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Is This Poll for Real?

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The answer to the headline question is, “Probably not.” The last time we heard from NBC Nooze, they were insisting it’d be illegal to vote for Donald Trump. And the Wall Street Journal is well known for its embrace of illegal aliens as a source of cheap labor. So put ’em together in an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, and you don’t exactly have credibility a la mode.

But for what it’s worth, a new NBC/WSJ poll finds “socialism” the most unappealing quality in a presidential candidate (https://www.foxnews.com/politics/socialist-unpopular-quality-presidential-candidate-poll-finds). Indeed, 67% of respondents said they were “very uncomfortable” with a socialist running for president.

The majority also said they were uncomfortable with a candidate over 75 years old, and/or with a candidate who had had a heart attack. Does that sound to you like it’s starting to add up to Bernie Sanders–a socialist old guy who’s had a heart attack?

And yet Bernie is now the clear front-runner in the race to see which idiot gets the Democrat presidential nomination; and his loyal Bernie Bros have pledged riots and arson if the Democrat National Committee screws him out of it again, as they did in 2016. This is sort of an experiment: riots and arson as planks in the platform.

Thing is, the Democrat establishment is beaucoup uncomfortable with Bernie’s baldly stated socialism. They very much prefer the kind of socialism that you suddenly find surrounding you when you wake up in the morning, and you have no idea how it got there. You’re sure it wasn’t there when you went to bed that night.

Bernie is not stealth socialism. His followers aren’t bashful about recommending gulags for anyone who didn’t vote for their guy. Or anyone who doesn’t jump high enough when they say “Jump!” Even other Democrats have objected to the kind of company Bernie keeps. How awful do you have to be before another Democrat notices?

Meanwhile–here’s where the Wall Street Journal part comes in–47% of respondents are “very uncomfortable” with President Donald Trump on the ballot.

This really is a lot of bilge, isn’t it?


‘Special Tactical Agents’ Sent to ‘Sanctuary Cities’

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“Sanctuary” is such a nice-sounding word; but when libs use it, they’re talking about making America’s cities law-free zones for illegal aliens–many of them criminals.

So President Donald Trump is doing something about it: deploying 100 “special tactical agents” from the U.S. Border Patrol to “sanctuary cities” to help enforce our country’s immigration laws in the face of open and boisterous defiance on the part of city officials (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/02/14/report-trump-deploying-elite-tactical-agents-to-10-sanctuary-cities/). At the same time, Attorney General William Barr has filed lawsuits against these cities for attempting to nullify federal immigration laws.

The goal is to increase the number of arrests by 35 percent.

Wailing and gnashing of teeth by Democrats.

Why is enforcing our country’s immigration laws controversial? These are laws duly enacted by Congress over the years. They have not been repealed.

But leftids see illegal aliens as a source of illegal votes, to help them get back into power and keep power indefinitely. It’s part of that “fundamental transformation of America” that they’re so high on. Transformation into what, you don’t want to know. Pray we never find out.

The president is doing the best he can to defend our laws and our borders, which is his duty. He’s also trying to keep the campaign promises that got him elected in 2016.

“Open borders” is a prescription for the destruction of our country.  Democrats don’t care if they destroy it, as long as they can rule it.

Crush them in November. All of them.

The Impeechmint It was Riggded!!!

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Themb dam Russhins thay done “it” “to” us aggen!!!

Yiu know i culd hardlie whait “for” that Impeechmint so we cood “get rid Of” that Donold Trumpt and maik Hillery the pressadint or even “has” Pressadint Obamma “back” so he canbe pressadint aggen,, “this” time for 20twenny yeers or evin moar and i was whaiting and Whaiting for tooday so thay cood “has” “the” Impeechmint

and thenn i fineded Out it was “the” Other Day, Toozeday or somthing!! AND IT DIDNT WHORK!!!!!!!!!! Thay toled me it didnt Whork!!!!

Whell i coodnt beleave it,, it was like In The Bag,, how culd It possablie Not Whork???? i was So up-setted,,, i coodnt evin Eat my Jim sox!!!!

Butt nhow i Know whatt Hapened!! “Yes” nhow “the” Trooth it comed Out!!!

Maxxeen Wauters ((she was Misss Amairicka oncet] she sayed Wat Hapened was, The Russhins, they tamponed whith The Tryall and riggded it so That “it” woodnt Whork!!! Jist like they done whith “the” Elecksion in 2017!!!!! Thay fixed It “and” thay Riggded it!!!!! and that Is whye Trumpt he is goingto “sel” themb Allasker,, Attum Shift he fowned “that” Out!!! He whil selll It “cheep” tooo!!!! and Trumpt he wil Probbly sel themb haffa duzzin Other Stayts “too”!!!!

