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It’s OK to be Racist if You’re a University

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Don’t you just love the way our looniversities use language? We haven’t seen anything like it since the Tower of Babel.

At California Polytechnic, “Diversity Action Initiatives” are being put into play to reduce the number of white students. This is done by the school’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=11111).

“Inclusion” means excluding white students. And “Diversity” means a rigid uniformity of thought.

The looniversity brags that in 2011 white students were 63% of the student body, but in 2017, less than 55%. And they’ll keep on “culling” white kids until they can say their student body reflects “the demographics of California.”

All right, I’m listening: tell me how this is not a racist policy. Go ahead, give it your best shot.

Meanwhile, the school plans to add “pre-enrollment diversity training,” whatever the hell that is. Probably some scheme to make students’ minds right. More expensive than a sweat box, but still effective. If it wasn’t making students visibly more disturbed and addled, they wouldn’t do it.

Hey, if people really want to send their sons and daughters to a school like that, it’s their business. But why should any public money be poured into an actively racist institution? Why do we have to keep paying them to screw up our country?

De-fund the universities. All of them. Now.

Another Abomination, from Another Liberal

Some readers think I’m too hard on leftids. See what you think, after you read this. As townhall.com columnist Matt Vespa asks, “Who thinks like this?” (https://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2018/04/12/liberal-writer-donations-to-hockey-team-crash-victims-are-high-because-of-white-n2470230)

On April 4 in Saskatchewan, Canada, a Junior Hockey League bus crashed into a truck and 16 people were killed. Someone set up a GoFundMe page to aid the victims’ families, and raised $4 million in two days.

This seems to have offended one Nora Loreto, a self-described “activist” and “happy socialist.” Here is her quote, verbatim.

“I’m trying not to get cynical about what is a totally devastating tragedy but the maleness, the youthfulness and the whiteness of the victims are, of course, playing a significant role.” It doesn’t appear she’s trying very hard, does it?

In other words, people only contributed to this fund because the victims were young white males and no one but our happy socialist would have cared if it was a junior hockey team consisting of, oh, undocumented migrants or some other Cherished Minority. ‘Cause everybody who’s not her is a racist.

Uh, who’s the racist here? Who’s race-obsessed? Who’s heartless, asinine, and can’t relate to other human beings unless they cohabit with her in the padded cell of her leftid mind?

And these people want to rule us.

University Newspaper Calls for ‘White Death’

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How College Hurts America: Example No. 178,494

The Texas State student newspaper, The University Star, has “apologized” for an, er, “editorial” proclaiming that “White death will mean liberation for all” and telling white people, “Your DNA is an abomination” because “You shouldn’t exist” (https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2017/12/01/texas-university-newspaper-publishes-anti-white-your-dna-is-an-abomination-column/).

But hey, as long as they’ve apologized…

This screed was written by a Texas State senior majoring in “philosophy.” I used to have respect for that subject, but obviously it isn’t worthy of any.

Y’know, I thought colleges and universities were dead set against “hate,” they’ll kick you out for being a “hater,” or force you into “sensitivity training” until you achieve Diversity by thinking like everybody else–it appears I was wrong.

Am I the only one who thinks that maybe crazy rhetoric like this–which is now extremely common!–might possibly stir up violence? Maybe even a genocidal civil war? Really–what if these collidge wackos genuinely believe this stuff? Am I the only one who thinks that collidges that teach and preach this trash should receive no–repeat, no!–public moneys? Why should white people have to fork over their tax dollars to wicked fools who want to kill them?

De-fund the universities now. Before they can start the kind of fire they’ve been playing with.

(Thanks to Linda for the news tip)

You Just Can’t Get Racism Out of the Democrat Party

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Democrats, circa 1950

When Michael Moore advised Democrats to run even farther to the left than they do already, I never thought they’d actually listen to him. But it seems they are.

In the scramble for the Democrat National Committee chairmanship, Sally Boynton Brown, a kook from Idaho, has vaulted ahead by running against “the white leaders of our party” ( https://news.grabien.com/story-dnc-chair-candidates-bash-white-people-racially-charged-foru ). She herself is white.

As DNC chair, Ms. Brown described her job like so: “My job is to shut other white people down.” Right on, Sally. And don’t forget to shut men down, too. And in a flourish of liberal condescension, “I am talking to people of color because you have the answers.” Is it just me, or does that sound like something Archie Bunker would say if he was trying to be nice to a Negro?

“I am not a politician,” said Ms. Brown. Well, yeah, I think most of us could go along with that.

This is what has become of one of our two major political parties. But then the Democrat Party has been racist since the 1870s. They used to be the party that told black people to shut up and do as they were told. Now they’re the party that tells white people to shut up and do as they’re told. The target changes; the racist mind-set stays the same.

Nothing good can happen to America until the Democrat Party is put out of business for good.

Teacher: ‘To Be White is to Be Racist’

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Today’s public education outrage was perpetrated by an unidentified teacher in the Norman, Oklahoma, school system, who declared to his or her class, “To be white is to be racist, period.” (http://www.aol.com/article/news/2016/10/18/norman-student-offended-by-teacher-s-lecture-to-be-white-is-to/21586475/?icid=maing-grid7%7Cmain5%7Cdl2%7Csec3_lnk3%26pLid%3D974203675_htmlws-main-nb )

School officials were surprised when a student or two took exception to that. So they issued a lame public statement: “We regret that the discussion was poorly handled,” yatta-yatta. They admit that the–ahem!–teacher picked up this swell idea from “a university lecture.”

