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I have lived in Metuchen, NJ, all my life. I have been married to my wife Patricia since 1977. I am a former newspaper editor and reporter. I was also the owner-operator of my own small business for several years. I wrote various novels and short stories published during 1980s and 1990s. I am a long-time student of judo and Japanese swordsmanship (kenjutsu). I also play chess, basketball, and military and sports simulations.

I Can Stay in Collidge!

Well I got no money anymor, my dad he wont pay for no mor collidge, but I am a interllectural so I has found a way for me to stay in collidge til I get my degre in Gender Studies. My prefesser thouht it up.

Its simple, all I got to do is let some prefesser in Reallity Studies exspearmint on me. I dont kno what the exspearmints are about becose this prefessers grad studints do them and they wont tell me nothin. But i think it got something to do with the Natur of Reallity and how they can change my cromosoms from mail to femail and i am exited becuse i wil get extra creddit if they can mak me have wimmins cromosoms insted of the ones I alreddy got. And its very cuttingedge stuff!!

In meantime I living in my prefessers his toolshed and somtimes he give me leftovers from his super. He says this is a smal pryce to pay for bein a interllectural and anyhow its goood i losing so mutch weiyt. And if the exspearmint turns out sucesfull i wil go on tour al over the contry.

So i wil keeep yuo al posted on this stopid guys blog and i hop you al out there workin to ellect Hillery for Presdint.

So What’s Real?

Let me quote from an email I received today. I have corrected some obvious typographical errors.

“From airplanes everything they tell you from NASA is a lie, everything. No moon landing, no satellites, no hubble [sic] telescope and definitely no space station. This is a fact and I hope you know this!!!! the earth is FLAT and not a ball 400 scriptures prove it. It does not spin at 1000 mph or go forward at 74,000 mph. Read the book 1984. Go to google and put in flat earth @@@ ”

What are we to make of this? Is it possible that a tiny cabal conspired to create this totally artificial reality, a project involving many thousands of people, if not millions; and that they succeeded in keeping this gigantic secret from all but a few individuals like the author of that email?

Or have we all been told so cotton-pickin’ many lies, so many really big ones–like Global Warming, for instance–that some of us now believe everything’s a lie?

Let’s take a break and see what happens if we search flat earth @@@.


There is no “flat earth @@@” website, but there is a Flat Earth Society. I always thought that was a joke, or a put-down used by secular humanists against regular people. But no–either there really is a Flat Earth Society, or else someone created it to have some fun on the Internet.

You’d think the existence of a horizon would be enough to demonstrate that the earth is not, in fact, flat. If it were flat, there wouldn’t be a horizon.

But then Flat Earth isn’t the only asinine belief floating around in our culture, is it?

As someone who does resort to the Bible to find truth–sometimes that’s the only place to find any–I can’t say I’m comfortable with any claim that there are “400 scriptures” that prove the earth is flat.

That sounds way too much like saying Matthew 25 proves we gotta have Obamacare or else we go to Hell.

John Kasich: Theology Superstar

Here, according to theology whiz-bang John Kasich, is what happens to you if you don’t support Obamacare and other Big Government entitlements.

Republican presidential wannabe John Kasich has solved the thorniest problem in the history of religion–how to get everybody into Heaven.

Obamacare. That’ll do the trick.

Yes, says the theological mastermind from Ohio: the Bible itself justifies Obamacare. ( )

Hmm… Would that be that verse that goes, let’s see… Surely the king shall wrest from the diligent the fruits of his labor, and bestow it on the slothful because they praise him? Oops, that one’s not actually in the Bible, is it?

No, Kasich is thinking of Matthew 25:31-46, dealing with the Last Judgment. Christ accepts the sheep, because “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me,” meaning the various works of charity and mercy; but he rejects the goats and consigns them to Hell, because “Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.”

Kasich’s reasoning is positively stupefying. So simple, a clam could get it.

Okay–we have to do works of charity and mercy, mostly to the poor, or we don’t get into Heaven. Right?

