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Beware the Phony ‘Centrist’

The Very Best of Befuddled Biden: "We Have Never, Never Let Our ...

Dodderin’ Joe Biden says he’ll announce his vice presidential pick by May 1, and has “vowed”–I wonder what that word means, when a liberal uses it–that his running mate absolutely positively sure-as-shootin’ will be a woman (https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/494056-biden-to-announce-selection-panel-for-vp-pick-by-may-1). Don’t be too surprised if the “woman” turns out to be another old white guy.

Speculation is that Biden, the “centrist,” will have to pick some Far Left wacko from the “progressive” wing of the Democrat mental hospital to unite the party’s two main factions: the “I think someone should be president because she and I belong to the same identity group” faction and the “I think someone should be president because he’s not Donald Trump” faction.

May we object–strenuously!–to the bullschiff nooze media’s use of the word “centrist”? Name one Far Left project Dodderin’ Joe opposes, or has even criticized. Go ahead and try: betcha can’t. And if you’re barreling along with Open Borders, the Green New Deal, full speed ahead on imaginary Climate Change, Transgender “Rights,” Free College Tuition for every idiot on earth, and all the rest of the deluxe fun pack–well, how in the world can you possibly be a “centrist”? A centrist compared to… whom? No one I can imagine! Just maybe Lenin.

But you know our Free & Independent Press. They will not be able to speak or write Biden’s name without calling him a “centrist.” It’s how the French media got that jidrool Macron elected. Naturally the noozies think it’ll work on us, too.

For the record, there is no such thing, anymore, as a “centrist” in the Democrat Party. They are all Far Left, some more than others. Our republic will not survive another Democrat president: look at all the damage a Democrat House of Representatives has done to us. Then look at all the damage it tried to do, only to be stopped by a Republican Senate and president. These people must not be allowed anywhere near power, ever again.

Meanwhile, try to count the times you see or hear Biden referred to as a centrist. Millions, would be my guess.

‘Why Are Libs So Awful?’ (2017)

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When I wrote this, the big nooze was the attempted assassination of Republican Congressmen by a Bernie Sanders fanatic.


Today we see Democrats and nooze media trying their utmost to whip up coronavirus panic into a frenzy so they can use it to permanently stampede our country into authoritarian socialism.

By the way, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un didn’t turn up at a major Krazy Kommie event recently, and no one’s seen him lately. I cannot confirm reports that he’s in Adam Schiff’s basement, conferring with top Democrats.

I’ve noticed the libs are scaring a lot of people. Well, good! Maybe in this next election, if people finally get as angry as they ought to be, we can put the Democrat Party out of business once and for all.


Protests Target Overzealous Quarantine Measures

Lock her up!': Anti-Whitmer coronavirus lockdown protestors swarm ...

Michigan citizens protest their governor’s actions

I didn’t want to write about the coronavirus panic today, but this is too important to let pass: left-wing governors and mayors going way too far in enforcing “social distancing” et cetera.

Front Page Magazine has an article that addresses this: “Americans Protest Abuse of Coronavirus Emergency Powers.”


We Americans have consented to government measures that fight the disease by restricting our personal freedoms and shutting down our economy; but we do not consent to allowing these measures to continue indefinitely, becoming a damaging “new normal” from which our country might be hard put to recover.

“The mission [of ‘flattening the curve’] seems to have changed,” an attorney comments. “Now the mission seems to be that nobody gets infected.”

Frankly, that’s impossible. And trying to do impossible things doesn’t work out well. The only way nobody gets sick is if everybody dies. Not an option, really.

“The Left is weaponizing the coronavirus crisis with a narrative intended to demonize President Trump and his supporters,” writes the author of the piece. For “narrative” read “lies.” Democrats see this as their last and best opportunity to destroy the Trump presidency–and they don’t care who gets hurt, as long as they can do it.

There has to be a point where we have done all that we can do to fight the virus without permanently wrecking our economy and erasing our civil liberties. We do not want to reach that point, but that’s where we’re headed.

We cannot trust the motives of the Left. To get back into power, they’ll do just about anything. And I do mean “anything.”

Soon we’ll have to re-open the country and re-start the economy, taking our chances with whatever is left of the disease. We can’t go on like this indefinitely. And leftids with a public track record of appeasing communist China, making excuses for China, and openly admiring their authoritarian way of doing things must never again be allowed to take power in America.

Communism is an evil relic of that calamitous 20th century and needs to be pushed into extinction.

The Democrat Party needs to be put out of business, once and for all, in this year’s national elections.

‘My Generation Ruined America’ (2014)

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I wrote this in the depths of the Obama presidency, which accounts for its dolorous tone.


Count yourself lucky if you’re too young to remember the late 60s-early 70s, the Age of Hippies. My generation. Hot dog. Look what we did to this country. It’s a wonder there’s anything left of it.

Democrats will use the coronavirus panic to try to finish us off for good, replace America with some third-world socialist hell-hole ruled in perpetuity by themselves. They’ve been rooting for three years for the economy to collapse, and now they’ve got what they wanted.

