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I have lived in Metuchen, NJ, all my life. I have been married to my wife Patricia since 1977. I am a former newspaper editor and reporter. I was also the owner-operator of my own small business for several years. I wrote various novels and short stories published during 1980s and 1990s. I am a long-time student of judo and Japanese swordsmanship (kenjutsu). I also play chess, basketball, and military and sports simulations.

Another Experiment in Video

If this works, you will see a lot of snuggly bunnies, courtesy of the Ibis hotel chain. For some reason, I haven’t been able to get any video to display here lately.

If it doesn’t work, well, fap, I give up for now.

PS–Nope, didn’t work. I’m outta here.

Rabbits With Swords–a Fantasy You Can Believe In

After all the awful fantasies I’ve read, I’ve finally found a good one: The Green Ember by S.D. Smith, a tale of rabbits with swords. It’s available on

OK, it’s a fairy tale. All the characters are talking animals. The rabbits have been crushed by their enemies and are trying to rebuild their world. They are kept alive by hope and faith. Their society is built around strong and loving families. For love and loyalty, they will make sacrifices.

I recommend this book without reservation. I’ll be writing a full-length review of it for The Chalcedon Foundation; and of course you can go to amazon and read the large number of five-star Customer Reviews. Meanwhile, though, I have heard from some who most emphatically do not like The Green Ember.

“Not a single f-bomb in the whole [bleep] thing!” complains the Citizen of the World Library Assn. “How are kids supposed to learn how to talk, reading [bleep] [bleep] like this?”

“Would you believe it,” cries the reviewer for Musical Feminists Inc., “one of the characters in this far-Right propaganda hate-piece actually refers to ‘having babies’! I thought I was going to be sick!”

Grumbles Fred Vermin of The Science Is Settled, So All of You Shut Up, “Not one word in it about man-made Global Warming, I mean Climate Change! I suspect this Smith guy of being a secret Climate Change Denier. He should be jailed and tortured, just in case.”

Wanda Byaduck of The Whoopee Crowd beefed, “I don’t know how you write a book for children without detailed sex scenes. I think this author is a homophobe! And probably a transphobe, too, and any other kind of phobe we can dream up between now and suppertime.”

Added Dotti Frump of the Hillary Clinton for President Campaign, “The whole thing is coded language expressing hatred for women and a pathological fear of Mrs. Clinton. It should be taken off the market!”

So, folks, enjoy this book while you can. It’s written for kids, but adults can enjoy a noble tale like this, as soon as they’ve outgrown their education.

The Deranged Liberal Quote of the Week

We had to reach all the way across the Atlantic to find this one. But first, the context.

Someone has invented an “app” that filters out filthy language and replaces foul words with cleaner substitutes. It’s intended for use by parents who don’t want their kids drowned in f-bombs every time they read an e-book or play a video game ( ).

Here is the objection, word for word (as reported by the U.K. Telegraph), from a British novelist I never heard of:

“Well, we’ve been down this road before. We should know where it leads by now. It starts with blanking out a few words. It goes on to drape table legs and stick fig leaves onto statues. It progresses to denouncing gay or Jewish artists as ‘degenerate.’ It ends with burning libraries and erasing whole civilizations from history.”

Wow. I guess we should be grateful to Fifty Shades of Grey and the Porn Channel for keeping our civilization going. Who knew the work of graffiti artists was so important? Do you know, I’ll be that’s exactly what happened to the Indus Valley civilization–they bleeped out an f-bomb, and the next thing…pfft! Gone!

And this from the people on the Loving Left who want to sue you and destroy your livelihood, and sentence you to sensitivity training, every time you speak a single word that they don’t like! This from the cockroaches who set up campus speech codes and “human rights” commissions to flatten anyone who might diverge from their notion of diversity–which is lib-speak for uniformity. This from the little tinpot fascists of the Clinton campaign who tell you in advance what words you will not be allowed to use when discussing their idol’s presidential aspirations.

I wish we could filter them out.

Can We Sink Any Lower Than This?

How about a “children’s book” celebrating abortion? ( ) Yes, I think that’s something young children need to hear–if only to convince them their birth was a narrower escape than they may have thought.