Now suppose the government, by creating programs like Obamacare and others, completely takes over the whole business of charity. And if you don’t want to perform acts of charity and mercy, so what? The state performs them anyhow, with your money, taxed out of your paycheck before you even see it. Therefor you have “done it unto the least of these” whether you like it or not, and are thus qualified for Heaven.

Thanks to the government, everyone will go to Heaven.

Is that cool, or what? As easy as pie, Kasich nullifies the grace of God and makes the cross of Christ of no effect. If only God the Father had thought of this 2,000 years ago, Christ the Son would not have had to be born.

And to think this simple insight eluded us for all this time!

Keep growing the government, and paradise is just around the corner.

We Are Not in Control

Michael Crichton wrote a lot of books. Prey, which first came out in 2002, is not among his most famous works. All the same, it still makes fascinating reading.

What would happen if nanotechnology were used to create a kind of artificial life that could learn and change and remember, that would have artificial intelligence–and that would soon evolve an agenda of its own? What if it quickly passed beyond our control?

“Science” as an ideology, and more than an ideology– a belief system, a species of religion, a way of relating to the world–and technology, which is the instrumentality of Science: hey, everybody, these things can be dangerous. Michael Crichton, a close student of many sciences, and a close companion to many scientists, sounded this warning all his life. Even the scientists themselves oversimplify incredibly complicated things, leading them into a false sense of security and finally into a delusion that “we are in control, nothing can go wrong.”

And we all know what happens when you think that.

So Prey is another one of these stories about what happens to those who succumb to that delusion. Folly can be fatal. It’s a thriller, it’s a page-turner… and something more than that.

Michael Crichton wanted to believe in Science. In the end, he couldn’t: his integrity would not let him blind himself to its false claims and pretensions.

But he also most emphatically did not want to believe in God, nor did he accept the salvation held out to him by Jesus Christ. I don’t know why.

Instead, he sought for some other myth that would turn out to be true, something with which to bind together the sheaves of reality. We see him groping for this in Prey, with the notion that nature somehow “organizes itself” without conscious direction by God. But again Crichton is tripped up by his own honesty. As he writes about scientists and profit-seekers trying to imitate the self-organizing dynamic that they think they find in nature, he can’t help writing it up as a disaster. “Nothing can go wrong” just never comes out right.

I’m not much interested in the science behind Prey, but I am intrigued by the author’s inner struggle. I wish it had turned out better for him.

Michael Crichton never found God. But there is always hope that somehow God found him.

School Cancels ‘America Day’

There’s got to be an upside to having your kids educated by prattling idiots. I just haven’t found it yet.

At Jackson Hole High School, in Wyoming, the principal recently canceled the school’s “America Day” because, he said, a lot of “immigrant” students might feel sad and blue and “left out” ( ). Students revolted by wearing American-flag themed clothes and flying the flag on their cars.

Hey, Einstein–I thought the point of immigrating to America was to become an American. Not to remain a foreigner residing in a strange land because he hopes to get freebies from the government. So who is left out? The message of America Day would be, “You’re all Americans now.”

Oh, but the high school principal has to “balance” everybody’s feelings!

No wonder the students never seem to get around to learning anything.

Now They’re Sliming ‘A Christmas Carol’

Water pollution is bad; but easier to control than spiritual pollution.

So the Perky Publicist has invited me to read a new book. I will not mention the title or the author. It is a book that takes Charles Dickens’ beloved classic, A Christmas Carol, and dunks it in “transgender” poison.

The author used to be a man. Each and every cell in his body is still male, with an XY chromosome, but now we’re supposed to accept him as “a woman” or else be branded haters and homophobes. The fact that he is not a woman is irrelevant. Facts always are, these days.

As Dickens wrote it, A Christmas Carol is a story of repentance and redemption. Scrooge learns to see his sins for what they are, he is heartily sorry for them, and the sovereign grace of God turns his life around, and saves it.

But in this happening-now book, “Christmas” is all about sin not being sin anymore. You don’t have to repent because it’s not a sin, after all, and Jesus Christ does not have to redeem you because the Bible was wrong all along about certain types of behavior being abhorrent to God. The book “breaks through boundaries of traditional Christmas stories by including a transgender character” and “encourages families to accept those members who may be ‘different.'”

