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‘Satire: “The Government Can”‘ (2016)

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What do Uncle Sam and the Candy Man have in common?

What with various jidrools in government proposing to “stop” the natural processes of the earth that affect the climate, create “income equality” by doling out free money to drones who won’t work, and wipe out the human emotion known as “hate” by really and passionately hating everyone to the right of freakin’ Castro… it’s difficult to think of anything that the government will admit it can’t do!

Hence this wonderful parody of The Candy Man, once a mega-hit by Sammy Davis Jr.: The Government Can, by Tim Hawkins. Click the link and enjoy it.


I always found The Candy Man somewhat sinister. But not as sinister as government.

‘A Really Lousy Vision for America’ (2014)

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You don’t need Elm Street to have a nightmare.

It’s been five years since I posted this, but Democrats still think Job One for government is to control everyone’s behavior.


At least Plato, when he was hallucinating about his superstate (The Republic), had the grace not to make his all-powerful philosopher-kings idiots and ignoramuses. Why would we, even for a matter of seconds, even think about giving more power to those jidrools in Washington?

We do have a new president, thank God, but a lot of those who were in power five years ago are still there today, still doing their level best to wreck the country–and who knows what they might not do, to get back the White House?

Please don’t let them do it!

‘Humanist Doomsday Myth Scares Children’ (2009)

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See? They’ve been doing it for years–scaring children (and adults) with their global warming gloom and doom. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez didn’t invent it.

In 2009 a poll found “one in three children” aged six to eleven “fear the demise of the planet.” I interviewed the head honcho of “Habitat Heroes,” who tried very hard to distance himself from the scare merchants. Judge for yourselves whether he succeeded.


What we have with the Climate Change scam is a humanist, no-God-involved, End Times scenario. And if there’s any God in it at all, it’s a weak, pitiful God who can only wring His hands as we destroy His creation by driving cars, having air conditioners, and using toilet paper.

It’s ten years later and they’re still at it. Shame on us for allowing them to scare us with it.

Flee High New York Taxes–and Get Audited

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He’s after your money.

They can’t afford to build a Berlin Wall all around the state of New York to keep people in, but they’ve been doing the next best thing: if you move out of New York to escape high taxes, they’ll audit you (https://www.foxnews.com/politics/new-york-goes-after-residents-fleeing-overtaxed-blue-state-for-low-tax-states-with-intrusive-audits).

Far Left New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo laments, “This is the flip side [of federal tax cut legislation]. Tax the rich, tax the rich, tax the rich. We did. Now, God forbid, the rich leave.”


New York has a $2.3 billion budget deficit, and, in recent years, has lost 48,000 residents who fled the state’s high tax regime, where the top 1 percent pay nearly half the taxes in the state. Illinois, another Blue State paradise, has lost 45,000 residents.

“The rich” don’t want to stay there and get raped, so they leave; and New York pursues them with “intrusive audits,” calling them “defectors.” Iron Curtain, anyone?

But they can’t lower the taxes, because then the Democrat Party couldn’t dole out free stuff to its voting base.

If they could afford to build a wall, they would.

Short on Sleep–and Late

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Stupid Daylight Saving Time! Now I’m an hour late for everything I do. And a lot of other people are an hour short of sleep, which they can ill afford.

Why are we still doing this? DST was invented in 1895 and really caught on during World War I, a hundred years ago. Since then everything has changed except for government’s urge to meddle with your life.

They say it’s supposed to save electricity. Well, then, why don’t they just leave it in force for all 12 months of the year, so we can get used to it? But of course if they ever saw us get too comfortable, they’d think of something else. Maybe change the days of the week.

Meanwhile, my body tells me it’s only 10 a.m. but the clock says 11 and I’m late, and the blog’s viewership is way down, and there’s just no way to catch up.

‘More Crap from Common Core’ (2013)

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If you missed this the first time around, well, I think it bears repeating now and then. Because nothing captures the fat-headed hubris of the last presidential administration better than this so-called “language arts lesson” from Common Core.


And the comment by “Jessicafischerqueen” is worth the price of admission.

The government exists to serve the people–not the other way around!

Oops… $5 Billion Up the Spout

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The little engine that couldn’t

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has canceled his state’s infamous “high-speed rail” project, saying it would cost too much (ya think?) and take too long (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/02/12/california-governor-gavin-newsom-cancels-high-speed-rail-would-cost-too-much-and-take-too-long/).

In 2008 this pipe dream was born, and nursed by then-governor Jerry Brown, as the answer to California’s perceived overuse of the car. The original estimated cost of creating a “bullet train” linking San Francisco and Los Angeles: $37 billion.