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil… Isaiah 5:20

Academics can no longer distinguish between good and evil: because in their world, bad ideas have no consequences. And so a character like Mary Walling Blackburn, professor of art at Southern Methodist University, has written a little number called Sister Apple, Sister Pig. It’s a jaunty little e-book about a little kid who knows his mother and father decided to kill–er, abort–terminate?–what sounds nice, here?–their first child, who would have been his sister. He’s all happy now because his sister is “a happy ghost” (I wonder how many “happy ghosts” Mao and Hitler made) and is not around to inconvenience the parents and make them “tired, and sad, and mad!”

Don’t forget, our “president” once called abortion the means by which “girls fulfill their dreams.”

Why are these people so completely comfortable with murdering their young?

Because ye have said, We have made a covenant with death, and with hell are we at agreement; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, it shall not come unto us: for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves. Isaiah 28:15

It’s bad enough that we have people like this living among us. But we also have them governing us, educating our children, running our courts, “entertaining” us, misreporting our news, and so on. Even an ostensibly Methodist university is not ashamed to employ a person who invents truly creepy apologies for abortion.

This is the sacrament of humanism. This is our human sacrifice to a false god.

I think our country’s in a lot of trouble.

Hillary Warns: No Criticism Allowed!

If liberals ever opened their eyes to see what their bizarre ideology produces in the way of statism, waste, wrath, calamitously failed policies and overall human suffering, it might just drive them howling mad–as happened to the poor chap above when he saw the mummy come to life (from The Mummy, 1932). It would not be a pretty sight.

But even with all their wrong-headed and immoral projects going full-speed ahead, from same-sex pseudomarriage to the overall reduction of freedom everywhere, they’re still too angry to see much of anything.

Thus Hillary Clinton has already pre-emptively warned America not to use “coded sexism” in discussing her presidential aspirations ( ). Her campaign has obligingly provided a list of banned words, including polarizing, calculating, disingenuous, insincere, ambitious, inevitable, entitled, overconfident, etc. What she would really like would be for everyone to press a strip of duct tape over their mouths.

What is “coded language”? Why, it’s the use of ordinary words to mean something to which a liberal objects. For instance, “Hi, how ya doin’?” might really mean “I hate women, and no woman should ever hold public office!”

But there are some words left off the list, and we can still use some of them to discuss the prospect of Hillary becoming president. For instance:

Heaven forbid that we should ever elect to the presidency this witch, this beldam, with her uncontrollable lust for power, her taste for soft-core Marxism, her incessant use of her fame and status to amass more and more personal wealth, and her insatiable desire to punish and destroy anyone who opposes her in any way.

Let them decode this message if they can.


A Game Show from Hell

A subtle modification made to a certain kind of TV set enables the set to pick up broadcasts from Hell–that part of it that’s closest to our world. We join such a broadcast already in progress.

“And welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, for another round of Mock the Scriptures. I’m your host, Sid Mephistopheles–and how about a helluva welcome for our two contestants? Mr. Foaming-at-the-Mouth Atheist, and Dr. Wishy-Washy Liberal Churchman!”

(Hysterical screeching in the background)

“Now, you boys know the rules because you’ve both played before–and both won, let me remind our studio audience. The prize for this round is an autographed picture of George Soros. Are you ready to play Mock the Scriptures?”

Both: “Ready, Sid!”

“Okay. Now, in this round, I’m going to give you three propositions taken from the so-called ‘holy’ Bible, and you have to decide which one is the most ridiculous. The three propositions are: 1) God created the heavens and the earth in seven days; 2) Jesus Christ was born of a virgin; 3) Sinners are saved by belief in Jesus Christ. Foamy, you’re up!”

Atheist (hissing): “Well, what can you say? One is more ridiculous than another. There’s no such person as God, and the whole universe created itself! But then it’s all hateful and contemptible, isn’t it? Superstition! Anyone who believes a word of it is just plain stupid! Stupid, I say!” (His pale face begins to turn red. Tendrils of smoke issue from his ears. By the time he’s actually yelling, he’s also levitating some 12 inches off the floor.) “Dirty, stinking Christians! Dirty stinking Bible! Ack, grrrr, yowf!”

