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I Can Stay in Collidge!

Well I got no money anymor, my dad he wont pay for no mor collidge, but I am a interllectural so I has found a way for me to stay in collidge til I get my degre in Gender Studies. My prefesser thouht it up.

Its simple, all I got to do is let some prefesser in Reallity Studies exspearmint on me. I dont kno what the exspearmints are about becose this prefessers grad studints do them and they wont tell me nothin. But i think it got something to do with the Natur of Reallity and how they can change my cromosoms from mail to femail and i am exited becuse i wil get extra creddit if they can mak me have wimmins cromosoms insted of the ones I alreddy got. And its very cuttingedge stuff!!

In meantime I living in my prefessers his toolshed and somtimes he give me leftovers from his super. He says this is a smal pryce to pay for bein a interllectural and anyhow its goood i losing so mutch weiyt. And if the exspearmint turns out sucesfull i wil go on tour al over the contry.

So i wil keeep yuo al posted on this stopid guys blog and i hop you al out there workin to ellect Hillery for Presdint.

How Ben Carson Got Me Throwed Out of My House

I am in big troubble now and its al becuse of that nogood Ben Carson. I had to go hom to my famly this week end and I seen they had Ben Carson bumper stickers on there cars. So I tole mom and pop they stopid for likin him, “Dont yuo know he hates Muslems and is a hater, he dont want no Muslem Presdint?”

And they got mad so I tole them i am a interllectural so they shuld listin to me, I am much smarter then them, i been to collidge and goin to get a Degree in Gender Studies, and they just ordrinary dum peple who ouhgt to pay atension to us interllecturals and do what we tell them. And my pop he got mader and he said well that does it! i am not goin to pay for any more collidge, i been payin al these years and now yuo are 26 and yure a bigger fat head than you was in heigh school. And my mom she said “Yiu get out of this hose and dont come back, not ever.” And I just said well thats what hapens when yuo listin to Ben Carson, yiu get to be as stopid as he is.

So now i got no home and no more tution mony, but my prefesser he says I can live in his tool shed for a wile. But how am i goin to pay for the rest of my collidge? I mean, like, its my hole future in Gender Studies!!

And to make it worse my folks they go around with them fake glases with the big noses and mustashes so no one will reckonize them. That is what hapens when you are a interllectural. All them ordrinary dum peple theyr just jellous.

Why I Warship Hillery

I am sick of the guy who dose this blog and how he hastnt got no branes. Thats becuse he is a christin and all religis peple are stopid. Exept for when they warshiping Hillery like they done when they sung that him to her.

I am a interllectural and I sur was glad! when they sung a him to Hillery. Hear at collidge I am erning a degree in Gender Studies, and we all interllecturals becase we know ther istnt no God but ther sure as Hell is Hillery!

It makes me mad to see all these peple complaning aboat Warshington State U. makin all the white stodents deefer to minorites. We are tyring to aradacate White Privledge so ther can be Socal Justice and everbody shoud just shut up and let us do it.

I warship Hillery becose my prefesser he told me to and he the bigest interllectural we got. When Hillery is Presdent she will make Socail Justice and aslo fix Globbal Warming. And anybody who dont like it, that wil be a chilly day for them!

When Hillery is Presdent she will have all us interllecturals to help her run the contry, and she wil put a stop to al that Christin stuff for good and there wil only be Sceince left becuse Sceince is alyaws true! And there wont be no more God but ther wil stil be Hillery and then you wil al have to sing hims to her.

Even that big dop who dose this blog! Ha-ha-Ha!

Welcom Back to Collidge, Now Shut Up

Its almost time for the new semester to start, and ther wil be lots of new studints on our campas. I has ben here all sumer, workin on my degre in Gender Studies.

That stopid guy had to go to dentist, so I got his blog, ha-ha.

Lots of peple ben complaning about no freedem of speetch in collidge anymore. Well, ther aint suposed to be no freedem!!! What kind of big dumby thinks you can oaught to be alowed to say wrong things?

You freshmen who is coming in, yuo shuld pay attenttion to yuor Studnt Guide and just not say anything. Only us interllecturals shuld auht to be alowed to say things, because we never say nothing that is hatful or wrong or stopid. The rest of yiu is not interllecturels yet so you shuld just shut up. Yous dont know how to talk without sayin things that is microgresion. (I am not sure abuot that word, I only lernt it the other day. My prefesser he says its microgresion when you say or do somthing that is ofensieve even when yuo dont meane it. He says you cant hardly say nothing withhout being microgrestive.)

