Can College Really Get This Bad?

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I saw something that distressed me, the other night. It was an episode of “Lewis,” the sequel to the “Inspector Morse” series, featuring a college course at Oxford in which the professor taught his students how to attack religious beliefs–because, of course, none of them are true. It struck me as a form of death-worship.

The episode was fiction, part of a screenplay. I was unable to get any results when I searched for it online (“university course on how to attack religious beliefs,” etc.); so it may be that there’s no such course at any university. But as Professor Motormouth let the poison ooze out of his big fat mouth, I found myself believing the story was based on something real.

We have no dearth of aggressive atheists trying to estrange us from our Maker. We have no dearth of idiots who aren’t doing it on purpose but who are nevertheless doing it. And we have a bumper crop of college courses designed to make you stupid and doing, I am sorry to say, a good job of it. Why would one more be incredible?

Lord Jesus, if we ever needed you, we need you now. Hear our prayers, O God, and move this fallen world of ours to repentance. Bless this Christmas season, and give it power to bring us back to our senses. Amen!

P.S.–It comforts me to remember that the Apostle Paul, mostly alone, went up against the Sanhedrin, Athenian philosopher wannabes, corrupt Roman officials, and pagans who didn’t know any better–the Smart People, and the power and the money, of his day… and they all completely failed to shut him down.

‘The Sword in the Stone: True Story’ (2017)

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I like to post this essay now and then because we need a hero like King Arthur, blessed by God and able to win impossible victories to deliver us from our pagan enemies.

The Sword in the Stone: True Story

It’s been some years since I came to this conclusion, that the sword in the stone was a true story. It’s become very vivid to me now. Yes, it could have happened that way. In my mind’s eye, I can very clearly see the stunned expressions on the faces of the Sarmatian cavalrymen, veterans and youngsters alike, when they see this nobody, this young man out of nowhere, pull out the sword that they’ve been worshiping, flourish it over his head for everyone to see, and call upon them to rise up against the invaders of their country.

No one does a thing like that without God’s guidance.

see him! I see him on a great horse galloping, leading a desperate uphill charge that will break the pagans’ shield-wall and insure the future of Britain as a Christian land.

It’d make quite a novel.

My Newswithviews Column, June 10 (‘Christian Bloggers, Unite!’)

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Big Tech is suppressing speech by Christian and conservative bloggers. What to do?

Unite! Come together in mutal support. See, I’ve already started it.

Christian Bloggers, Unite!

If they thought they’d get away with just banning us all outright, they would’ve done it by now. That hesitation points to an achilles heel somewhere. They may be huge, wealthy, and powerful; but they are not invulnerable.

We can do this together! And what are we waiting for?

‘So What Are They Gonna Do About It?’ (2017)

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We do not have to let the bad guys win! We do not have to bend the knee to them.

Here’s a young woman who stood up to them all by herself, four years ago. Our country needs more like her.

So What Are They Gonna Do About It?

Don’t you just love it when leftids say “it’s against the law!” to speak the name of Jesus Christ? What law was that? what Congress passed it? What president signed it?

Well, they were hoping no one would press them for details.

Hungary to Ban ‘Gender Theory’

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They’re getting it right in Budapest.

We had to go halfway around the world to find some good news, but here it is.

Hungary is preparing a constitutional amendment to ban the teaching of “gender theory” throughout the country ( Hungary cites its “Christian culture” as a basis for this–and we salute them for it.

The law will stipulate that “The basis for family relations is marriage. The mother is a woman, the father is a man.” Libs all over Europe have their knickers in a twist over this. The law will limit adoption rights to married couples. Leftids lament: it’s “back toward the dark ages,” boo-hoo. A retreat from these enlightened times wherein an unnatural mother, in return for 15 minutes of fame and the applause of moral imbeciles, can subject her defenseless children to “transitioning” to another sex. Which of course is not actually done. The whole thing is a delusion.

Hungary, at least, wants no part of it. Three cheers for Hungary.

Wisdom from Dorothy L. Sayers

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Dorothy L. Sayers, best known as one of the best mystery novelists of all time, was at one time in her career called upon to defend Christian writers in Britain in particular, and Christianity in general, from blistering attacks by atheists. Yes, they were doing it back then, too–in the 1950s. You know: after God raised up Winston Churchill to deliver Britain from an enemy that was stronger than she. But they proved no more thankful to Churchill than they were to God.

In 1953 one Kathleen Nott published a book critical of Sayers and other Christian writers. How did Sayers answer it? Like so:

“No one can say that ‘the Church’ as a whole has ever stood for truth and… charity.

“Well, the church does in fact lay a good deal of stress, not only [on] truth, but on love and charity… But it is no use talking as though love and charity were easy. You cannot buy them in the market and slap them on a situation like plasters [band-aids]. If Miss Nott were here now, she and I could establish the Kingdom of Heaven between ourselves immediately–that is, we could if we could. It is quite simple: she has only to love me as well as she loves herself, and I have only to love her as well as I love myself, and there is the Kingdom. It is as simple as that–but would it be easy? Acknowledging myself to be worm-eaten with original sin, I acknowledge that I might find it difficult; and although Miss Nott is presumably without sin (since she does not admit the existence of sinfulness), it is conceivable that for one reason or another she also might encounter a little difficulty. Yet it would be useless for her to protest that one cannot love an unlovable object, since charity is precisely a readiness to love the unlovable. That is the trouble with the Christian graces–that without Grace they are impossible.”

[From Dorothy and Jack, by Gina Dalfonzo, Baker Books, 2020–a wonderful book about the friendship of Dorothy L. Sayers and C.S. Lewis]

Works of the flesh are relatively easy. Works of the spirit are hard. But we have a God whose own Spirit works in us that grace may abound. Works of the flesh do not build the Kingdom of Heaven, but works of the spirit do.