by Osteen, Become a Better You–which sounds like a parody, but it isn’t.

In this yarn, Osteen tells of “an interesting study done in 1993 by the United States military… Researchers extracted some white blood cells from a volunteer and they carefully paced them in a test tube. They then put a probe from a lie-detector machine down in that test tube, to measure the person’s emotional response. Next, they instructed this same volunteer to go to a couple of doors down and watch some violent scenes from an old war movie on television. When this man watched the scenes, even though the blood that was being tested as in another room, when he got all uptight and tense, that lie detector test shot off the page. It was detecting his emotional response even though the blood was no longer in his body.” (Osteenification, pgs. 18-19)

He’s gotta be kidding, right? I mean, this is the kind of thing you hear on the playground from other kids when you’re all in the 4th grade. It also reminds me of the night my wife and I heard a drunken man patiently explaining to a pool parlor owner that “it was guns that killed off the dinosaurs.”

What kind of nincompoop do you have to be, to believe a tale like this? And what kind of adult has the chutzpah to tell it in a published book purported to be non-fiction–“religious,” even?

Joel, baby, you’re walking on thin ice. I don’t think God likes it when idiotic fish-stories are told in His name.

Better repent while you can.

Phony Joel Osteen

I was a little uneasy when I learned that a couple of my family members were getting into Joel Osteen. But I was wrong. I should have been very uneasy.

I have just read The Osteenification of American Christianity by Hank Hanegraaff, radio’s “The Bible Answer Man.” You can read this little book in a sitting, and it’s available from Hank’s ministry at .

There’s plenty of Joel Osteen video on the Internet. Here is a mercifully brief example, .

OK, I’m not much for worship service that looks like a rock concert. But there’s something about this whole enterprise that stinks. Maybe it’s that cheesy grin that’s always on his face. Or maybe it’s just Osteen’s message, a combination of New Age superstition, mangled and distorted Scripture, and what Hank Hanegraaff charitably calls “urban legends” but are more accurately described as pure B.S.

Really, you’d think any 10-year-old of average intelligence could see through one of these stories. Like the one about the guy who froze to death in the refrigerated railroad car that wasn’t turned on and wasn’t cold, just because he thought he was going to freeze. Presto, human popsicle–because whatever you say or think, claims Osteen, good or bad, is just naturally gonna come to pass.

This guy’s theology is so far out of the Biblical mainstream, it can’t properly be called Christianity at all. Osteen borrows Christian names and terminology, but what he’s selling is a kind of mish-mosh paganism. He couldn’t be less Christian if he performed sacrifices to Zeus.

That this man is so widely successful, so influential, so big, says a lot about the dereliction of duty by America’s churches. There should be no way this guy should be able to hoodwink Christians. But Biblical illiteracy and loosy-goosy doctrine have done their work only too well.

After all, you don’t have to go to Osteen’s mega-church to find idolatry and paganism.

It’s on the menu of a mainline church near you.


Flying Man Races Airbus (What???)

This is one of those news stories that just sits there thumbing its nose at everybody.

As reported by The Daily Mail, the pilots of Airbus 320, descending to land at Manchester Airport, were “stunned” when a flying man zipped past their airplane at 3,500 feet ( ).

No, they did not see a flying saucer. They saw a flying man. They estimated he came within 100 meters of the plane. Nobody saw a parachute, a balloon, a wire, or a magic carpet. We are not told whether any of the passengers saw the flying man, who was in view only “fleetingly,” the pilots said.

Don’t you love this story? It’s better than the one about the guy who attached a multitude of helium balloons to his lawn chair and went way up into the sky and freaked out airplane pilots and passengers. That turned out to be true. But doing it with balloons is one thing. Just being a flying man with no visible means of support or propulsion–well, that’s another.

Don’t bother to suspect those Airbus pilots of lying. Handing in a report that you saw a flying man at 3,500 feet is not a resume enhancement. I’m surprised the pilots mentioned it at all.

But what does it mean? Who was the flying man? How did he get up there–or was he just on his way down from somewhere else? Was he really flying, or just falling? But radar checks failed to pick up any sign of anything up there other than the Airbus.

