Another Contest for My Readers

book cover of  Bell Mountain Series

Let’s face it–this little blog, and you, my readers, are all the advertising that I’ve got.

When it comes to Customer Reviews on, the lowest rating I’ve ever received for any of my books is three stars; but mostly it’s five stars, with a few fours thrown in. My sales figures, though–well, the less said about them, the better.

So how about this? Another contest.

The first reader to persuade five other readers to buy one of my books will earn my undying gratitude, plus an autographed copy of one of my books, your choice. I hope this doesn’t turn out to be a much harder job than I expected. Gotta try it, though–word-of-mouth advertising can sometimes do a lot.

We’ll have another comment contest coming up soon, too, as we close in on 5,000 comments. But for the time being, hey, I need more readers.

Will this work? Search me. Only one way to find out, and that’s to try it. Tally-ho!

P.S., How to Enter–Why, that’s easy. Just leave a comment to let me know when you’ve recruited five new readers.

P.P.S.–My wife says, “Five? Isn’t that a bit much?” So all right, I’ll change it to three. The first to find three new readers wins the contest.

The First Little Glimmerings of a New Book

Come Spring, come green buds and sunny mornings, come robins and the first bumble bees, that’s usually time for me to start writing a new book. But this year’s buds are already on the trees, and yesterday came to me the first little blink of an idea.

It needs a couple of months to incubate, but there is something new and fresh waiting to express itself. Of course, because Bell Mountain is a continuing story, there are threads that must be picked up from The Temple and the last book, The Throne, which will be published sometime this year. There are some issues that must be addressed in the next installment of the story.

But I try to write these books in a spirit of receptivity, asking my Lord to give me the story He wants me to tell–and usually I’m surprised by the turn the new story takes. Sometimes I have to write fast, write hard, just to keep up and find out what happens. Last time I started up the stairs to the bedroom not knowing how my current book would reach its climax–for  that matter not knowing the climax, either–and yet by the time I reached the top of the stairs, I knew it all!

It can be quite an overwhelming experience.

For the time being I have to wait and let it come to me. If I go chasing it I’ll never catch it. I don’t think any of the how-to-do-it writing courses tell you to do it this way; but after nine books, who am I to seek a change?

Fellow Bloggers and Readers! Gimme a Boost (Please!)

A reader has pointed out to me (thank you, Jaroc Swift!) that I haven’t been making good use of the social media. That’s because I’m an ignoramus when it comes to stuff like that. No, really–I never even thought about it.

So I’m acting on what I believe to be an excellent suggestion, and appealing to my readers and my fellow bloggers to share (Share?) my posts, etc., on assorted social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and whatever else there is out there. Remember how long it took me to learn how to post pictures and videos up here? That’ll give you an idea why I’ve been so behind-hand vis-a-vis the social media.

My publisher doesn’t do hardly any advertising, and has never had the connections to get their books into the bookstores, so really all I’ve got is this blog. No wonder “Abner Doubleday” thinks I’m an insect. (I would send Joe Collidge after him, but I’m pretty sure Joe is on his side.)

But if a few dozen of you, the few, the proud, start circulating my stuff around the social media, maybe I’ll come up in the world.

P.S.–Tomorrow, after I sleep on it and talk it over with Patty, I may have some news for you regarding my next Bell Mountain book.

The ‘Bell Mountain Movie’: Bring on the Bad Guys

It will still be some months before I’ll be ready to write my next Bell Mountain novel, but I want to start psyching myself for it now.

And so I imagine an epic series of movies, no holds barred, and entertain myself by finding actors to play the host of characters involved. A lot of the major characters are children, though, and the right child actors for these parts have yet to be discovered. So I just cast for the adult roles.

Here are a few of my executive decisions so far.

Director: Akira Kurosawa

Villains (I’ve got the bad guys all lined up–don’t ask me why)

Lord Reesh: Claude Raines

Judge Tombo: Victor Buono

Goryk Gillow: Vincent Price

Lord Chutt: John Nettles (Midsomer Murders)

Ysbott the Snake: Wes Studi (Magua in The Last of the Mohicans)

Good Guys

Roshay Bault: Robert Shaw

Obst the Hermit: Max von Sydow

Szugetai the Horse Lord: Toshiro Mifune

Prester Jod: Martin Shaw

Chagadai the Ghol: Eli Wallach

Chief Xhama: Ken Gampu

Well, that’s as far as I’ve got. Looks like my readers will have to help me out! Which you can’t do, I guess, unless you’ve read the books. Some of them, at least. Be especially on the lookout for an actress in her late teens to play Queen Gurun, a most important and challenging role.

