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‘You’re Still a Racist’ (2016)

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Dude! When people call you out for your microaggressions, you gotta listen–because you’re still a racist and you always will be–

Ah, shaddap.


The United Church of Christ is just one of many dying flatline denominations, but noozies who don’t know any better–or who do know better, but just have an aversion to the truth–like to depict it as “a major portion of mainline Christianity.” Complete with “gay marriages,” “gay” clergy, and self-hating white liberals.

The combination of corrupt churches and a corrupt nooze media may not get much done, but it certain is disgusting to look at.

Who Do These People Think They Are?

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To paraphrase Vince Lombardi, and come up with a likely Democrat campaign slogan for 2020, “Race isn’t the most important thing. It’s the only thing!”

Oh, I’m tired of it!

So now it’s presidential wannabe Kirsten Gillibrand, a U.S. Senator from New York, diving headfirst into the racial grievance derby–but get this! She can “talk to those white women who voted for Trump” and win them over for the self-hatred party. She can “explain” to them what their “white privilege” really is! (https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/gillibrand-says-she-can-explain-white-privilege-to-e2-80-98white-women-in-the-suburbs-e2-80-99-who-voted-for-trump/ar-AAF9QtS) That ought to net millions of votes right there.

Do these jerks even know what a president is, or what a president does?

At the flea circus that was last night’s second-round Democrat B.S. session, Gillibrand described America as a racist hell-hole where all black people are at any moment apt to be arrested or shot by police. But not to worry! She’ll simply explain to white people how bad they are and how they ought to apologize for existing, and we’ll wind up with a kind of paradise.

Who do those people think they are? And what a shame it is, that anybody ever listens to them!

It would do much less damage to the country if Dems just held a lottery to pick their candidate.

Don’t even think about voting for any Democrat, anywhere, ever again.

Libs: Don’t Celebrate ‘Racist’ Moon Landing

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They’re liberals. They hate the flag, too.

This is one of the noozy bits that found me under the bed this weekend. You just can’t hide from this stuff.

Wapo And NYT Team Up To Declare Apollo Moon Landing Racist And Sexist

Yes, the big, big stupid nooze media, the Washington Post and the New York Times, joined together in deploring the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing, suggesting that it… well, it doesn’t count! Three white men on the spacecraft, no trannies, no gays, no disabled persons, no women of color (how much room do they think there was in that landing module?)–so it doesn’t count.

Washington Post: “The culture that put men on the moon was intense, fun, family-unfriendly, and mostly white and male.”

New York Times: “The Apollo program was designed by men, for men.”

Whoa, back up? “Family-unfriendly”? This from the same people who want to abort babies as they’re being born? Who want to turn all the girls into fake boys and all the boys into fake girls?

And I could’ve sworn that when those three guys landed on the moon and walked on it, not only did all America stand up and cheer, but a pretty good chunk of the world cheered with us.

“No! You can’t cheer because the astronauts are white and you’re not!”

What kind of wicked nonsense is that?

In that it tirelessly labors to divide people into groups based on external characteristics, and to stir up these groups to hate and fear each other, liberalism is an altogether satanic enterprise and must be defeated and destroyed. Forever.

If only so we can go back to celebrating the three guys who landed on the moon.

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