Well I got to go now, ther is a lectur on a bortion how it keeps wimmin helthy, and how we got to defiend Planed Parinthood from the  Vaste Rihjtwing Conspracy, and after that I got class in Self-Esteem. So rembember, if yuo aint a interllectural, just shut up and dont say nothing. Thats yuor cyvic dutie!!!

In Case Hillery Cant Be Presedent

My prefesser he let me out of collidge today jist so I coud do this blog, that other guy he aint here.

We are all uppset becose the vast rihjtwing conspricy trying to put Hillery in jail. Whot is al this stuff about her emale server and whattever? Like who cares? They say she sold classafide infomation to forrin countries jist for money. Well so whatt?? What she suposed to do, give it away?

My prefesser he says we got to be reedy to elect somone else in case Hillery dont make it, wich wuld be a tradegy. Ther are so many goood ones out ther its hard to make up yuor mind. Gore and Kerry and Byden and Rosy Odonnel.

But the one I lik best is Elizzabeth Waren. She is a women and it is time we had a wimman presedent. She is also directly distended from Pokemon. Now they tel me its not Pokemon but Pokerhauntus becose they didnt have no video games in them days. I dont know, Pokemon is a old game, they miht of had it then. But anyhow Elizzabeth Waren is not just a wyman, she also is a Naitive American, thy called them Injuns in thos days.

This prode distendant of Pokemon was the first to say You Dint Build That, and now everbody who is a interllectural we al say that. Its too bad Presedent Obomma cant jist keeep on being presedent, but he can onlye have three terms so now it got to be someon else. Elizzabeth Waren she wil be jost great!!!

Well now I got to get back to collidge and studdy for the next Gender Studies quizz. I got exter credit for goin by a churtch and leting air out of them peple’s tires, but I stil need to get at leste a D on this here quiz. Yuo cant be a interllectural if you going to flunk al yuor corses.

Sex with Robots–Will It Lead to Marriage?

A researcher in the Netherlands has suggested that before this glorious century is out, human beings will be regularly having sex with robots and even marrying robots ( http://www.nbcnews.com/id/21271545/ns/technology_and_science-innovation/t/sex-marriage-robots-it-could-happen/#.VctNKvk0NCM ).

“It may sound a little weird, but it isn’t,” he said. “Love and sex with robots are inevitable.” Marriage to robots will probably first be legalized in Massachusetts, he added. Where else?


Ha, ha, ha, that guy had to go out and so i wil finnish this blog post and show you all what a big dop he is. He forgoten everthing he ever learnt in collidge, he dont remember nothing.

Yuo no me. I am in collidge now tryin to ern my degreee in Gender Studies and becom a ful-flegged interllectural. I am alreddy a interllectural but I want to be a bigger one.

You knouw that guy here was gonna say its wrong to have sex whith a robot and to get maried to a robot becuse he is jist a stopid christin and thats what he alyaws says, stuff lik that. My prefesser he says everbody shuld ouhght to have sex with robots, and also maybbe with a mail box if there is no robbot handy. This is libberation.

Also my prefesser he says the Future is ahead of us and the Passed is behind us. How is that for smart? In The Future everboddy wil have sex whith robotts and if you or the robbot get preganent, yuo can have a bortion. The guvverment wil make the christins pay for all the bortions. That wil fix them.

Meenwile you can get exctra creddit in this clas if yuo can proove you has had sex with somthing thatt is not alive, so now I wil go out and try to do that verry thing. Becuse i am a interllectural.

A Reponse to That Stopid Archy Fish Viddio

Ha, that other guy he had to go out so I can get on his blog and protext that archy fish viddio he just posted.

Why aint there a law aginst him talking about God al the time? If he was a interllectural he wuld know ther aint no God. What a dope. Dont he know its Evilution that makes all thes difrent animals and fish? That archy fish is no expection. It Evolved!! into a archy fish and it use to be something else. I think it probly Evolved!! from apes like we did.

Anyway ther shuld be a law so he cant rite no religin, My prefesser he says it viarlates Sepration of Church and State! if you rite about relgion and the goverment shuldnt alow it anymore. We fogt our Revilution War to git rid of religin and now here it is agan.

