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‘School Makes 3-Year-Olds Sign Pledge Not to Use “Transphobic” Language’ (2015)

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Wait’ll he’s 25 and finds out what he “signed” when he was three years old…

I’m surprised this fad has not yet swept through America’s public schools. Maybe our “educators” simply missed it.

As usual, Britain, the Mother Country, leads the way to idiotic madness–making toddlers sign–sign? did he say “sign”? Yeah, ‘fraid so–pledges not to use “transphobic language”, like, ever.


Of course it’s more than just madness. It’s distilled evil.

And if we don’t put a stop to it, God will.

In Case You Still Suspected that They Might Be Sane…

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The crop failed, but at least we’ve got gender equity in agriculture!

This is not satire.

Penn State University, where Jerry Sandusky practiced pedophilia for 15 years before they finally caught him in 2011, plans to offer a “gender fellow” thingy for doctoral students so they can “examine the relations between gender and agriculture” (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=11671).


Supposedly, “promoting gender equity in agriculture” will someday, somehow, “alleviate global hunger and poverty.” Uh-huh.

As in, “Well, we couldn’t grow any food this year, but we sure got gender equity!”

And people are spending hard-earned money to send their kids to this madhouse?

Go ahead–tell me the loons who came up with this caper are in their right minds and know what they’re doing. Tell me it’s money well spent.

And I’ll tell you it’s time to cut off all public funding to the universities, and let them sink or swim in a free market.

‘No More Girls in Girls’ School’ (2016)

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If they ain’t girls, and they ain’t boys, then what are they? (On second thought, don’t answer that.)

This crazy **** is happening right in front of us in real time, and I don’t know anybody who can tell us why. Here, two years ago, the Girls School Assn. in the UK wishes to drop the word “girls” because “girls” is not “inclusive” enough.


Who decided everything that to be “inclusive”?

There’s this thing called “language,” see, it’s our primary means of communication, and it consists of these other things called “words.” And if a word does not exclude all the meanings except for the one the speaker actually wishes to convey, then it’s not a freakin’ word anymore! It’s just noise.

If girls are not girls, what are they?

But I don’t think I want to know the Left’s answer to that question.

‘More Crap from Common Core’

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Love that government!

Until Common Core is actually repealed–and that’s never going to happen, with Democrats owning the House of Representatives–we will never be safe from “When the government speaks, the people must obey!”


In case you had any doubts that we are living in a fallen world.

And y’know what’s the scariest part? That our country, these United States–we are the Rolls-Royce, the gold standard, the Faberge Easter Egg of human dignity and liberty in this so badly fallen world. No other country even comes close, except for maybe Costa Rica, although I’m not so sure about them lately.

Freedom is not natural in a fallen world. Tyranny is. Rending each other is.

For as long as we stand under God, we stand.

Out from under God… we fall like the rest of ’em.

As England Turns Its Culture Inside-Out

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I still don’t understand why anyone would do this. Do you?

Across the Atlantic, the local council governing the city of Brighton has ordered its schools to teach the, uh, “lesson” (?) that boys and men can have periods, just like girls and women (https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2018/12/16/schools-eight-year-olds-boys-periods/).

Do we even have to mention that’s not true? The council–dominated by the Green Party, which tells you something right there–calls this “Taking a Period Positive Approach in Brighton and Hove Schools.” They want to “reduce the stigma” of having a menstrual cycle, adding that “periods are something to celebrate” all over the world. Yeah. Right.

And so, to make girls feel good about themselves when they become old enough to have periods, the schools in Brighton will teach that everybody, men and boys included, has periods. The schools are now in the business of knowingly teaching something that is blatantly untrue, to serve an ideological end.

Somewhere along the way, there’s bound to be a little boy, his brain addled and battered by this sort of schooling, who grows alarmed and despondent when he doesn’t have a period. What an achievement by the educators!

Why are we doing these things? How is any of this supposed to benefit anyone? Why do we teach preposterous lies and turn our whole culture inside-out to please some incalculably tiny minority and its left-wing political sponsors?

O Lord our God, remember that these things are done without our consent, against our will, and over our objections: in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prepared for Life… as What?

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A personal anecote: a man who operates a Lindt candy shop in one of our New Jersey malls wished to hire part-time help, as do many small businesses during the Christmas season. So he hired a recent high school graduate.

As he tried to instruct her in her not-terribly-complicated duties, she interrupted with an objection. “I can’t count nickels.” “What?” “I can’t count nickels.” What she meant was, she couldn’t count by fives: 5-10-15-20-etc. Never learned. She can probably tell you all about Diversity, though. In case anybody comes into the shop looking for that instead of chocolate truffles.