It asks us to affirm sinners in their sin, denying that it’s sin and rejecting the authority of Scripture.

Christ went to an awful lot of trouble for nothing, didn’t He?

Let me tell you what scares me. It’s the thought that God will simply run out of patience with us, wash His hands of us, turn His back on us, and not intervene as we drown ourselves in our own filthiness. But God is not a man, that He should lie, and God will keep His promises. Somehow He will redeem and regenerate us.

In spite of transgender Christmas stories.

My New Book–Finished!

(Here’s Jack climbing the wall of the Palace in Obann, in Book No. 6. Artwork by Kirk DouPonce)

The Throne (Book No. 9 in the Bell Mountain Series) is done. I’ve just typed up and polished the last few chapters and sent them on to my editor.

Now what’ll I do?

You work on a book practically every day for six months, hours at a sitting, and thinking about it when you’re not actually writing about it, and suddenly it’s over. Someday you’ll have to start the formal proof-reading, write the cover blurb, and see the artwork for a brand-new cover; but that’s not quite the same as writing it.

No, I can’t just sit down and start writing the next one. Months will go by before I can even begin to do that.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, go to the top of the page and click “Books.” See the covers, read the blurbs and sample chapters. And the blog archives are full of reviews, to say nothing of the Customer Reviews on

We will try to put The Temple (That’s Book No. 8) on the market in time for Christmas. But if we can’t make it–well, look, there are still seven of them out there, and they’ll make great presents.

Sports Car Goes Berserk, Kills People

So what’s wrong with this Associated Press news copy? ( )

First the headline: “Porsche in Malta motor show loses control after clipping grass, injures 26 people in crowd.”

And then this: “Eyewitnesses said the Porsche Spyder supercar was driving at high speed…”

As an afterthought, the story mentions that “the driver” was also injured.

Oh! The car had a driver, did it? And yet it still managed to lose control and go speeding? You naughty little car, you! The poor driver was just along for the ride.

Sounds like a load of bilge, doesn’t it?

Well, if guns can just take it upon themselves to indulge in shooting sprees, maybe cars can decide to play kamikaze.

What does your car get up to when you aren’t looking?

Welcome to Caitlin Middle School

Good morning, persons of assorted gender, and welcome to Caitlin Middle School. I am your principal. You may call me Glimmering Star. Always bear in mine that this school is gender-free for all genders!

In the spirit of Caitlin Jenner, who is now a woman, this is the school that believes that you and your feelings are more important than any so-called facts. I realize this makes it difficult for us to give out grades, but we’ve addressed that problem by giving everyone straight A’s.

In fact, this is the school where you decide yourself what are facts and what aren’t!

Here are some of my facts, which I’ll share with you, just to show you how it’s done.

The Lone Ranger was originally Japanese, and “Hi-yo, Silver!” was originally “Ohayo Gozeamasu,” which means Happy New Year.

America was originally settled by Muslims,  but there has been a big conspiracy to conceal that fact.

Global Warming on Mars is caused by SUVs on Earth.

President Obama is a Star Child from another galaxy–for all intents and purposes, a god.

The Bible was written by Jewish White Supremacist bankers sometime during the 1950s, to keep America from understanding the benefits of socialism.

Obesity is caused by prayer.

Those are just a few of my facts. Your facts may well be different. Just be careful they’re not too different, or you may be in for some rigorous sensitivity-training! On the whole, though, all facts are true facts as long as they’re Progressive facts.

And if that’s the only thing you learn here, it’ll still be enough to equip you to vote and hold public office.

Hymn, ‘Bread of Heaven’

Welsh miners singing in How Green Was My Valley (English subtitles)

Once upon a time, on a little 15-minute Christian radio show whose name I can’t remember, I heard a woman say a very wise thing.

“When your faith is shaky; when you don’t know for sure, anymore, that God is with you; when the bad things in life keep piling up; when you just don’t know what’s what–

“That’s when you have to sing louder!”

What can I say but Amen?


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