Where is Charles Fort when you need him?

I was going to try to make a hypothesis about this incident, but it’s just too strange. We’ll have to wait until a lot more flying men are seen.

Somehow that’s not a thought that makes me comfortable.


Can Fools Create Wise Computers?

Some scientists are worried that we might soon create super-intelligent computers that are much smarter than we are ( ).

Well, heck, there already are plush toys, frying pans, and lawn chairs that are smarter than some people we know.

Before we get down to serious worries about the Terminator coming after us, shouldn’t we first ask whether it’s even possible for fools and twaddlers to create truly super-intelligent computers? Do we really have to fret about what one scientist quoted in the article above called “a future in which computers are no longer obedient tools but a dominant species with no interest in the survival of the human race”? But that makes them sound like our elected officials.

Granted, computers don’t have far to go, to outperform us in work, the arts, and politics. But is the human civilization that gives us Obama, Fifty Shades of Grey, the Kardashians, and Windows 8 really going to generate computers that can give us anything better?

God has been warning us for thousands of years about the evils and dangers of worshiping anything we make with our own hands. And for thousands of years we have refused to listen.

I think we might be headed for another trip to the woodshed.

The Ebola Party

No, I’m not going to tell you how to throw an Ebola party at your home. I’m talking about the political party, the Democrats, that has imported this hideous disease into our country.

Ask any political scientist: the Number One job of any government is to protect its people. This is the basis for the government’s existence. If it is not going to do that, it might as well not exist.

Preventing Ebola from getting loose in America would seem to be a very high priority for any US government. The most basic thing they could do would be to not allow anyone to come here from those areas of West Africa where there is currently an Ebola outbreak. Until the crisis is over, no more flights from Liberia should be allowed to land at JFK or any other US airport. It’s a form of quarantine, and it’s only common sense.

Dying from Ebola is not nice. You bleed out through every orifice of your body.

But the Ebola Party in Washington DC has refused to close our airports to flights from Ebola-stricken countries. They have refused to do the most basic thing they can do to protect us.


Because the leaders of the Ebola Party–President Barack Ebola, Senate Majority Leader Harry Ebola, House Minority Leader Nancy Ebola, and Secretary of State John Ebola–are too committed to playing “Citizen of the World” to let a little thing like American lives get in the way of their fantasy. That’s right, folks–they would rather let you bleed out, than let up on their Open Borders policy.

Next month we will have national elections.

Please do not let the Ebola Party stay in power.

The All-Devouring Federal Government

At what point will Our Glorious Leaders be satisfied that they have enough power over us and don’t need any more?


Case in point: The federal government has spent over $2 million–so far–to develop devices to track your weight and eating habits ( ).

First they hired SmartMove Inc,–be very, very afraid whenever liberals/statists use the word “smart”–to develop an insole that will track your weight and activity level so somebody (guess who) can “quantify and modify physical activity and lifestyle behavior in overweight and obese individuals and others with sedentary lifestyles.”

The National Institute of Health–don’t you just love the names they give these predatory government agencies?–is also funding research to develop a little “button” you can wear that’ll spy on you 24/7, so the EPA can catch you smoking, overeating, or having a large soda.

Dig this comment from one of the scientists-for-hire at the University of Pittsburgh:

“Unlike the cell phone which spends most times sleeping, eButton never sleeps–it helps the user all the time.”

Helps? Did this moral imbecile really say his little device is going to help us?

You might think this is all kind of a good idea, if you’re the sort of person who is attracted to perpetual childhood. Maybe they can give you wee electric shocks if you don’t eat your broccoli. “Uh-uh-uh! We’ve blocked your air conditioner from working, and we won’t let your car start, until you run off the calories from that piece of crumb cake!”

You watch–it’ll all be justified under Obamacare. If the government is going to be paying for your healthcare–like you were six years old again and it was your mommy and daddy–then it must have the authority to restrain you from doing unhealthy things and to compel you to do things that it decides are good for you.

It’s bad enough that they are Godless, evil, and insane.

But they’re also flaming stupid: and it beats me why we allow ourselves to be governed by such people. It just totally beats me.


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