We was goingto has A Nood Pro-Test tooday but it “is” too Coled!!! and that is Becose Of “globble Wharming” and Climbit Chainge!!! witch is al Trumpts fallt too!!!

I jist “cant” beleave It!!!!!!!!!!

Help Wanted: Boogieman

Watch Squeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi–all class!–tear up the text of President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Speech last night. But her cohorts of flying monkeys hardly behaved any better.  If you voted for any of them in 2018, shame on you.

What are these people (I use the word advisedly) going to do with themselves when Donald Trump is no longer president? Their world has narrowed down to one tiny pinhole in the dark: hatred of Donald Trump. It has become who they are. Attacking him is the only thing they know how to do anymore.

What do they have to offer us? The De Luxe Far Left Crazy Fun Pack: transgender, open borders, high taxes, anti-free speech, anti-religion, abolish the Electoral College so California and New York and Illinois can dictate to the rest of the country, pack the Supreme Court, give Iran money to develop nuclear weapons…

They just can’t believe the American people don’t want what they’re selling. It must be The Russians tampering with our public opinion.

Is the Democrat Party still a political party, or has it metastasized into some kind of cult?

First put them out of business, once and for all; then study them.

‘Those Who Can’t Do, and Don’t Know How, Govern’ (2014)

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Where did we ever get the idea that lifelong career politicians ought to run the show?


I mean, really, that’s almost as dumb as putting ourselves into the hands of lifelong academics. Oops. We do that, too.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump continues to accomplish things that the whole political class has always deemed impossible–like trade deals that don’t screw us, creating a favorable climate for the growth of industry, getting the rest of NATO to pay their fair share of the costs… little stuff like that.

Maybe one of these days he can get us out of the U.N.

Three Years of Trump

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Hmmm… let’s see… Three years of Donald Trump in the White House, and what have we got to show for it?

Lowest unemployment rate ever. Highest workforce participation rate in living memory. Bad trade deals out, better ones in. ISIS virtually wiped out. Reduction of tensions with North Korea. Countless idle and burdensome regulations erased. Millions of people off food stamps. And all of this with Democrats, nooze media, and the colleges and looniversities opposing him every step of the way.

It raises a question: “Why can’t our professional expert career politicians do stuff like this?”

True, some pathetic attempts were made to hijack the re-invigorated American economy and re-brand it “the Obama economy.” Those relied on a presumption of amnesia on the part of the public. Like, we somehow forgot Obama himself saying the manufacturing jobs were never coming back, not ever, and sneering at Trump and saying, “What’s he gonna do, wave a magic wand?” Well, common-sense economic policies would look like incomprehensible sorcery to such as he.

Meanwhile Joe Biden talks about kids rubbing his hairy legs and Elizabeth Warren is good for a new lie every day. Presidential timber, courtesy of our professional political class.

Another question: “What do we need our ruling class for?” I mean they despise us; everything we want them to do is somehow “impossible”; they sell us out to special interests, even to foreign special interests, every chance they get; and they are clearly ineffectual, bumbling, and, above all, shockingly corrupt nincompoops. They sit there in Washington and waste our money (when they’re not simply stealing it) and dream up schemes to “fundamentally transform” our country into God knows what. They’re more interested in pleasing Planned Parenthood than they are in pleasing the American people.

Donald Trump came from outside the political class and has racked up all these accomplishments in just three years–again, with the bad guys opposing him every step of the way.

Maybe our political class shouldn’t be in our politics anymore.

President’s New Executive Order Protects Religious Liberty, School Prayer

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We’ve got to keep declaring our independence

Lost in last week’s hubbub with the “impeachment” circus was a new executive order by President Trump which “details scenarios in which school officials must permit prayer and clarifies the consequences if they don’t” (https://www.winknews.com/2020/01/16/president-trump-boosts-expanding-religious-prayer-in-public-schools/). No wonder all the bad guys hate him so.

The order states that now students may pray alone or in groups during lunch or other free periods.

It also eliminates a rule requiring religious groups to refer clients to “alternative organizations on request.” What that does is rein in the government’s insistence on telling you what you must say in certain circumstances, even if it goes against your conscience. Liberals love telling you what you must say, even while they compile long lists of things you can’t say.

Finally, the order will make it easier for religious groups to access federal grant programs.

Bear in mind that the president is not “giving” us anything that we don’t already have. We belong to God, who has endowed us with certain inalienable rights. What President Trump has done is to push back against humanists’ long campaign to restrict religious speech and practice. Which we should never have let them do in the first place.

He has also struck a blow against the unspoken but plainly communicated proposition that America’s state religion is secular humanism (which is a nice name for atheism).