But they couldn’t have done it without us, the Baby Boomers.

We ruined this country.

My Newswithviews Column, April 6 (‘Kudos and Black Eyes’)

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Checkout clerks are now my heroes!

Never forget the Democrats rooting and praying for a recession for three years, as the means of taking down Donald Trump. They’ve got what they wanted.

But we must also remember all the people whose work kept our civilization alive during The Great Quarantine.

Kudos and Black Eyes

Above all, remember that this whole coronavirus business was perpetrated by Red China, with the World Health Organization covering up for China and the American nooze media and assorted Democrats siding with the communist regime instead of with their country.

November will be payback time.

Mayor: Trump Supporters ‘Also Members of KKK’

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The idiot mayor of Auburn, California, has had to resign after saying most of President Donald Trump’s supporters–that would be us–are “also members of the KKK” (https://www.cnsnews.com/blog/craig-bannister/mayor-auburn-calif-resigns-after-insinuating-trump-supporters-are-kkk-members).

Mayor William Kirby, Democrat (of course), has announced his resignation after his stumblebum Tweet whipped up a firestorm of public protest. He said the comment was “meant to be private”–uh, then why did you post it on the social media, chucklehead? and more than once, too–and “made out of frustration.”

Gee, now who woulda thought anyone would think it was “hateful” to equate support for our president with belonging to the KKK? By the way, that would give the Ku Klux Klan some 68 million members and transform it into a dominant force in American politics. But anyway, the same Facebook that so often censors you and me (I called a Democrat politician a doofus once, and they censored that) gave this moron mayor a total free pass when he equated mainstream American Trump voters with the KKK–a domestic terrorist organization that used to kill people but is now just about extinct. No hate here, buckaroos! Nothing to censor here!

Anyhow, so much for this clown’s career. He’s lucky he’s not a conservative: he’d be up in front of a “human rights” tribunal looking at a colossal fine for “hate speech” and maybe even a trip to jail.


‘Our Leaders Are Insane’ (2016)

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“The Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam!”

People have short memories. So we need to remind each other just how bad, how awful, how hopeless it was, to have Democrats running the country–a mere four years ago.


Putting Democrats in public office is like handing out loaded guns at a day care center. It’s a miracle our country survived the last Democrat regime. Don’t look for us to survive another one.

Arising as it does from Original Sin, leftism will never quite go away, not until Christ sets His throne upon the earth. But without the Democrat Party, without teachers’ unions, without our in-the-bag nooze media, its power to do harm will be significantly restricted.

Crush them in November. Before they kill our country.


What Are the Nooze Media Doing?

On 'Scream Queens' and 'American Horror Story,' Being Scary Is ...

Fact: Not an hour goes by, anywhere in the nooze media, without another report of someone–usually someone famous or sort of famous, or at least good for a tear-jerker–dying of coronavirus. By this technique they are able to keep Death dominating the nooze 24/7.

This scares people and depresses them.

Interpretation of fact: They’re doing it on purpose.

Why? A) Scary stories always get good ratings. B) The noozies are 100% in the bag for the Democrat Socialist Party, and by scaring and angering the public every cotton-pickin’ day and night, they hope to wreck the Trump presidency and stampede the voters into putting some Democrat psycho into the White House.

The Grim Reaper is their rock star.

America is fighting for its life against the Far Left Crazy. Please find some way to help America win.

‘Why Do Leftids Claim to be Christians’ (2017)

Image result for images of nancy pelosi with john kerry

In the 2016 election, some voters sat it out because Hillary Clinton was obviously a villain but Donald Trump was not [trumpet fanfare] The Righteous Candidate.

Meanwhile, we had, and still have, all sorts of Far Left Crazy moonbats claiming to be Christians.


President Trump turned out better than I dared to hope, and I can’t wait to vote for him again. But why do leftids say they’re Christians? Does anybody still believe them? Abortion, transgender, homosexuality, fomenting racial strife, in bed with atheism and Islam–how do they get away with it?

Just as Khrushchev once predicted, communism will bury us–if we don’t bury it first. And burying communism means burying the Democrat Party.

Still in Search of Supplies (as the day dribbles away…)

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America is not supposed to look like this.

If you want to buy cauliflower, you’re in luck. Anything else, you’re not.

We have just returned from an unsuccessful trip to the supermarket.

“Did I put yogurt on the list?”

No, there was no yogurt on the list. So back we go. Or we could go to Whole Foods, where today they had a nice long line outside.

My bad knee and my heel spur have had enough of walking around today; but now they’re gonna get more.

This is not America. America is not freakin’ shortages. Suddenly we are plunged back into the Jimmy Carter Dark Age.  It’s like the good old Soviet Union used to be. Please remember that Democrats have been rooting and praying for a recession ever since the Trump economy started heating up. They wanted something bad for America and now they’ve got it. They asked for it, they’ve got it.

I don’t know who’s worse–Democrats or Red China.

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