Erasing Our History

A homeowner in Lafayette, Georgia, has been ordered by the town’s housing authority to remove a Civil War historical display that he’s had on his lawn for three years, citing anonymous “complaints” ( ). He says the purpose of the display is to educate townspeople and tourists about Walker County’s role in the war.

But it seems the local authorities don’t want this kind of education.

Liberals make war on the past. They make war on the dead, presumably because the dead can’t defend themselves. But what they’re really after is to do away with history, because they want us plebs to “know” only what they wish us to know, even if it isn’t true. One might even say especially if it isn’t true.

History is the human race’s memory. A person who has lost his memory has amnesia. It is a considerable disadvantage.

We’d better hold on to our history. A whole nation suffering from amnesia is easy pickings for its predatory leaders.

Hate Crime! Gasp! Man Teaches Dog to be a Nazi

This is not a satire.

Police in Scotland recently arrested a numbskull for supposedly committing a hate crime by teaching his girlfriend’s little pug dog to be a Nazi ( ).

All right, the guy’s a dope. You can see that in the video included in the link to the news story.

But have the police in Scotland nothing better to do than bust people for being jerks? Are there no armed robberies for them to investigate?

Well, see, Scotland has a law that say there is to be “zero tolerance for offensive video,” and the ninny put his silly video on social media, so the cops had to drop whatever else they were doing–composing symphonies, maybe–and go out and get him.

Hmm… “offensive video.” Is there anything, anything at all, that could not possibly be found “offensive” by someone? What if you’re offended by Islam, or transgender stuff, or homosexual pseudomarriage, or just that smarmy smirk on Obama’s face? Probably you’re out of luck.

As usual, it’s whatever offends leftoids. If you are thin-skinned about things that simply don’t bother liberals, that’s just tough for you.

Meanwhile, we are unable to discover whether a court has ordered the dog into sensitivity training.

The Dream Police

Hey, that sounds like the title of an award-winning science fiction story. But it’s not.

Mange State University is now punishing white heterosexual students for things they say and do in minority students’ dreams.  Punishments range from mandatory sensitivity training to expulsion and forfeiture of tuition. Offending students are also required to become the personal servants of those students whose dreams they have disturbed.

“People want to know how you can be held responsible for something that you do in someone else’s dream,” said Prof. Joe Djugashvili, the university’s Diversity Mullah. “Well, we don’t care about that stupid racist question! We are concerned that minority students here at Mange live in a safe space even in their sleep! We are serving notice on white heterosexual students that they no longer can expect to get away with perpetuating microaggressions in a minority student’s dreams–while the poor minority student is lying there defenseless, you know.”

But how can it be proved that a white heterosexual student did, in fact, appear in a minority student’s dream and commit an act of microaggression?

“We don’t care about that stupid racist question, either!” Djugashvili said. “We ask another question: Can you prove you didn’t? Huh? Huh? And they never can! Besides, only a racist or a sexist or an ablist or a cissexist or an agist or a classist would ever say a minority student was lying!”


‘P.C. Police: Diversity Squad’ ( Sponsors Wanted)

Bolus Entertainment is seeking sponsors for its new, can’t-miss, blockbuster TV series, P.C. Police: Diversity Squad.

The two main characters, cops Spike and Evita, both of them undocumented asylum seekers, “are real good buddies and–ahem!–a lot more,” says executive producer Yersinia Pestis. “In each and every episode, they’re going to make the world safe for Diversity by stomping out anyone who won’t get  behind the program.

“Just in the pilot alone,” Pestis said, “Spike and Evita hunt down the last white family in the city, bust up a Climate Change denial ring, deal with an evil Christian musician who tries to refuse to perform at a gay wedding, and help their local community organizer create a safe space for looters.”

“Best of all,” he added, “several major universities have promised to give course credit to students who watch Diversity Squad. And our two stars–who are computer-generated, by the way!–will be visiting campuses to encourage students to sign an oath pledging their lifelong loyalty to the cause of Social Justice.

“TV,” he said, “will never be the same again.”



PC Thought Police Invade Fantasy

H.P. Lovecraft–thought criminal, racist, and I’ll bet he didn’t recycle, either.