He wrote her a short list of what she had to do. Another objection: “I can’t read that.” Turns out she can’t read cursive writing, never learned how.

What were they doing with her, all those years in school? With all those $100,000-a-year teachers and administrators? With all those tax dollars spent on her, ahem, “education”?

On second thought, I think I’d rather not hear the answer.

‘Your Tuition Dollars at Work: University Pries into Students’ Sex Lives’ (2014)

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If, for instance, Walmart wished to pry into its employees’ sex lives, and required each and every one of them to fill out a questionnaire demanding the most intimate, detailed information… what do you suppose people would have to say about that? Would they not marvel that Walmart dared to do such a thing? Would they not be crying out for the CEO’s head on a pole?

Not that the public was exactly tickled pink when this publicly-funded looniversity did the same thing, four years ago:


You do wonder what kind of upbringing these academics and administrators must have had–or if they had any kind at all.

Next question: why do we entrust our children’s “higher education” to such people? Answer that one, if you can!

What We’re Up Against

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Why do we have to pray so hard, sing so many hymns, and speak the truth?

Because we live in a fallen world that’s falling farther every day: but we proclaim our loyalty to Jesus Christ the King of kings.

For instance: The principal of Manchester Elementary School in Omaha, Nebraska, has been “placed on leave,” whatever that means, for banning candy canes from her school’s classrooms. Candy canes, she explained in a memo to all staff, when you turn ’em upside-down, make a “J” for Jesus and that’s not allowed, it is forbidden… (http://thepoliticalforums.com/threads/103592-Principal-bans-candy-canes-says-%E2%80%98J-shape%E2%80%99-stands-for-Jesus). “Historically, the shape is a J for Jesus,” she wrote. We wonder how close she came to banning the letter “j” altogether.

She also banned the colors red and green.

It seems the school board took action because they were scared of being sued for showing overt hostility to Christianity and Christians. Supreme Court recently said you can’t do that. But don’t look for any “human rights” commissions to stop doing it.

As it is, the traditional Christmas holiday that always used to be observed by schools is mostly now a thing not to be mentioned: now the holiday is usually spoken of as some kind of “winter” celebration.

Secular tinhorns can’t make up their minds about which religion they’re trying to establish as the official state religion of America–atheism or retro paganism. Either way, public education is on board. Anything but Jesus, is their motto.

And Christians continue to send their kids to these schools because ________?

We live in a dark age. Sing louder! It may let in some light.


We Prottest Wite Chrismist!!!

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The Collidge Quire,, i didnt “know” we “had” one, thay singed a Chrismist Consert lasst nihght() i didn know “we” hadd one of Those ether,, but we got a Preotest togetther and we maid themb Stop!!! In facked nowh thay “are” apollogyzing for singing I Amb Dreembing Of a Whyte Crismiss!! We “shuld Not” has beeen So Incentsive,, thatt Is “waht” thare Saying Now and The Stodent Soviet whe has centinced themb to Riggerous Re-Education it wil taik Three yeers!

I meen haow stopid can yiu Get, singing abote A Wyte Crismist?? Yiu cant be aloud “to” sing abote Anny Thing that Is Whyte!! or say anny thing is wyte,, thare is not Nothingg that is wite thatt yiu shuld be “aloud To” say,^ thare Can Bee No Socile Jutstus Unless Thare Isnt Nothing Whyte No Moar!!!!! i cannat say that Strungly enuhgh!!

Some Hater he tryed to saiy “wyte chrismist” it is Only Abote Snohw and snowh it is Wyte it is awlyaws wite wel i Dont “care” it is jist Hat Speach!! and so we fowned his byke and slatched the tyres!! wee was goingto beet himb Up butt thare was only Fore of Us so we decydid Not To!!

Neckst Semestur wee “are” going to get Rid “of” al Whyte Paiper and only has Paiper Of Cullor whe wil Not “stop” untill thare isnt nothing wite no moar!!!!


‘Poll: Ninnies Reject Capitalism’ (2016)

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So they polled a bunch of Millenials (I don’t like where that label is headed, but never mind) and found 51% of them said they don’t like capitalism and would rather be rid of it (https://leeduigon.com/2016/08/03/poll-ninnies-reject-capitalism/).

But only 31% said they wanted socialism instead–so they don’t really know what they want. Three wishes, probably.

America is “educating” herself to death.

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