To sow racial discord where none exists is, of course, a sin. And also folly. But that’s what public education, at any level, does best. And by the way… how is that not a rather nasty form of racism?

So let me say it again, because it doesn’t seem to matter how many of these incidents take place every school day, people still aren’t getting it:

Parents who love and respect their children–especially Christian parents who want to raise Christian children–do not subject them to public education.


Jim Crow Is Back!

So what was that Civil Rights movement all about, anyway?

Guess what Cal State Los Angeles has. Well, you’ll never guess, so I’ll tell you: racially segregated student housing! ( http://www.thecollegefix.com/post/28906/ )

Yep, blacks over here, whites over there. Just like the bad old days. And you’ll never guess why the collidge did it, either.

Student demands!

Yep–the Black Students Union–do they have a White Students Union, or would that be racist?–demanded separate housing as the ultimate “safe space” for black students. And why do they need a safe space? Because of all those confounded “microaggressions” out there, of course!

No one says anything about the now-popular game of “knockout,” in which gangs of “black youths” attack and seriously injure defenseless, often elderly, white persons whom they catch alone on the sidewalk.

Cal State LA is the fourth institution of higher learning to provide racially segregated housing for its students, joining UConn, UC Davis, and Berkeley in that elite category.

Yes, Martin Luther King, you are entitled to roll over in your grave.

America’s colleges–where minds, morals, and basic decency go to die.

How We Trash Our Country

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Hey! Did you know that, for a measly $15,000 a year, you can send your child to a school where he’ll be abused by wicked idiots?

It’s true. The Bank Street School for Children, in Manhattan, has been caught using its “diversity curriculum” as cover for abusing white children–so much so, that even liberals question it ( http://www.dcclothesline.com/2016/07/03/private-manhattan-school-teaches-white-kids-that-theyre-born-racist/ ). Day in, day out, the white kids are separated from the others and told they’re bad, evil, no good, etc., while the non-white kids are perpetually praised.

Maybe they should just call it “college prep.”

Now if the roles were reversed, and a school were doing this to non-white children, we’d have riots, the place would be shut down if not destroyed, and the staff would be carted off by police and charged with hate crimes.

Of all the crimes of the Obama administration, I think the worst is its deliberate fostering of racial animosities.

[Thanks to Linda for the news tip]

My Fokes Will Be Sarry!

When Hillery is Pressadint my dad and my mom they are goin to get it but good, and my syster she gonna get it too.

I wentt home yestadday to tel them that my prefesser he sayed that ordrinary wite peple like them thay shuld ouhgjt to have to give up there houses to Undockuminted Migrains to make up for bein wite and having Wite Priflidge and thay are lucky, last weak at Harvord thay sayed wite peple males thay ouhjt to Kill themselfs! to make up for havin Wite Prifflidge.

So thare i was bein nice and givin them a Heads Up and my dad he grabbed me and he Put me over his knee and give me a Spankin! And then my mom and my syster thay got there licks in too. And then thay made me wach wile thay pullt all my pixtures out of the fambly foto alblums and tore them up and throwed them in the Fire Place!!    Dont “yuo ever” come bake heer or “we” will be chuckin yiu into the Fire “Place”! my dad he sayed. And my mom she sayed i was a Discrace to Her Woom, i dont know what she meen by that.

You ask why i dint cal the Police and have my fokes arested? Wel it was jist too embarassin! but i got to rite abuout it or i will Bust a Gasket.

It jist gose to show my fambly is a bunch of biggits and Haters and that Is what al Wite Peple is unlesss thay are Interllecturals like me.

Boy wil i lafgh at them wehn Hillery has them all Carted off to Re Eddication Camp!

Harvard Debate: Whites Should Kill Themselves

Racial harmony would be nice, but liberals will never permit it.

Just so you can be sure as to where nearly eight years of presidential race-baiting has taken America–

At a recent  national debate contest held at Harvard “University,” the two black students on one team contended that “white life is wrong” and must “never be affirmed,” and when the two white liberal chuckleheads on the other team begged to be allowed to make up for their “white privilege,” it was suggested that all whites–all white males, at least–could do this by killing themselves ( https://lockerdome.com/6895118150158401/8561954021349652 ).

Bill Clinton’s legacy was oral sex.

Obama’s legacy is racial hatred.

Do we want any more Democrat presidents? Ever?

Oh, and let us clarify the definition: “white privilege” is the privilege of paying for everything and being blamed for everything.

Brought to you by the Democrat Party.

College to Feature Anti-White Month

Remember the Chinese students with their little red books? Colleges seem always to have lent themselves to the active pursuit of tyranny and idiocy.

Hey, out there! Are you ready to take on “the learning tasks of Critical Race Theory”? What–you’re not? Well, then, you’d better get your butt over to Portland Community College (aka Political Correctness College) in time for their “Whiteness History Month,” which has just started ( http://www.campusreform.org/?ID=7174 ).

Didn’t you know that “the construct of whiteness” creates racial inequality? You didn’t? You’re asking, “What the devil is a ‘construct of whiteness'”?

Shut up! You racist, you!

Actually, a “construct” or a “social construct” refers to something that isn’t really real, but only exists in people’s minds because some evil white heterosexual males made it up. But not to worry! This “educational project,” guaranteed to turn students into driveling idiots, is up to the challenge.

Gee, those imaginary problems sure are tough to solve! But if you’re in the business of solving them, you’ve got a job for life. And there is absolutely no way to get fired for doing it badly.

“Whiteness History Month” is the deformed brainchild of the Campus Diversity Council, dedicated to achieving “diversity” through uniformity of thought.

There are too many colleges in America, with too many people in them.

Shut most of them down.

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