The Social Justice Warriors/Big Fat Bores in change of the World Fantasy Award have decided to change it.

No longer will the award be a bust of H.P. Lovecraft, designed by Gahan Wilson ( ). The fact that Lovecraft did more than anyone but Poe to shape and inspire fantasy and horror in American literature–well, that fact counts for nothing anymore. HPL is out, out, out!

Because he was “a racist.” Aw, who cares! Everyone’s a racist, these days. The man lived a hundred years ago, and has been condemned because he didn’t live by the arbitrary standards of 2015 liberal self-righteousness.

Lovecraft scholar S.T. Joshi–he’s Indian, by the way–has protested by returning the two World Fantasy Awards he’s won.

I would rather he held on to them and displayed them prominently, daring the SJWs to come and take them.

Nothing is safe, not even fantasy, from the Inquisition for “diversity” and “inclusiveness,” whatever the hell they mean.

I say “hell” because that’s where all this culture-poison is originally brewed up.

Long live H.P. Lovecraft!

Down with P.C.!

How to Write a Politically Correct Fantasy

Let’s face it: the way things are going, soon we won’t be allowed to write anything but politically correct fantasies.

Here are a few handy guidelines which, if followed, should keep you out of re-education camp.

Make sure the villain in your story belongs to no identifiable group of people, animals, plants, or extraterrestrial life forms. Your heroic fantasy/adventure novel must be a safe space for all, wherein no one ever feels threatened and no one’s feelings are ever hurt.

Do not describe any actions or events that anyone could possibly construe as threatening. Your exciting heroic fiction should contain no violence of any kind, no scenes of strenuous activity that could be construed as ableism, and no heated dialogue. Keep it all chilled.

Conflict is psychologically unsettling, so have no conflict in your story. Let’s face it: if somebody wins, then somebody else loses, and that somebody’s feelings are going to be hurt. It’s best to avoid conflict altogether. If your story must describe any kind of contest or competition, make sure you show each and every character as a winner. Kind of like when your kids were little and everybody got a trophy or a ribbon just for showing up–and a heartfelt “Good job!” to go with it.

For absolutely the best results, leave all your pages blank. Yup, don’t write anything at all. Unless, of course, someone else finds your silence offensive and hurtful. Then you’ll have to say something, which someone else again will experience as a microaggression on your part, and probably that’ll make you feel bad because you didn’t mean it, and your apology only makes things worse, and oh I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do! Eeeeyaaah…

[transmission interrupted]

Washington State: White Students ‘Must Defer to Minorities’

The new season in higher education got off to a roaring start this weekend, when it was revealed that some of the profs at Washington State University threatened white students with failure unless they embraced left-wing stupid ideas and constantly “deferred to minorities” ( ).

T’other day, the university announced it was going to “amend” this situation. Are they to be let off as easily as that? You can’t pass a course unless you say you oppose any attempts to curb illegal immigration? Parents are paying how much money in tuition to have their children subjected to this? More fool they.


Ha, ha, he had to go out so I come in and take over this blogg.

Boy what a big dop he is. Of coarse white studints shuld oahgt to defer to minorites. Yuo see evry interllectural knows that. Thats what makes collidge higher eddication.

So of coarse yiu shuld haveto beleave in anmesty and Globbal Warming if yuo wanto pass a corse. And of coarse yuo shuldnt be a lowed to say words like “mail’ and “feemail’ becuse that is Transphobic.

My prefesser he says whit peple are no good, exept unles they interllecturals like us, and whit peple shuld alyaws do what a minorite tells them to do, all the time. I asked dose that mean I got to try hardder to be gay? And he sad this pro-found thing, “A Interllectural is the best minorite and we can do anythingg we want.” I asked is a gay interllectural beter than a interllectural whose not gay but he dint anser me, he jist kicked me in the shin fer askin a dumm questoin.

Anhow thats what collidge is for, to fudnamenterly trandsform our cuontry and we wuld be doing it faster if stopid dops wuld stop complaning aboot how we do it. Like, no wonnder nobody Likes this stopid blogg, onlhy if you gettin money from the Kotch Brothers is you agree with this blogg.

