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‘#RedforEd’ Demands AZ Teachers Join Walkout

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How “red” are they?

The head honcho of the Arizona teachers’ union has called upon union members to “intimidate” teachers who won’t join a May Day walkout planned by the “#RedforEd” movement within several teachers’ unions nationwide (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/04/23/watch-az-teachers-union-head-pressures-teachers-to-intimidate-colleagues-to-join-redfored-walk-outs/). By “intimidate” he means “coerce and bully,” not to mention “threaten.”

It makes me think of Abe Vigoda playing a union boss in a Rockford Files episode. Asked about some of the activities of union goons, the boss replies, “We call them labor  consultants now.”

Supposedly this is about higher pay and, ahem, a better education for the kiddies. In 2016 Arizona teachers ranked 43rd in the nation in salary. It’s about mo’ money. But critics think it’s also about clamping down a Far Left Crazy ideology on all teachers in all the public schools… as if they didn’t already have one.

Anyway, they’ve got the union boss on video calling for strongarm tactics, a la Jimmy Hoffa in the bad old days, and we’ll have to see just how radical those tactics turn out to be.

Do you trust these people to educate your children?

Would you like to buy the Brooklyn Bridge?

‘So, Kiddies, You Get Drunk and Have Sex…’ (2015)

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Sometimes it just paralyzes the mind, to think that our government–that we pay for, that’s supposed to represent us–gets up to wicked mischief like this.


This “lesson” was for eighth graders, 13-year-olds. It was perpetrated by the government, under the guise of Common Core–the federal government’s scheme for to micromanaging every public school classroom in America.

Why don’t we hear much about Common Core anymore?

Mostly because Common Core got real unpopular–so the states that had it stopped using the name and “rewrote” a lot of it. So a lot of states still have it. The Trump administration isn’t pushing it, but hasn’t been able to get rid of it entirely, either.

If we ever elect another Democrat president, Common Core will come roaring back in all its awfulness.

Now the Colleges Hate White Women, Too

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Do we have to shout it from the housetops? “College” has become toxic, an active virus infecting our society, and it must have no more of public funds. Cut it back! Cut it way, way back!

Having amassed a great reservoir of hatred and contempt for white men who are not homosexuals, “higher education” is now spewing its vitriol at white women.

Profs and other idiots are flocking to a symposium in Toronto to hear a paper by a… student… entitled, “Love in the Time of Beckyism: On Willfulness and Wokeness–” what? wokeness?–“in Teacher Education” (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=12134).

What the devil is “Beckyism”? Well, “Becky” is a new term coined by, ahem, educators to show their disdain for young white women–same thing as calling a black person “Sambo.”

Let me quote at length from the symposium’s organizers.

“In the tradition of speculative fiction, parable, and counterstorytelling [?] within critical race theory [?], this session aims to problematize [?] the characterization of ‘Becky,’ a term specific to white women who engage in whiteness [?], often in gendered ways [?]… This characterization is relevant to education by critically examining who is Becky and how she is characterized, her positionality [?] in education, and how the hope for diversity, inclusion, equity, and racial justice [?] within the P-20 educational pipeline [whatever that is] is impacted by Becky” (who, we are told, “enacts oppression”)…”

Is this even English? Is this how sane people talk?

More: “Explorations of Becky and implications of educational practice from a variety of perspectives and contexts will illuminate the dynamics of power, privilege, and oppression tied to the gendered and raced mechanisms of whiteness [?] enacted by Becky.”

Can you feel the love?

And, “This paper establishes how white women are not seeking to disinvest from whiteness,” blah-blah-blah. Gonna need two Drivel Bingo cards for this one.

This is being done on your dime, America. These are your colleges and universities, that you pay for, expressing the most profound contempt for you and everything you value–and teaching your children to do the same.

That’s your tuition money, and your taxes. Those are your daughters, whom they despise as “Becky.” It really ought to make you mad.

It is a sin to raise up strife among people who would otherwise be at peace with one another. But this is what our colleges are doing–every day, everywhere. A self-respecting people would put a stop to it.

Now. Stop it now.

Do You Have to Agree with Bernie, to Ace the SAT?

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Don’t forget to agree with him when you take your SAT

The New Hampshire Dept. of Education has added a “pro-Bernie Sanders essay question” to this year’s Scholastic Aptitude Test, which 13,000 students have taken so far (https://godfatherpolitics.com/new-hampshire-dept-of-education-indoctrinating-students-with-bernie-sanders-praise-on-sat-tests/).

Sanders, an avowed socialist, is a leading contender for next year’s Democrat presidential nomination. Students were asked to “read and process” an op-ed he wrote in 2014 and tell “whether or not the author made a persuadable argument,” explained one of the state’s education commissars. Oops. I mean commissioner.

Here’s a quote from Sanders’ op-ed: “[W]ealthy special interests who want to privatize or dismember virtually every function the government now performs… to make billions in profits out of these services.” (Question: why can’t the government run them efficiently and profitably?)

