‘Why the Oligarchs Fear Christianity’

China begins to remove crosses from churches across the country

When you say “American Christians,” you’re talking about most of the people who live in America; and by “most” we mean a very large majority.

So why do huge, multi-zillion-dollar corporations always knuckle under to micro-minorities demanding this or that and always support them at the expense of the majority?

Because they’re afraid of Christianity, says Andrew Torba (https://news.gab.com/2021/02/25/why-the-oligarchs-fear-christianity/).

And why are they afraid of Christianity?

Because if Christians ever got together and created their own parallel markets and institutions, the established markets and institutions would suddenly be dis-established–left high and dry and irrelevant. And the best the worldly folk can do is to keep attacking Christians, keep us on the defensive, so we won’t suddenly wake up and realize how strong we could be.

We have no king but Jesus Christ.

Example: Education, or what we laughingly refer to as “education.” What do you suppose would happen to the public schools if tens of millions of Christian children left and never came back? How hard is that to figure out? Or the colleges and universities: what if there were enough Christian colleges for Christian families to send their kids to?

What if there were banks owned and operated by Christians, serving Christians, social media platforms that never censor Christians, cable news shows owned by Christians, etc. etc.? You see the point. All those left-wing-friendly institutions, for most of the people in America, would become irrelevant. They would either have to clean up their act or die.

Don’t look for CNN/MSNBC to clean up their act under any circumstances. They will go under. (Not a dry eye in the house!)

Or, as we like to say on this blog… Starve the beast.

Supreme Court Almost Kind Of Defends Religious Liberty

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All right–for the time being, rules the Supreme Court, California can’t have a total ban on indoor worship services (https://www.politico.com/news/2021/02/05/scotus-california-worship-bans-466466). Can’t do that, said six of the nine judges (all the libs wanted to keep the ban… of course).

But all the other restrictions, the court allowed to remain in place. No singing. Limited number of worshipers allowed to come inside. All the court did was to allow a few people to venture into a house of worship.

Yeah, we’re still waking up in Mandatistan every day–where there is no legislation, no debate, no compromise: just a lot of “mandates” handed down by tinpot tyrants who never apply them to themselves.

The court could have sided with the plaintiffs all the way, and told Gov. Noisome no, you can’t keep people out of church, you can’t prohibit them from singing or praying together, you can’t limit the church to 25% capacity. They could’ve done those things, but didn’t.

Justices Kavanagh and Barrett, whom we fought for, prayed for, and defended–guess what? They’ve let us down again! It seems they’re pretty cool with most of the restrictions.

“Permission to worship God, O master!”

“Permission denied!”

Starting to sound like the Book of Exodus, isn’t it?

P.S.–Y’know what I’d like to see ’em restrict in California? A “Pride” parade! Go on, California–restrict that! I dare you.

‘Google Gizmo “Disables” Religious References’ (2018)

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Today’s idols, tomorrow’s junk

Actually, they only disabled references to Jesus. Only the true religion stumps Google.

Google Gizmo ‘Disables’ Religious References

Where do people think computers get their “smarts” from? Do you think a Google gizmo can “know” anything that some human programmer didn’t put in?

Sometimes we, as Christians, have to purchase goods and services from non-Christians, or even from bad people–because that’s the fallen world we live in. But God forbid we should ever turn to Google for any kind of guidance.

“Alexa, what must I do to be saved?” is a foolish question.

Noozie Worships Biden

Joe Biden is a man of faith. That could help him win over some White  evangelicals. - CNNPolitics

What’s wrong with this picture?

Welcome to the Day of Shame!

And who better to celebrate it for us than a member of our beloved Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc., a proud idiot from CNN, who sez the lights on the National Mall’s reflecting pool are “like extensions of Joe Biden’s arms embracing America” (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/01/cnn-hack-worships-biden-says-lights-national-malls-reflecting-pool-like-extensions-joe-bidens-arms-embracing-america-video/).

Yeah, yeah, it’s the voice of a god and not a man, we’ve heard that one before. These atheists are always looking for some corrupt pipsqueak politician to worship. They deserve it.

Lord, we tried to stop these abominations from being heaped upon our country, but we couldn’t.

Now all the bad stuff will come out of the darkness for everyone to see.

‘Say Bye-Bye to Religious Liberty’ (2015)

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Liberals will not rest until they destroy the Christian religion.

This is why they’re always trying to force Christians to take part in same-sex pseudo-marriages. In 2015 Australia was working on legislation to force the Roman Catholic Church to change its teachings. Here in America, the Obama crowd tried to dictate to churches whom they could hire to teach church school–but ran up against a 9-0 Supreme Court ruling.

Don’t expect that to happen again.

Say Bye-bye to Religious Liberty

Yes, now we have to wonder how our new government, that has no right to be there, that’s only there because of massive fraud, will go about dismantling our First Amendment.