By now they’ve already spent $5 billion, with nothing to show for it, the estimated cost has swollen to $77 billion–maybe as high as $100 billion, some say–and could not be finished earlier than 2033.

California also ran into a problem when a lot of the people in really expensive neighborhoods, who initially voted for the project, discovered the train would run through their own vicinity. So they changed their minds about it in a hurry, and opposed it. This phenomenon has its own acronym, NIMBY–“Not In My Back Yard.” Somehow their own cherished Green New Deal project totally lost its appeal for them.

The $5 billion is spent and gone. It cannot and will not be recovered.

Big Government–it trashes everything it touches.

Us Interllecturals we Love The green New Dele!!!

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Wel al of Us in the Stodent Soviet we “are” like Totully In Love whith Alexandor Octosomething Cortezz and her Greeen New Dele!!!! It “is” jist waht we been wating four!!! At laast!! The Fudnamintle Trans Fourmatoin of Amerrica!!

I spatially like “the” Part abuot thay taike aweigh al the Cars “and” Tare Down evry bilding In Amerrica and put Up “a” New One insted!!! i hasnt got no stopid Car and i live in my prefesser’s Tool Shedd so i hop The Govramint thay taiks All The Cars and pullls down “All The” Houses espatially christins and Repobblicans and wite Suepremassists houses and make themb all live In cradbored Boxxes or som Thing!!!

Aslo i like the Part abote we al get Free Monny but i dont whant no Job becose whork it blows so i think I willl “jist hide” wen thay strat Handing Out “the” jobs i dont whant to has to be a accountint or nucular Physic guy or nothing like that!!

Aslo i like that Part abuot no Moar Jett Plains and hi-speeed rale insted i hope all “the” Trane Rides thay whill be Free and i can take a Trane to Ingland and taik coarses at Oxfrod!!!!

Of coarse yiu has got “to be A” Interllectural to reely “apreshate” The Green Niew Dele,, themb ordrinary dum peple “thay” whill Not Under-Stanned it! Thay are two stopid to reeleyes that themb hasing houses And Cars it maiks Climbit Chainge and “the” Whorld it Will End in jist 12 yeers iff we dont do The Grean New Dele!!! Butt thay willl feal Bettor abote it wen thay Get Free Monney and “thare” is In Come Equailitty alll over!!! We wil alll Be Ritch becose the Govramint it whill giving us lots of Monney!!

Jersey Dems Push… Rain Tax!

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Nowhere for the water to go… but another tax will fix it!

(Thanks to “thewhiterabbit” for the news tip)

Closely watching events in Virginia, I missed this story here in my home state: New Jersey Democrats–having just upped the minimum wage to $15 an hour–are looking to enact a “rain tax” (https://www.nj.com/news/2019/02/some-call-it-a-rain-tax-but-it-could-help-nj-fight-floods-and-stop-pollution.html).

Cross the weather off the list of things you thought the Democrats would never tax.

What they want to do is set up a “stormwaters utility” that would assess property owners according to how much of their property is paved over. When it rains, the water can’t soak through the pavement and so wends its way into our streams, our bays, etc., picking up all sorts of pollutants–like herbicides–on the way.

So they want to solve a problem that they created in the first place by paving over every square foot that wasn’t paved over already.

Uh, solution to excessive runoff and ensuing pollution… Stop paving!

If you think this report is a satire–well, it’s not. Republicans are already predicting the next caper will be a snow tax.

In my home town, the disease of building is reaching a crescendo. Vacant lot full of gorgeous wild tulips? Pave it! Put up another high-rise! Imagine the number of people we can jam into this little space, if we just stack them on top of one another! ‘Cause the more people you’ve got crowded into your town, the bigger a big-shot you can be in the Democrat Party. And the more people you’ve got available to tax! It’s going to look like a set from The Hunger Games by the time they’re done with it.

But what do they care? They can afford to wall off their mansions and swimming pools against the unpleasantness outside.

‘Feds Go to War Against the Gender Binary’ (2016)

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In the last year of the tragicomedy that was the Obama administration, the U.S. Dept. of Labor pissed away several million dollars in public funds on a campaign against “the gender binary”–which normal people know by the term, “reality.”


Leftids have a real problem with the concept of “male and female.” This ordinary aspect of reality makes them mad. Happily for them, whenever they’re in charge of anything, they’re able to do things which they think will make reality unreal.

That’s why they must never, ever be allowed to be in charge of anything.

If you voted for a Democrat last year, or stayed home on Election Day, or wasted your vote on some third-party non-entity… It’s your fault.

Don’t do it again.

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