I hop Washinton State say drop dead to evrybody complaning about perfecly resonible rules to show thos no good whit studints whose boss.

The Lost Souls of London

Just how degraded is our culture?

I’ve just read a 2012 novel by the late Ruth Rendell, The St. Zita Society, which reinforces my conviction that the Western world is in serious trouble. Its culture has become toxic.

Rendell for decades wrote about weirdos and their twisted lives, and won every mystery writers’ award you can think of. As if that weren’t recognition enough, she was also promoted to the House of Lords. She was not a person to dismiss lightly.

St. Zita is about life in an upscale London neighborhood, the lives of rich folks and their servants–sort of an Upstairs, Downstairs presentation. As often happens when I read a Rendell novel, I wound up asking myself, “Why am I reading this? These characters are horrible!” To which my wife always replies, “You can’t blame Ruth Rendell for that. She’s just showing you a photograph.”

Okay, the doctor and the Muslim nursemaid are nice people; but aside from them, this Hexam Place is a valley of lost souls. When the Lord demanded of Ezekiel, “Can these bones live,” the same question might have been asked of this bunch of walking dead in London.

Here are the characteristics shared by the servants and their employers, with a few exceptions not enough to matter.

They are interested in other people only to the extent of how they can make use of them.

At all times, their chief concern is how to obtain some sort of gratification, usually sexual, as soon as possible.

The only sin they seem to recognize as sin is to say anything which might violate political correctness. Otherwise, they are devoid of any moral standard. A thief or a murderer will be less despised by them than a person guilty of “homophobia”–a sin which did not exist when Rendell began her career as a writer.

They show no awareness of or interest in anything beyond the immediate here and now.

If this is a photograph of British culture today, it’s a photograph by Diane Arbus.

To make sexual libertinism the centerpiece of life is a modern experiment enthusiastically pursued in all the Western countries. Those who pursue it are spiritually dead.

“Can these bones live?”

To which Ezekiel replied, “Lord, thou knowest.”

I doubt anyone else knows the answer to that question.

But if they do come back to life, it will have to be God’s doing. Not ours.

Down With Redheads?

I’ve been reading a 2012 novel by Ruth Rendell, The St. Zita Society, in which one of the characters is publicly abused for having red hair. All these yobbos on the street shout at her and call her names.

Huh? What gives?

Briefly dipping into the Internet, I discover, much to my surprise, that there is in Britain a loud and nasty prejudice against red-haired people. I never knew that. UK readers, clue me in–what’s that all about?

I suspect it might be because Political Correctness has banned bigotry against most other groups; and the id, seeking an outlet for its venom, has only a few permitted targets remaining to it. Here in the US, you get to feel virtuous for insulting people who smoke. You’re not allowed to cuss out anybody else, but smokers are considered fair game. And I guess in the UK it’s redheads.

I wonder whose turn it will be next.

Politrical Correctness is Good for You

That other guy isnt here right now and I come to do his blog because he was in collidge so long ago, he has forgot how to be a interllectural. And my prefesser he says you stopid uneducatted peple out there better stop complaning about politrical correctness becuse it is good for you and yuo are too dumm to aprechate it.

Like take the Confrederet Flag for instants. Everbody who wants to see it is a racist bigot sexist homo-phob who hates imniggrents. It was the Germen’s flag in the War of 1812 when the Black Panters abollished slavry and the nazis they tride to suceed from the Union. I learnt all that in hi school.

You dumm peple who arnet in collidge, you dont understan what politrical correctness does and why we got to have it or else there be Global Warming! My prefesser he explanes it perfickly clear. If we dont let nobody say anything bad, then nothing bad will hapen. So we are tryin to take all the bad out of the world, and these here conserfitiffs they want to stop us becase they are for all the bad things and a lot of them are ingnorent Christins.

So if you cant see the Confrederet Flag, then you cant think any Confrederet thoughts. See how simple that is?? I dont see why you dumm peple dont just shut up and let us interllecturals do whats best for you. My prefesser he says this wont never end until everybody and every one is Gay, and all of us here at the collidge we cant wait to see that hapen, so there!!!