That guy Lee needs ougt to go back to collidge and learn some eddication.

Ther probly aint even such thing as a archy fish, I bettya christins made it up.

Dirty Lies About Planned Parinthood

Ha, ha, that other guy he think so smart, but here I am doing his stopid blog and he dont know it.

My prefesser he says we got to defend Planned Parinthood from those dirty ingorent christins who alyaws attack it becose they dont want no wommen to have no repoductive rights. So now their out ther saying Planned Parinthood sells baby parts for lots of money, and how its aginst the law. My prefesser he says them videotapes theyr all fake and that anybody who is a interllectural like us can see right thru them. He even has figgered out how they is fake.

1) The cristians hired acters to pretent to be these head honchos in Planned Parinthood and say all this stuff about sellin parts of killed babys.

2) If they dint hire acters, they dubbed new words into the vidio and made like Planned Parinthood was sayin thes here things when they wernt.

Anyhow we know thes here vidios are fake because The New York Times!! AND NPR! they both say so!! Anyone who dont beleeve The New York Times!! you must be a homo-phob or somthing evin worst.

Well, now I got to go back to collidge and study for my Final EXam in Gender Liberation Studies 202 and I better ace it or it goin to take me another three or for years to get my batcheloors in Gender Studies. The *President* he says he wants to give free collidge to everbody, but I think he sholdnt give free collidge to Christins becuse they wuld not apprecate it. You just cant never make a interllectural out of a christin.

University Scandal! Brain-Removal Operations

Our cracked investigative reporter George Steppanoplace has uncovered a major academic scandal.

At Happythought State University, part of the University of California system, Ph.D. candidates are required to undergo brain-removal surgery before they can be awarded a doctorate.

“Originally it was just for Ph.D.’s in Womens Studies, Queer Studies, Black Studies, Gender Studies, Social Justice Studies, Liberation Studies, and Environmental Justice Studies,” explained university president C. Babbington Gesundheit, Ph.D. “If you were going for a doctorate in Engineering or something like that, it was presumed you would need a brain, somewhere along the line.

“However, we have gotten rid of all those White Privilege degree programs, and now all of our students study only those liberating subjects what can learn them how to be interllecturals,” said Dr. Gesundheit.

George interviewed Dr. Medea Harmsworth, Ph. D. in Gender Studies, who has been without a brain for a full dozen years. “I never miss it,” she says. “In fact, I don’t even remember ever having had a brain.”

George also interviewed a graduate student, Tulip Pimplemeyer, who is working on his Ph.D. in Social Justice and says he’s looking forward to sporting a completely empty cranium. “I can, like, y’know, store stuff up there, once they take out my brain,” he said. “I am gonna ask them to cut off my whatsit while they’re at it, so I can transition into a woman.”

The U.S. Justice Dept., George discovered, has turned down “numerous” requests to intervene.

“There is no constitutional right to have a brain,” his report concludes. And, winking slyly at the camera, adds, “In fact, I had mine taken out years and years ago!”

Dont Read That Guy’s Books!!

I wasnt going to come and do this blog today, becuse I had to do work for my Gender Studies degree and it was those Self-Esteem Crosword Puzles that all filled in already, not like them Sexist crossword puzles with the empty boxxes. But my prefesser he said I have to come and tell peple not to read that guys books. Well I hasnt read them I said, but he told me to come here anyhow, and also he tole me everthing I need to know about the books.

So I am telling you dont read Bell Mountan, it is suposed to be fantersy but there isnt nothing in it but Heteronormatifity and Climate Change Denail and most of all a whol lot of religin stuff. Ther ouht to be a law aginst readin books like that, and also aginst the law to rite them. I hope Hillery is presdent soon so she can make it aginst the law.

And also the books that come after that Bell Mountan they arnt any good ether. I am glad I hasnt read them, and yuo better beleve we got no books like that here in collidge. I warn yuo, if you reed any of thes books you will nevver becom a interllectural.

So if you read any of thos books by that guy, yuo are a Racist and a Homo-phob, and yuo hate woman and want to reck the Planet but we wont let you. Also yuo are stopid and Anti-Sceince and aslo you are a Religis Fanatick who beleves in God wich prooves yiu are not a interllectural.

Well thats all for now, I has to go bye some Amerikkkan flags to burn becose tomorow’s the forth of July and we doing a big Protest for extra credit.

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