Far Left Crazy has wailed and gnashed its teeth over this. Expect court cases to follow.

Honest, I Was Kidding

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Joe Collidge at rest

I’m a little daunted by the inexplicable success of Friday’s “Joe Collidge” post, “Trumpt he Is Finnished.” It had only seven views the day it came out: “Laid an egg with that one,” I thought. But Saturday it had 27–unheard-of! And this morning, ten more.

Just for the record, President Trump is not “Finnished” by any means, although we can surely hope the freakin’ Democrats are. Here in New Jersey, one of our Democrat Congressman is so disgusted with the dum-dum on Capitol Hill, he has announced his intention to turn Republican.

One of the perils of writing satire is that someone might take it seriously. I try to stay outside the bounds of credibility when I write satire, but the boundaries of real-world silliness are expanding all the time. What’s satire today may well be news tomorrow.

The “Joe Collidge” pieces are written with satirical intent, as a commentary on the blustering, blithering twaddle that calls itself “higher education.” If Joe ever says anything that turns out to be true, it’s pure accident. He certainly wouldn’t do it on purpose.

So don’t be afraid of anything he says. But be afraid of an “education” system that cranks out liberals. Be very afraid of that.

Trumpt he Is Finnished!!!

Image result for images of hillary clinton with crown

Oman whatt grate news!! Thay has impeetched Donold Trump, he “is” gone and “he” Is Dunn For!!! and iff he “Stil” woont go awhay thay will Impeetch him Twyce!! And thenn Hillery she will “Be” Pressadint,, and that whil Give “us” time so that Pressadint Obomma he “can” “be” Pressadint aggen!!!!!! Oar we cood jist has Two 2 Pressadints himn And Hillery!!!

Hear at Collidge wee “are” Alll so Hapy we are Jumppin Upanddown it is so Grate!!!! and thiss Time we “can” chainge the Law so the rihght perssin thay whin The Elecksion evry Time and thare no Moar bad precidints like Trumpt!! And Hillery it is Her Tern so “she” auhght to “be” Precidant foar Fitfy 50 Yeers and Precidunt Obomma he “can” “be” Pressadont four Evver!!!

My Prefesser he sayed nhow Donoldt Trump he “wil” has to go To Jale and probbly shood auhght to be Extacuttid for Abstraction of Congrass!!!! and affter that he shood be shott! Like fromb nhow On evry Boddy whoo dont voat Forr a Progestive thay shood be shooted tooo!!!! Thatt is How “we” can “insure” Demmocratsy!!!!!

Me I cannt weit foar Hillerey to Take Over and make the hole Countrie Trans Ginder!!!! And aslo thare whil be a hole Lott “of” Free Stuff!!!!

Preventive Impeachment?

See the source image

“When shall we three meet again?” (Macbeth, Act 1, Scene 1)

We now have the House Judiciary Committee Report on why President Donald Trump just has to be impeached. The purpose of this move, says the report, is “not to inflict punishment for past wrongdoing–” eh?–“but rather to save the Nation from misconduct that endangers democracy–” what?–“and the rule of law” (https://townhall.com/columnists/jennaellis/2019/12/09/house-judiciary-report-bombshell-dems-trying-to-change-the-constitution-n2557690). LOL for that last bit.

To translate Dem-speak into plain English: they can’t “inflict punishment for past wrongdoing,” because there’s no past wrongdoing to punish; so what they’re gonna do is inflict punishment for any wrongdoing that the president might do, sometime in the future.

Is it necessary to point out that our system of governing ourselves is not “democracy,” but a republic? The terms are not interchangeable! To speak of the United States as a “democracy” has only two purposes: to bamboozle a poorly-educated audience, or to display the speaker’s own ignorance. Or both.

The formal Articles of Impeachment, proposed by rabidly partisan Democrats, are: 1) “obstruction of Congress” (breaking a law that does not exist) and 2) “abuse of power,” which, in a Republican president, can mean something as simple as being elected in the first place.

And after calling us every low-down name in the book–racists, haters, biggits, stupid hicks, deplorables, xenophobes, etc.–Democrats expect us to rally ’round their flag and overthrow the president that we elected to pull the Deep State monkey off our backs. “Oh, we see the light now! We are so happy that every schmendrick that we send to Capitol Hill comes home a millionaire! We are so happy that Bernie Sanders owns four houses! And that Joe Biden’s son was earning more than $50,000 a month for a no-show job in a foreign country! No more Trump! We can’t wait to get back to business as usual! That’s going to be just so great when you repeal our tax cuts and shower the money on illegal aliens! What a pity that we have to wait for it!”

The day the Democrat Party is put out of business forever, the very sidewalks of America will break out in rejoicing.

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