Mephisto: “Okay, Foamy, okay–calm down now.  Don’t you love this guy? He’s been here 40 years and still refuses to believe it! How about a hand for Foamy?” (Hysterical screaming in the background. Mephisto turns to the Liberal Churchman.) “Wishy, you’re going to have to go some to beat that! But go ahead, give it your best shot.”

Churchman: “Thanks, Mephisto. You know, ladies and gentlemen, it gives me no pleasure–well, maybe a little!–to make fun of the childish stories in the Bible. Decades of modern scholarship have proved conclusively that hardly anything in the Bible is factually true. Seven days of Creation indeed! Virgin birth–a fairy tale. And we all know by now that there’s no such thing as a sinner–and if there were, whatever he believed in, that would save him! Really, the only thing God asks of the Church is to acknowledge the inerrant truthfulness of Science, and to perform gay marriages–”

KRAAAK–BAM! A  blinding flash of lightning, with a deafening thunderclap, and suddenly Mr. Wishy-Washy Liberal Churchman is no longer present. There is only a charred spot in the floor.

Mephisto: “Oops! Well, folks, it looks like Wishy has won the whole shootin’ match, hands down.”

Atheist: “Wait a minute! Where is he? Where did he go?”

Mephisto: “I think I can safely say he’s been promoted to a lower level!”

Atheist: “Well, then, how is he going to collect his prize–that picture of George Soros?”

Mephisto: “Oh, where he’s going, I think he’ll someday be able to collect Mr. Soros’ autograph in person.”

Are the Powers That Be Really Ordained by God?

The petulant gentleman in the picture above is the Roman Emperor Nero, a homicidal maniac and sadist who enjoyed absolute power until some dissidents got together and assassinated him. Nero was on the throne when St. Paul wrote these famous words in his epistle to the Romans:

“[T]he powers that be are ordained of God.” (Romans 13:1)

There are now, have always been, and probably always will be Christians who take that line to mean that whatever fool or criminal happens to be in power at the moment, he is entitled to respect and obedience because God Himself has put him in the catbird seat.

But is that really what “ordained” means?

Let’s go to Strong’s Concordance, an authoritative source. In the original Greek, the word translated as “ordained” is tasso, meaning “to arrange in an orderly manner, i.e. assign or dispose (to a certain position or lot)–addict, appoint, determine, ordain, set.”

There are a dozen different Greek words in the New Testament that have been translated into English as “ordain.” Most of these Greek words have to do with putting something into a particular place.

Tasso, the word Paul uses in Romans 13:1, does not mean to authorize, to endorse, or to deputize. Later in the chapter, we see that God assigns to the civil government–to the state, if you like–the responsibility to uphold the law and to protect peaceable, law-abiding citizens, and the power (and duty) to restrain evil and to punish evildoers.

In the world Paul lived in, the Roman authorities were perfectly capable of carrying out those functions, and usually did. Hence they were entitled to have their positions respected and their lawful orders obeyed, and so Paul advised Christians to do.

But suppose the powers that be break the law instead of upholding it, and plunder and terrorize peaceable, law-abiding folk while favoring and even rewarding evildoers? What if the ultimate power in the state belongs to a bloodthirsty lunatic like Nero?

The rest of the Bible, both Testaments, certainly does not teach us that God is with every power that succeeds in setting up shop in a fallen world: only that God is the sovereign ruler of heaven and earth, and nothing happens without Him.

To say that illegal and tyrannical rulers are ordained by God, in the sense of being authorized by God, is as foolish as blaming the sovereign Lord for one’s own sins. Dude, God ordained me to steal hubcaps!

As Nero and so many others like him found out the hard way, God can get rid of a despotic monster whenever He pleases. He blessed the Maccabees when they rose up in rebellion against the  blaspheming tyrant, Antiochus Epiphanes. I believe He blessed the 13 American colonies when they rose up against King George III.

Not to write a book here, but how do we know which “powers that be” that God has blessed, and which ones He has allowed to exist, but not blessed?

The Bible has the answer, in the words of Jesus Christ Himself: “By their fruits ye shall know them.” (Matthew 7:20)

If it were not so, every successful assassin and usurper could claim a God-given legitimacy.