The destruction of free speech is the jewel in the Democrats’ crown.

Encore: ‘The Myth of Omnipotent Government’ (2017)

Quote/s of the Day – 8 May – Tuesday of the Sixth Week of Eastertide –  AnaStpaul

(I am running so far behind today, I just don’t have time to sort through all the rumors that must now suffice us for the news. Meanwhile, it won’t hurt to repeat this post: it’s still true.)

It must be clearly understood that leftism is a kind of pseudo-religion, much given to fanaticism, oblivious to both truth and common sense, and a very present threat to social sanity.

The Myth of Omnipotent Government

Yeah, the government’s gonna do all those wonderful things that God never got around to doing, and all it takes is infinite money, infinite coercion, and The Smartest People In The World calling all the shots. If only we give them enough power over us, they’ll give us paradise on earth.

And I am the Sultan of Swat.

‘The Anti-Bible Magic Trick’ (2016)

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We’ve all run into this exercise in double-think: A. There is no God; and B. I hate Him.

‘The Anti-Bible Magic Trick’ (2015)

Or its corollary: A. The Bible is totally fiction and nothing in it ever really happened. B. I hate God for wiping out the Canaanites!

Of course the purpose of all this posturing is to gain control over other people’s lives. Leftists want to be as gods.

And they demand a lot more from us than the real God ever does.

No Moar Crismiss!!!!!

How to make play dough faces - Kidspot

Tooday it “is” a Grate Day “forr” our Collidge,, we hadded “a” spacial Emurjintsy meting of the Stoodint Soviet and “we” voated yunannamistly to outlaw Crismiss becoase “it” “is” a Racist holladay!!!!!

Insted of Crismiss we whil cellerbrate the burth Of our Pressadint Foure Lyfe Pressadint Obamma!!!!! How Grate is that!?!?

Unforchinitly our Obamma statchoo’s Hed it falled Off “agenn!”! so we hadded to maik anether New One out of Play-Doah!!!! this heer “it” is Verry Impotant and I amb verry sirius abuot it!!!!! As sooon as we “put” the New Hed on the Statchoo evry boddy at Collidge thay “whil” has to Warship It!!!!!! and anny boddy whoo doughnt “do” it we wil keey thare Car!!!!!!!! This heer it “is” waht Freedumb of Relijjin it reely is!!!!!!!!!!

And aslo “IN” adittion to this thay wil has To naim thare Petz afftar Pressadint Obamma tooo!!! This one gye heer he has A Hammstir naimed Fluphfy,, he sayed he woont “chainge” his naim so we beet himb up!!!! This heer it “is” Dyvercity In Acsion!!!!!!! It doughnt mater Iff yiu has a Catt oar a Dogg oar a Turdle,, yiu has got To Naim It afftir Pressadint Obamma and aslo Prey “to” It tooo!!! Evin the stodint whoo hases A Pet Leech Wurm he whil has to naim that Pressadint Obomma tooo!!

Wee woont Stop “un-till” evry boddy Heer thay “are” ezzackly The Saim!!!!!!!!

I hoap that doughnt meen i has got to Chop Offf my moth antenners!

The Neighborhood Nut

Christmas Lights Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

A Minnesota resident who put up Christmas lights has received an anonymous letter from some neighborhood nut who complains, we quote:

“I couldn’t help but notice your Christmas light display. During these unprecedented times, we have all experienced challenges which casual words just don’t describe what we’re feeling. The idea of twinkling colorful lights are a reminder of divisions that continue to run through our society, a reminder of systemic biases against our neighbors who don’t celebrate Christmas or who can’t afford to put up lights of their own.” There was also some bilge about “educating ourselves about the harmful impact an outward-facing display like yours can have.”

Great Caesar’s ghost. What unnatural womb gave birth to… that?

This presumably human being makes two points:

If someone else doesn’t celebrate Christmas, you shouldn’t be allowed to, either.

If someone else can’t afford something, you shouldn’t be allowed to have it.

We are also asked to believe that the American people really dig this schiff and have voted for four solid years of it.

No way. Absolutely no way.

But take a good look–this is Far Left Crazy wowserism. This is a peek into the inner mind of the Democrat Party. That’s the party that steals elections. This is what you find inside their heads.

No, we did not vote for that.


‘Well, Then, Should I Just Change My Value System?’ (2014)

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Remember this? A guy who said he’d Never buy my books because he doesn’t want his kids exposed to my horrible value system.

He never told me what his value system was, but I can guess.

Well, Then, Should I Just Change My Value System?

I always have trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that in historically Christian countries–like the U.S. Canada, and Britain–there are people, born and raised in this country, who hate Christianity and embrace, with open eyes, alien moral standards dreamed up by crackpots and villains.

They can also look at Venezuela and still say, with a straight face, “Socialism works!”