We are not told what a student has to say in his essay, to get a good grade and qualify for further indoctrination in college… but I think we can guess it’d be something like this.

“Wow! He is like so right on! There’s nothing the private sector can do that government can’t do better, and prophits, like, dude, they are just so icky and bad! I hate prophits! I love the government! Bernie for president!”

Definitely ready for college.

Some Kinda Stupid

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Hmm, let’s see… In a case of some homicidal maniac barging into a school and shooting everybody, which do you suppose would be the more effective policy–to have some of the teachers armed, so they could maybe plug the bad guy before he can rack up his full tally of victims… or to give teachers another pay raise?

Sen. Kamala Harris, one of the Democrat Gang of 20 who think they should be president, sez “We need to give teachers a raise–not guns” (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/04/15/kamala-harris-give-teachers-raise-not-guns/).

What? As in “You can’t shoot me–I make too much money”?

In many communities, public school teachers already make multiples of what the defenseless taxpayers make. A few more multiples will make them safer? How? Well, I guess if you can retire at 35 instead of 55 and go on a world cruise, you ought to be pretty safe from school shooters.

It’s not funny that America is always one election away from self-destruction, anymore. Obama wounded us; Hillary would have surely finished us. For as long as the Democrat Party breeds nothing but Far Left Crazy, it constitutes an existential threat to our country.

But it’s great for teachers’ unions!

‘Reparations’–Not Me, Pal

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They want to punish you for what you didn’t do.

I’ve been holding off writing about “reparations,” because frankly I don’t need a lot of Far Left Crazy morons calling me a racist. But enough is enough already.

Georgetown Looniversity students have voted for a “manadatory reparations fee” to be paid by undergraduates to the “descendants of 272 slaves that Georgetown sold in 1838” (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=12094). Lemme see… that’d be 181 years ago.

“Reparations” doctrine states that all “white people” are guilty for slavery in America, even 181 years ago, even people whose ancestors weren’t here when slavery was formally and forever ended in 1865. You’re all guilty and you’ve all got to pay!

One–count ’em: one–of my ancestors got off the boat just in time to be sucked into the Union army and shot in the head at Chancellorsville.

I refuse to be punished for slavery.

Besides which, “reparations” is a flagrant violation of the Constitution.

P.S.–Every single one of the 20 Democrat candidates for president has publicly stated his or her support for making you pay for what other people did over 150 years ago.

Vote for a Democrat at your peril.

And now I just can’t take any more news. Basta, basta for today!

‘Common Core: 5 + 5+ 5 Does NOT = 15’ (2015)

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Hey! Let’s have the federal government micromanage every public school classroom in America!

The result of that brainstorm was “Common Core,” and suddenly 5 + 5+ 5 doesn’t equal 15.


Common Core soon wore out its welcome and, one by one, states have been repealing it. You don’t hear much about it anymore.

But don’t be fooled. Mostly what they did was change the names and plug in a few rewrites. Public school still sucks.

‘School Demands Silent Cheers’ (2016)

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Don’t worry–they’re all cheering silently

What is the sound of one hand clapping?

Attend this high school in Sydney, Australia, and find out!


Now, you may wonder what somebody is doing, who can’t stand any noise, attending a live sports event, complete with crowd. But if you’re a school official, you wouldn’t wonder about a think like that. Instead, you would just order the fans in the bleachers to keep silence throughout the game. Just in case there might be somebody in the crowd who can’t tolerate noise.

If you send your kids to public school, anywhere in the world, complete this sentence and win a propeller cap. I send my children to be “educated” by these idiots because __________.

‘Public Schools’ “Social Justice Education” Cloaks Marxist Teaching’

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It’s not just a scary movie

Chalcedon’s editors re-ran this article today: “Although written 12 years ago, this piece by Lee Duigon lays out what has been in progress for a long time.”


Far Left Crazy has had twelve years, since I wrote this, to continue their work of turning America’s public schools into left-wing indoctrination mills, complete with “teachers’ collectives,” ideologically-saturated lesson plans, and “social justice academies” within the schools. And students at more than a few teachers’ colleges have to prove they’re on board the socialist express if they want to get certified.

Our whole country should be certified, for putting up with this. And paying for it!

I hardly dare speculate as to how far this folly was advanced during the eight years Obama & Co. owned the government.

Nothing has done our country more harm than its public education system.

Get your kids out now.


‘Feed the Kiddies Like Mrs. O Says, or Else’ (2016)

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Bon appetite!

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear, when the president’s freakin’ wife, whom no one voted for, who is accountable to no one, got to decide what millions and millions of kids in public schools could have or not have for lunch.


Want those days to come again?

Next election, just refrain from voting Republican.

By and by, they won’t be satisfied with controlling what your kids can eat. They’ll tell you what to eat!

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