Your Absolute Last Chance!

Today is your absolute last chance to buy one of my books in 2015. Sorry, I’d change it if I could, but them’s the rules. After midnight today, it just can’t be done.

So… if you want fantasy and adventure based on a Biblical worldview, suitable reading for the whole family, especially for ages 12 and up, with eight books in the series, so that it’ll be a nice long time before you run out of stuff to read–

Well, if that’s what you want, folks, I’ve got it. And I’ve got it right here. Just click “Books” at the top of the page.

And now, I think, I’ll rest–punctuated by compulsive peeks at my Stats Board to see if I can get those 4,000 hits this month.

Just 50 more to go…

Coming Close–So Close!–to 4,000 Hits

Here’s Ty Cobb, the first to get 4,000 hits. It took him many years to do it, and I’m a much nicer person than he was.

December of 2015 is already a record month for this blog. But if I can run up another 200 hits before they drop the ball tomorrow night, I will have made it to 4,000 hits for the month.

Well, what’s that, in the total scheme of things? I dunno, but it’ll make me feel good. Never got 4,000 hits in a month.

WordPress informs me that I have posted on this blog every single day of 2015, so far, with only tomorrow left to go. So I’ve held up my end, right?

And remember, I’m still taking requests for hymns. That window will be open every day from now on.

And if you’re new to this blog, please click “Books” (at the top of the page) and take a look at my Bell Mountain series of novels. Sample chapters, covers, blurbs–it’s all there.

Now to hunker down and see if we can make it to 4,000…

P.S.: WordPress has clarified this for me. If you visit the site and read one post, and then another, it counts as one Visitor, but two Views.

Attention, Readers: New Comment Contest

These girls would be even happier if they entered my comment contest…

In keeping with this festive season of the year (I’ve always wanted to say that!), I am opening another comment contest for readers of this blog.

Whoever sends in comment No. 4,000 will receive one of my books, free–your choice of title.

Not eligible will be ads disguised as comments, using my page as free advertising space–shame on them!–or comments personally abusive to me or any reader, comments containing the f-bomb or any other profanity, or stuff that’s just too inane to publish.

If you’re still in the dark about how to post a comment, just look at the fine print at the bottom of one of my posts and click “Leave a Reply.”


My Books Make Swell Christmas Presents

Sorry, but I couldn’t think of any way to write this without it sounding like a commercial. I guess that’s because it is a commercial.

But I’m the only advertising I’ve got, so please bear with me.

Heroic fantasy and adventure, written from a Biblical worldview–that’s what my books are about. Starting with Bell Mountain, then The Cellar Beneath the Cellar, there are now eight books in the series. The newest, The Temple, came out just in time for Christmas.

To see the covers, and read blurbs and sample chapters, just click “Books” at the top of this page. You can order them either through or directly from the publisher (shopping cart logo). You might also want to check out the amazon Customer Reviews, most of which have given these books five stars.

All right, commercial’s over. I have fulfilled the original mission of this blog.

I’ve Got My Books!

It’s always a big day for me when I get my author’s copies of my book. Today I got my copies of The Temple. That cover looks good! My wife is already hunkered down to read it.

You may have noticed that I’m blogging more, of late. That’s because I’m between books, and that always makes me antsy. But I know I’ll have to wait months before the Lord starts me on the next story that He wants me to tell. He knows I need that time to rest and renew my resources.

The Temple is Book No. 8 in my Bell Mountain series, and the themes remain the same throughout: God’s sovereignty over all Creation; His power to intervene in history–without abrogating our free will; how He draws individuals and nations to Himself; and how the characters learn to know and love God through obedience, through sacrifice, hard work, enduring hardship, taking risks, and loving one another.

In all of this, whether I’m writing or not writing, my one indispensable tool is God’s own word, the Bible. I want my stories to be steeped in the Bible: it’s the only way to make them valid.

If you’re new to this blog, welcome. And if all of this is new to you, a lot more information is available just by clicking “Books” at the top of this page.

‘The Temple’ Now Available in Kindle

Product Details

Wahoo! We did it! The Temple, No. 8 in my Bell Mountain Series, has gone on sale in time for Christmas.

So far it’s only in Kindle, but it won’t be long before the paperback is ready.

Meanwhile, this is brand-new, hot off the press–and it needs people to read it and review it. Who will be the first?

Come on–doncha want to find out what happens when King Ryons’ little army gets to the Thunder King’s huge and terrible fortress at Kara Karram? That is, if they get there at all. But you can read the full blurb when you click “Books.” And dig that cover by Kirk DuoPonce!