Flipper for President?

President *Batteries Not Included says voting ought to be mandatory. Of course he thinks so: the immovably ignorant are already a big part of his voter base, and he wants to make it bigger..

But if you think it’ll stop there (forsooth, they never stop!), be advised there’s a lawyer out there named Stephen [sic] Wise who is advocating for personhood for animals ( ), whatever that means. Do you know what it means? I don’t. He already has a bunch of lawsuits filed, just waiting for the right kook judge to come along.

Mr. Wise says, “Personhood is not a biological concept, it is a public policy concept.”

What have I been saying? Every time you turn around, some other schlemozzle comes up with yet another way to dismember the culture; and before you know it, we are all expected to embrace this sparkling new idea, and heaven help you if you don’t.

Mr. Wise does not wish to expand “personhood” to dogs and cats. Has anybody asked him why? Supposedly, computer analysis of the sounds dolphins make “proves” that they have an actual language, names, grammar (but not spelling), and the ability to reason. It’s not hard for me to believe that some dolphins are smarter than some people. Some ashtrays are smarter than some people. Oh! If only we could do away with the Bible! That’s where all that stuff comes from, about man–sexist language!–being created in God’s image, placed above all other living things as God’s image, and all the rest of that bad business that holds us all back from being truly liberated stupid and immoral bastards. But folks like Mr. Wise are working on it.

Honor God’s Word

We know the sun is going to rise every day. But every day it seems to rise on a different vision of truth and morality, courtesy of a lot of academic chowderheads  who make these things up just to see what they can get us to think or do.

Every time you turn around, they’ve come up with something new–for the sake of which, we’re all supposed to change, to cast off core beliefs, and to accept the new, improved version of “truth” or else be branded as haters and enemies of the human race. And it’s frightening to observe the ease with which so many people do just that.

One thing that does not change is God’s word, because God Himself is eternal and does not change. Nor does God lie: that’s man’s province. The word of God, His gift to us: converting the soul, making wise the simple, rejoicing the heart, and enlightening the eyes: clean, enduring forever, and righteous altogether (after Psalm 19)–is this what we’re supposed to throw out, because some fool has thought of something new?

When Our Savior Jesus Christ challenged His disciples, “Will ye also go away?”, Peter answered, “Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life.” (John 6:67-68)

Eternal life is not to be traded in for eternal political correctness.

One thing I know: if God were as fickle as we are, we couldn’t count on seeing the sun come up tomorrow.


Planet Fitness: an Integrity-Free Zone

Recently, somewhere in the winter wonderland of Michigan, a woman was dressing or undressing in the Planet Fitness locker room when a man strolled in. The woman complained to the front desk. The woman was expelled from Planet Fitness for violating its policy of being a “judgment-free zone” ( ).

“We are canceling your membership for your inappropriate response to the transgendered woman–” in plain English, the man–” in the women’s locker room. You rendered a moral judgement! Don’t you know there are no judgments allowed around here? What are you, a moron? Or just an evil transphobic enemy of the people? Judgment, judgment–we judge you guilty of being judgmental!” (Head spins around, 360 degrees, and the speaker levitates off the floor.)

Call it a logic-free zone, a decency-free zone, a truth-free zone, or anything you want; but one thing you can’t call it is “judgment-free.” Planet Fitness is up to its armpits in value judgments, all of them corrupt and wrong.

Its policy calls for any member to be able to use any and all spa facilities “based on the sincere self-reported gender identification.” Sincere? How the hell do they know who’s sincere and who’s not? Could it be they have to make a judgment call?

Being a walking abomination, a lost soul, a fractured mind, is laudable, worthy of respect or even applause. Objecting to it, in any way, is wrong, worthy of being kicked out of the club. Gee, you’d swear Planet Fitness was judging one moral vision to be right and another to be wrong.

There’s an awful lot of judgment going on in that judgment-free zone.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty thoroughly appalled by the dazzling speed with which this particular abomination has come to demand acceptance by our whole society. Suddenly “transphobia” is a brand-new crime, sin, wicknedness that no one ever heard of until two or three years ago.

Kill the culture, and the country dies.


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