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‘Honor God’s Word’ (2015)

We love God’s Word because it doesn’t change, no more than He does. It challenges us to change ourselves, but the high ideal to which it points us never changes.

So we don’t have to edit ourselves every cotton-pickin’ day to make sure we conform to the latest crapola off the campus.


Can You Believe They Said This With a Straight Face?

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Some of the things liberals say–when you hear them, you don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

In an interview on PBS with Charlie Rose, Hillary Clinton said, “Hopefully Trump hasn’t ordered the killing of people and journalists” (http://insider.foxnews.com/2017/09/26/hillary-clinton-trump-i-hope-he-hasnt-killed-journalists-and-racist). I thought journalists were people, too; but she said it, not me.

Let’s see… who is most often rumored to have left a long trail of dead bodies in his/her wake–Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Far be it from me to say the stories are true. But they’re out there, and most of us have heard them. You’d think it was a subject she wouldn’t want to bring up.

Michelle Obama comes a close second for having said, “Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice.” The comment gives us a peek into the jumbled contents of a poorly-lit mind. Achtung! All women must vote for Hillary! Because she too is a woman! More or less.

I believe Democrats say things like this because they have cut themselves off from the living God as the source of all truth, and have listened to too many collidge prefessers and other interllecturals declaring that there’s no such thing as truth and the only thing that counts is getting your way, politically. It puts them into a position in which they get to thinking they can be gods themselves, if they play their cards right.

It is to our nation’s shame that we have ever let such persons as these obtain power and influence over us. We really ought to try very hard not to let that happen anymore.

Wow Your Friends with These Astounding Facts!

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“Unknowable” had a cool idea last night: just whip up any old thing that would stretch the credulity of a three-year-old, call it “settled science,” and presto–you’ve got a liberal column.

We can do this because liberal “facts” (e.g., “Socialism really works”) are not facts at all. Denying that there’s any truth, they can’t very well have facts. Instead, there’s only whatever helps them get their way–this they label “truth”–and whatever doesn’t. They will deny that they’re denying anything, if that’s what they think they need to do at the moment.

With this in mind, we present the following eye-popping false facts, which you can trot out for any conversation and impress your hearers with your wealth of esoteric knowledge.

*That little “Speedy Alka-Seltzer” in all those old commercials was played by Katharine Hepburn.

*The Hawaiian language was only invented in 1960, in support of Hawaii’s statehood movement. Prior to that, Hawaiians all spoke Welsh.

*The world’s largest insect is the Laotian Burping Mantis–four to five feet long and weighing, when full-grown, sixty to eighty pounds.

*In the Middle Ages it was very common for men of the nobility to propose marriage while standing on stilts.

*The gall bladder is the only organ in the human body that functions equally well when turned inside-out.

There you go–run a few of these up the flagpole and see who salutes ’em. If your hearers are prepared to accept these assertions as fact, you should be thinking about starting a career in higher education, advertising, or politics.

The Grandmommy of All ‘Fake News’

Image result for newsweek madam president

Contemplate this Newsweek cover.

Democrats are busy crafting a “narrative,” polite word for “BS,” that they lost the election because all them ordrinary dum peple in America were tricked by “fake news” into voting for Donald Trump instead of “Careless” Clinton. By “fake news” they mean news provided by persons and organizations other than the Democrats’ paid henchmen who insist on calling themselves the mainstream media.

Like Newsweek, for instance. They’re pretty mainstream. Dig that cover.

Okay, sometimes a newspaper has a file of stories already written that can be plugged in, in a hurry, if something happens. Stories with headlines like “Everybody Dies!” So they were all set to go, celebrating a Clinton victory.

Only this was not the first time they came out with a cover revealing their–shall we say “fanatical”?–bias. Dig this one.

Image result for newsweek obama second coming

It takes a special kind of stupid to liken a sleazy, good-for-nothing politician to Jesus Christ Our Lord; but it’s just that kind of rarefied stupidity that our “non-fake news,” our utterly discredited mainstream news media, have to offer. And this can be explained theologically.

People who do not believe in God–secular utopian liberals, say–have to believe in something: so they believe in, and worship, themselves and their leaders. People who do not believe in God, naturally, have no hard and firm grasp of truth as truth. To them, “truth” is only whatever benefits them politically.

We are told that Newsweak has tried to “quickly distance itself” from that Madam President cover. I don’t know how you distance yourself from your own magazine.

But I think I really do know “fake news” when I see it–and brother, this is it.

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